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  • They should have stopped at the end of the first series!!!

    Oh dear! What a mistake this series is! To me this is a big step in the wrong direction for the franchise.

    Gundam SEED (the original series) had a reasonable amount of characters that we got to know and love, each for their quirks, each struggling in their own ways to overcome their problems and find and fight for what is right. The mecha design was cool, and made you think wow! that is cool, the conflict between Athrun and Kira was emotional and the deaths in the series were meaningful and full of purpose.

    SEED Destiny turned that all on its head with a juvenille loud mouthed one dimensional "main" character with a cheap replace-a-gundam mecha that almost seemed to cheat as it had (seemingly) infinite replacement parts that could be sent out immediately. As the series progresses he continues to get more and more obnoxious and it seriously made me wonder if the producers actually thought that this character was likable. Too stupid to be an anti-hero, too obnoxious and stupid to be the hero, what exactly was the character that is Shin Asuka.

    SEED Destiny introduced many new characters, ships and mecha, but overall it seemed to be souless, by the end of the series you just wanted Shin to die and that the series would please please end.

    They took Athrun, and made him into a confused little boy and Kira and turned him into a ultimate-god-like-will-not-lose character that wont get a scratch on him, oh except of course when Shin Asuka faces him, even then he avoids death and even a scratch. Of course when Kira gets his new mecha, he truely is unstoppable!

    One of the most poignant deaths at the end of SEED was that of Mwu La Fllaga and I was horrified that they brought him back somehow from the vacuum of space and having his mecha disintegrated and his helmet smashed (at least you see his smashed helmet at the end of SEED floating in space) gave him amnesia and made him into a temporary bad guy. I know they removed the helmet in the special release of the last episode of SEED, but it makes his sacrifice lose its poignancy and demeans it.

    Overall the series felt bloated with characters and it seems much of the same plot devices were used even to the point of the ending scenario (Gasp! Another super-weapon pointed at Earth!! /sarcasm). The animation was on par with the first series and sound track was good, but still didn't match the first series' brilliant score. It left me emotionally detached from the new characters except for my annoyance towards them and hating the writers for messing around with the old characters' personalities and skills (Kira, at one point, slices up Athrun's mecha in one attack, where as in the previous series they were always reasonably matched). The ending was poor with Kira and Athrun remaining spotless in their "shiny" variants of the mecha from the first series and the only reason I continued to watch it week after week was in the desperate hope that some how, some way that the show would improve and be a worthy sequel to Gundam SEED.

    This series had great potential to build upon the success of Gundam SEED, its just a shame that they decided to ruin it so much!!
  • Just as average as usual..

    Ok, I seen this in Toonami on Cartoon Network few years ago, but it ended quickly, but it was only one week, why did they end it?. Well Gundam was move to YTV, but I don't have a YTV.

    It's all the Shinn thingy (which is because I watch this a little bit). The Mobile Suits were quite improving, but they stink in the video game franchise. I gave this average because, there's no decent plots, it's just war, but the mission was awesome.

    Often realistic, but it was ok.

    Voice Acting:
    In the English version, was quite ok and pointless editorial practices was nowhere to be found but only in YTV.

    There quite ok and heroic.

    There's no decent plots, its just a same'ol war and stuff, but missions as well.

    Overall: Average
    Realistic animation, ok English voice acting, heroic characters and no decent plots. I can still recommend you should watch this.
  • Good sequel, I like it.

    Personally, I think this sequel is amazing really. This show is about Shinn Asuka, an obnoxious coordinator who one day looses his family in laserfire. He is then taken to ZAFT where he becomes the best rookie pilot. Shinn pilots the "Impulse", a mobile suit Gundam that are parts that assemble in battle. When Shinn encounters Athrun, and Cagalli, everything changes. Now that another war has started between ZAFT, and Earth, Shinn, Kira, and Athrun must fight to protect all of humanity. The dialog in this show rocks!!!! The twists, and turns in the story will keep you hooked on the series, the emotions are hot as always. The music in this show totally rocks!!!! The themes will make you want to sing, and dance with them. Of course, the Gundam series is best known in my mind for its awesome music, and characters. I really love the characters in the Gundam SEED series. My favorites are: Kira, Athrun, Lacus, Cagalli, and Shinn. Overall, great sequel to one of my most favorite anime, awesome music, and dialog, cute, memorable characters, and unforgettable story.

