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Gundam SEED (JPN)

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Gundam Seed is the latest in a series of mecha anime that is currently 26 years old. The story revolves around a war between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT (Zodiac Allied of Freedom Treaty) treaty. Ages ago a man altered his genes to bring out his full genetic potential. He became the first coordinator. He announced this in the hopes of inspiring others to strive to be the best. What he did was create a conflict between coordinators and naturals (normal born unaltered humans). The story centers around Kira Yamato a coordinator who is dragged into the war by fate. He witnesses the attack on his home colony and the abduction of four of the five Earth Mobile Suits (later dubbed Gundams). During the abduction he comes face to face with one of the thieves, Athrun Zala, his childhood friend. Throughout the anime Kira has many doubts and uncertainties because of his nature and the fact that he's fighting against his own kind while striving to protect his friends.

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  • An excellent addition to the gundam franchise and until very recently my all time favourite.

    The plot is pretty much everything that you would expect of a Gundam show. It has lots of politics, side switching, moral ambiguity and of course lots of very powerful mecha tht keep appearing one after the other. The pace of the show is really good with enough back story and character development that you actually care about who lives and dies but with enough fight sequences and battles that it doesn't turn into a long boring drama.

    The script is also top notch with some very good voice talent to put it into action. All in all an excellent Gundam show.moreless
  • I love love this amine.

    I love this Gundam Seed way better than Gundam Seed destiny. Is has a better plot and a plot that I can follow. i am lost in the other one but that is ok. i really like how there is a co-ordinator, Kira, with the naturals. I like his trials and tribulations during the show. I also love his freidn Athrin (sp?) and how he finally sees the error of his ways and teachings. It is so sad. I like the friends in it and the plot of it about a long running war and all. I really love this show and I watch it every chance I have got.moreless
  • Out of all the Gundam Series, this is #1

    Kira Yamato a young coordinator is divied in two weather he sould fight with his people and best friend Athumn Zala or fight with many of his friends. His parents are naturals who were looking for a greater human they could call there son... or at lest that is what the father wished for. With no were to go he gose to fight with the earth foures, many times tempted to join his fellow coorcinators fighting on the ZAFT foures, but many time he turns them away.

    I like this version of Gundam because it's really action packed and awsome. I give it two thumbs up! ;Dmoreless
  • pretty cool

    I havent seen many episodes of gundam seed.It seems like a good show from what ive seen.Like i mean explosions and giant robots an anime-geeks best friend.I cant say that im addicted to it but it looks pretty damn sweet.So if you like explosions and giant robots creating those explosions then gundam seed is the show for you.Gundam seed reminds me sort of like eureka 7.It reminds me of uereka 7 because they have the same huge robots used for militia.Eureka 7 can be addivtive like gundam seed.I dont know if its just because it has robots used for miiltia or just explosions or militia in general.Thats my reviewmoreless
  • Who said a anime cant be filled with emotion???

    Gundam seed will keep your eyes hooked to the tv (in my case moniter)Its a kik a** anime that can be sad at times but there is comedy. Gundam seed starts out with normal humans having a war with upgraded humans aka what they like to call coordinaters. Theres lots of people dieing in this show so if your not watching the edited bull crap then it might be a good idea to close your eyes once in awhile...Main characters do die!!!!! If you like a anime with war and computer fighting robots that lets say "Cause MASSIVE DAMAGE" Then check this anime out!!moreless

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