    Just like the prequel in my mind, this show has powers!!! When I watched the first volume, Erik Darnell edged Johnny Benson by .005 seconds in the Craftsman Truck Series race, Joey Logano won the Nationwide race at Kentucky Speedway. Justin Lofton won his first ARCA race, and the best one, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Won the Sprint Cup race at Michigan Speedway.
    I would recommend this show to anyone who loves sci-fi anime, and race fans like me. Well.....good bye!
  • Another great anime. They must make a season 3

    Gundam Seed Destiny is one of the best animes I have seen. Every episode is mind blowing and the way they end each episode it makes you want to see more episodes. My favorite Character is Kira and favorite gundam is his Strike Freedom/Freedom. I would love to see more of this show soon and hope the rumors of season 3 is true. This show has it all. Action, Drama and Comedy. I just hope that destiny wasn't the last season for the seed story because out of all the gundam show, this is by far the best one there is.
  • A good sequel to Gundam Seed but it's off on the wrong tracks.

    Well, Gundam Seed Destiny isn't that bad. It's just got off from the wrong direction. We've got Shin who've lost his family because they were killed, Athrun joins back into ZAFT for a while, Yuna & Meer screwed off Cagalli & Athrun's Relationship (respectively), and of course a few characters I don't like/hate. As soon as people have watched past Kira getting killed by Shin, this is where it gets half screwy/half interesting. Athrun decides to bail out on ZAFT & took Meiryn with him. Until Shin & Rey starts hunting him down (with Shin killing Athrun off). When Kira & Athrun got on the Strike Freedom & Infinite Justice (respectively), Yuna gets killed by a Gundam! =D And Meer gets shot. =D. Then the war with Durandal with ZAFT against the Archangel & Eternal has started. With Durandal getting shot by Rey & the 2 and Talia Gladys gets killed in the explosion, it ends off right away. DX no explanation conclusion on the Final Episode. You have to see Final Plus of this series. It actually made more sense than the final episode.
  • Shin Asuka, the new rookie ace for ZAFT, is the main character of the series who left ORB due to the death of his family. Down the road, he defeats alot of mobile suit, but later on Kira and Athrun will join the war. 3 coordinators, but 1 future.

    Beginning of the series made me think that this new series maybe actually be different from the first season, but it didn't. The hijacking of ZAFT's new mobile suit Gaia, Abyss, Chaos = ZAFT hijack the Duel, Buster, and Blitz, Athrun still confused on what to do and been used by ZAFT in attempt to destroy ORB, and Kira's Freedom still is the ultimate mobile suit. Only thing that surprise is the manuplation that Zaft chairman, Gilbert and Rey, clone of Rau Le Cruset on Shin's past and pressure him to fight for ZAFT. Shin wasn't able to let go of the past and help him defeat alot of formi The storyline is still good to watch through, but most of the time is predictable. If you're a Mobile Suit fanatic, then this series is right for you. I personally like the Strike Freedom and the Saviour Mobile Suit. Overall, I would give it a 7/10. Remember, this is just an opinion.
  • Great sequal! Starts of slow but in the end its worth the watch!

    Most of the main characters are back from the first series gundam seed except the ones who died that is! This anime is definantly one of a kind! At first it got me saying
    "Why cant kira be the main character!!"

    But like every other person out there i got over it and had to deal with seing kira every few episodes. Anyways the earth alliance gets mad when a few coordinaters try to destroy earth with a astroid or i should say a peace of what used to be a city (I forget the name) Anyways the earth alliance gets all serious and the coordinaters turn into the good guys!!! ~~~~THE END~~~~~

    still waiting for movie....
  • "Go to sleep!!! You have to be awake tomorrow!" "Sorry, can't, I'm watching Gundam Seed Destiny right now!"

    "Go to sleep!!! You have to be awake tomorrow!"
    "Sorry, can't, I'm watching Gundam Seed Destiny right now!"
    This has become a familiar phrase in my vocabulary. I am right now on episode eleven, and I'm so into this series it's amazing. Sadly, I didn't get to finish the first series of anime, but I read the episode recaps, so I was up to date on everything. Then I saw this pop up in one of the top 100 anime shows list ( and I tried it. I loved it. I watched it. I obsessed it. I am still obsessing it. Hey, I'm not even half-way through the show and it's on my favorites.
    This show has great anime, an amazing plot, good subtitles, and is just all around awesome!
    This is definitely on my recommendation list, its just to awesome for words!
    By the way, my favorite pairing is Athrun(he and Kira Yamato are my favorite characters, by the way) and Cagalli...and I really hate that guy who might marry her, because he is such a *******!!!!!!!!!! And I don't usually say that about bad guys.
    My favorites person who steals the gundams is the silver haired guy(I like most of the guys with silver hair, odd, isn't it?) who says the word 'die' to the pink haired girl.
    Have fun watching this awesome series!
  • It start in orb have war to Neutral and then Shinn family was die in that war and he wants to revange

    And then he meet Stella then he don\'t know that the girl he wants is an Neutral soldier or Gundam Pilot.But later on he found out that Stella was an victim of Neutral and she will die if he don\'t gave back Stella to Nuetral and he gave Stella to Neo then Neo promise that he will Stella will be safe.But Sooner the memories of Stella was brain wash then she fought again with gundam the the freedom and impulse fought but Neo said that the Gundam he fighting was gundam of Stella and the Freedom Destroy it and then Stella was died. Then Shinn Asuka wants to destroy the Freedom for revange.Shinn Fought the Freedom then he destroy it and he said Stella i have revange u but Athrun said that he was happy because he destroy the Freedom but it is right to destoy Freedom?
  • The sequel to the amazing Gundam Seed puts our favorite characters 2 years into the future to face another conflict!

    Cagalli is now the head of Orb and Athrun is her bodyguard "Alex Dino". They are visiting the plants when there is a surprise attack and 3 of the Plant's Gundams are stolen. Later on, there is an assassination attempt on Lacus Clyne's life putting all of them back into action. Don't know when Cartoon Network is going to show this sequel. But it's worth watching.
  • Gundam Seed Destiny focuses on the perspective of a another main character, differing from the prequel. This desposition allows for the main insight of war, where the line between good and evil is often blurry, but the main point is to believe in humanit

    Gundam Seed Destiny was not really a fan favorite appealing type show, even it had me irked out at the focal point of the story was a different protagonist from the previous Gundam Seed. Nevertheless, the show had its highs and lows just as any other show that can be picked and prodded for its faults. The visuals of the gundams are a personal favorite, certainly bettering all of the previous gundam series. Fukuda and crew display a vivid and spectacular perspective of what it truly meant to fight a war. The series offers the perspectives of \'antagonists\' such as Gilbert Dullindal. It also reveals some aspects of Gundam Seed previously left untouched such as extra insight on Rau Le Creuset\'s motives. Though, many fans often scrutinize the series for its repetitive reusage of previous film, it does not take away from the messages that the series portrays so wonderfully.

    What is right from wrong really? What is good from evil really? What are wars fought for really? All intriguing aspects of life that is up for debate.

    The meaningless of wars, though a necessity as seen as inevitable by conflict. The neverending cycle of attacking one another after one is attacked. Gundam SEED Destiny reveals the bold truth along its storyline that some may overlook. Though it may sound silly, but there is something that can be learned from such a series.

    The future should not be allowed to be swallowed by hatred and neverending conflict though, we should all recognized the meaningless of being blind to the truth that nothing is born from battles, rather many things are killed. The human capacity includes emotions as a given truth. Emotions such as hatred for being hurt, but why is it that we really get hurt? Is it because we let ourselves get hurt? Then, when we are in the position of hurting, we end up hurting others. This is the portrayal of GSD\'s influential message, but likewise its ending, humanity should not be given up on. Rather, we should all fight to protect it.
  • A sequal like any other sequal...

    Gundam Seed Destiny is an ok show in and of itself, but it would be lost if it didn't have Gundam Seed standing side-by-side with it.

    Strong Points:

    -Intresting Plot
    -A Turn of Events/ Subplot
    -Good Fight Scenes
    -Nice Drama
    -Twisted Characters

    Weak Points:

    -Star Characters have No Depth
    -Plot Gets Weak
    -Romantic Points are Lost
    -No/Little Inner Conflict Between Characters
    -Plots Get Crisscrossed and Confused
    -Try to Copy Previous Show's Villians
    -No Real Losses for Main Characters

    This time around, Shinn Asuka, and the crew of the MINERVA, arer the stars of the show. They start off really well, showing the different sides to battles in the original series. Yet the show is a little slow, and the characters don't have the depth or inner conflict that the original show did.
    Shinn comes off more as a whining brat, than a hero. Comparing him to Kira, who though a crybaby did show of some great skill at maturity and sacrifice, isn't even a contest.

    The conflict between Kira and Athrun brought real drama to the original show, a drama that Shinn doesn't have. And though Shinn is quite a good pilot, he is quickly overshadowed when the veterans from the original SEED series come back on the scene.

    The romance triangles between Kira, Flay, Lacus, Athrun, and Cagalli have no real counterparts in this sequal. What romance points they did have was weak.

    A strong point they did have, was Durandal, who took over as the villian from Creuset. He was much more subtle than Patrick Zala, which made him an even better villian when his plot is finally revealed. He's an excellent manipulator, and reminds me, (in looks and spirit) of Naraku from INUYASHA.

    The twist with Mu La Flaga/Neo, was good and unexpected. He became the same figure he hated (Rau le Creuset), and in even a more twisted way. Yet, once that fact is revealed, his character goes downhill and he becomes lost in all the battles that follow.

    Of the original characters, Athrun and Cagalli have the most life. Lacus and Kira are slightly dead and drawn back. They have already fought their war and they know where they belong. They are only around now to help, support, their friends and stop anything from ruining their hard-earned happpiness. Athrun, Cagalli, Murrue, Miriallia, and Mu/Neo, have more character as they are trying to find their way, and have been doing so since the last war.

    Last of all, the endings couldn't even compare. Destiny had an alright ending, but one that made hardly any since compared to the battles that supercede it. SEED had a much more dramatic one with insane maniacs on both sides. And a question of which side, was really the bad side?

    All in all, the show was alright, but doesn't live up to it's name.
  • This is like the most popular anime since it is full with actions and cool characters...agree?

    Oh my God, this is like the coolest anime ever, with the cool soundtracks they produced and all those characters...the story is very good...about how evil ppl get pay back...and Athrun is much more handsome compared to Gundam Seed.....altough lots more character are introduced...unlke the other animations, Gundam Seed Destiny still keeps its style....u guys know, cool MS and new costumes....unfortunately for Kira when he can finally settle down with Lacus, he had to go and fight for what he believes this anime, for former fans like me, u will notice a big change...u will witness Lacus is not just a singer and pink-hair girl...she has a face of her own...when she makes decision, it kinda scared me cool is she? she is very very very cool !! Hoorray for all of the crews and fans...!!
  • This was so good

    This show is good in japanese but i really wonder when its going to be transkated in english huh and when will it get to Canada its really killing me to not being able wachting gsd how many agree because i think lots of people think its gonig to kill them bacause they are pure gs fans.
  • Second Season of Gundam Seed

    It was good, but the first was better. It introduced new characters and brought back some of the old ones as well. The new gundams and mobile suits were pretty good as well. I think this show may not have been as good as the first but is still worth viewing.
  • Well not as good as the first one

    Well not as good as the first one since the beginning drags but still good (mostly at the end however). Even through the long beginning, suprisingly little is really told because of the constant use of old clips. Hope theres another series to follow it up so some of the mysteries of the show can be revealed.
  • Two years after the first war,the war between ZAFT and the EAF has begun once again after a brief moment of peace. Kira Yamato and the Archangel try to put a stop to the war but there are obstacles in their way...everybody.From Zaft, to Blue Cosmos and th

    This show is a real favourite of mine. The new Mecha are amazing and the storyline is very intruiging. Most of the new characters are good and the return of older charatcters is a big plus for me (its also good to see the Freedom back and as powerful as ever. This show is one of the best Gundam series and Anime series out there.
  • should happen in america

    i wish they showed the reincarnation of gundam seed destiny in america, so i can see new characters and action! though, i read the episode guide on other gundam websites, and one of the newest main characters is shin. i saw pictures of him and looke a lot like "kira!" right now in japan, they are about like in episode 41 right now, and my guess is that this series will be over like within the next nine through ten episodes! i hope they so this series in america soon after it's already done in japan!!!
  • Two Years, after the first war, which put Coordinators and narurals against each other due the controversial topic of the modification of Human Beings. Another war breaks out due to the Junius Seven drop this incident draws a parallel to the September 11.

    Two Years, after the first war, which put Coordinators and narurals against each other due the controversial topic of the modification of Human beings. Another war breaks out due to the Junius Seven drop this incident draws a parallel to the September 11th attacks upon the United States. In this Sequel, Cagaili is the succesor of her Father as the Cheif Repsentative of orb and Athrun Zala is now the bodyguard of the Cagaili and love. Shinn asuka is a young coordinator who lost his parents in the bloody orb conquest by the Eaf. Kira and Lacus now living on a island with rev. malchio and his orpans. Along with Commander Waltfeld, captain of the Eteranl, and Captain Ramius, captain of the Archangel. The Sequel start off when the young reprsentative Cagaili is in a meeting with the newly elected Chairman of the Plants, Gilbert Dullindal.
    Who seems to be very suspicious from the Start. Later in the Episode the newly constructed Gaia, Abyss & Chaos are captured by the EAF. And as Thing escalate how will Athrun react to the crisis in order to Protect his love how far will he go to ensure her safety?

    Note: Opening - 1 - ignited is by T.M. Revolutions
  • Read the summary on the main page, it's better than anything that I can make up.

    Pwns, if you know what that means. Although the main character is a SOB in the beginning, he at least gets better, along with a whole bunch of promising new mobile suits for the the gundam series. Of course, the girls are getting more beautiful, and the maturity of the show is getting higher by each coming season, but still, it's really cool, especially the fighting scenes. Although I think Gundam Wing is better, this is still extremely promising, and most Gundam, or even giant-mecha anime lovers will probably like this anime.
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