Gundam SEED (JPN)

YTV (ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Endless Rondeau
      Endless Rondeau
      Episode 3001
    • A Flash of the Moment
    • The wedge of fate
      The wedge of fate
      Episode 303
    • Moment
      Episode 201
    • A Two-Man War
      A Two-Man War
      Episode 80
    • A Fateful Meeting
      A Fateful Meeting
      Episode 70
    • The Rumbling Universe
      The year is CE 70. The tragedy of "Bloody Valentine" has escalated the war between the Naturals of the Earth Alliance and genetically-enhanced Coordinators of PLANT to new heights. ZAFT, PLANT's military, has a considerable advantage due to their mobile suits, which the mobile armors of the EA stand no chance against. Kira Yamato is a Coordinator living in Heliopolis, a neutral colony. However, during a surprise attack by ZAFT, Kira stumbles onto the EA's secret project, the powerful mobile suits which Kira calls Gundam. Now forced to fight against his own kinds to protect his Natural friends aboard the EA battleship Archangel, he must choose whether he should fight on, or leave the Archangel defenseless against the four other Gundam that ZAFT has stolen.moreless
    • The Distant Dawn
      The Distant Dawn
      Episode 52
      Kira Yamato is a Coordinator allied with the Naturals against his own people. As the war begins, Kira soon learns that the commander of the Coordinators is his old friend, Athrun. Friend will battle friend as human battles human in this retelling of the classic mecha anime.
    • The Empty Battlefield
      In the Cosmic Year 70, humankind has been split into two factions: the genetically enhanced Coordinators and non-enhanced Naturals. While most Naturals live on Earth and Coordinators have moved into space, Kira Yamato lives happily in the neutral orbital colony of Heliopolis. However, Heliopolis has been secretly working on a weapon for the Earth Forces, and when ZAFT (the military wing of the Coordinators) attacks the colony, Kira finds himself aboard the secret weapon—the mobile suit Gundam. Although he wants to protect his friends, Kira is a Coordinator himself, and fighting against his own kind is a moral battle that can't be solved by gunfire alone. With his childhood friend Athrun on the ZAFT fleet and his own allies unsure of his motives, Kira must convince everyone including himself that he's fighting for what he believes in: peace.moreless
    • To An Endless Future
      The Archangel is severely damaged and comes under attack from Klueze. Kira duels with Klueze. Fllay's evacuation ship is destroyed. Chairman Zala aims the Genesis weapon at North America and initiates the firing process. He also self destructs the Y battlestation. Athrun, followed by Cagalli, destroys Genesis by self-destructing Justice. Kira finally is able to kill Klueze and is subsequently rescued by Athrun and Cagalli.moreless
    • The Final Light
      The Final Light
      Episode 49
      The GENESIS fires again, destroying the Alliance reinforcements and moon base. The Alliance presses their attack while the renegades try to intercede.

      The Alliance's nuclear weapons ships are destroyed, but not without great sacrifice. Mwu gives his life save the Archangel from an attack by the Dominion. Nataru gives her life to take Azrael to the pits of hell as the Dominion is destroyed by the Archangel.moreless
    • Day Of Wrath
      Day Of Wrath
      Episode 48
      At Patrick Zala's order, the devastating gamma-ray laser known as GENESIS strikes the Alliance space fleet, wiping out half its vessels. The Alliance fleet pulls back, but Azrael, terrified that ZAFT will use its new weapon against Earth, orders his forces to renew their attack.
    • The Nightmare Reborn
      Following the lead of the Director, the Earth council takes the new information on N-Jammer Cancellers and agrees on using them towards re-activating their nuclear warheads. Instead of using the information to lessen the power deficit of Earth, the council heads towards and endgame with the ZAFT forces, or in this case, a genocide of the coordinators. The opening battles allow for decisive victories where
      the main fleet engages the defending forces, then the assault forces bombards the enemy position with nuclear warheads. The ZAFT have decided that the new weapon escalation calls for desperate measures, and as such, Zala orders GENESIS to be activated.

      As the Earth Forces begin to press their decisive victories forward, they quickly reach enemy territory and get to bombard a PLANT instead of a military position. The Dominion leads the vanguard against the coordinators and prepare to wipe out the enemy forces with an overwhelming bombardment. On board, Fllay remains on the flagship looking forward to meeting up with Kira and having a chance to speak with him. As the fleet move to engage the ZAFT, the bombardment looks to reach the PLANT but Freedom and Justice arrive with Meteor units and are able to intercept all of the incoming missiles. Lacus asks both sides to stand down and stop the escalation of fighting that has been occurring, but Zala and Raww le Klueze use this moment to activate the GENESIS but not before ordering all of their forces out of the target zone.moreless
    • A Place For the Soul
      The Renegades are pressed by both Alliance and ZAFT forces. Kira is strained by the knowledge he has learned and the battle. Fllay's plea for rescue is heard. Kira makes a desparate run to rescue her, but the Alliance forces get her first.

      Athrun extracts Kira as the renegades break through ZAFT lines, destroying the Vesalius.moreless
    • The Opening Door
      The Opening Door
      Episode 45
      Klueze tell Kira of his origins, of how he is the Ultimate Coordinator. Klueze also reveals he is the first Coordinator, George Glenn and a clone of Mwu's father. He was born from a manipulated zygote. The space colony Mendel was originally a eugenics birth center.

      Dearka tells Yzak why he no longer fight for ZAFT, leaving Yzak puzzled.

      The Dominion opens a new attack. During this attack the ZAFT forces also engage. Fllay is prepared to be sent back to the Dominion.moreless
    • Spiral of Encounters
      Kira is almost brought down by a hail missles, but goes beserk and saves himself. Athrun also goes beserk and joins in the desparate battle. The Kasunagi is freed and joins in, driving off the Dominion.

      Mwu La and Deakka engage Klueze and Yzak. Yzak is shocked to find out he is fighting Deakka. Deakka confronts Yzak face to face.

      Klueze gains the upper hand on Mwu La, but Kira arrives in time to take down Klueze's suit. They all enter a building with Human gene manipulation written on it, where Klueze plans to reveal the truth.moreless
    • What Stands in the Way
      Nataru sorties with the Dominion and Azrael's special Gundam squad. Klueze also sorties with a fleet to destroy the renegades. The renegades have a conference and decide what they will do. The Dominion leads an the colony Mendel attack. Naturu outmaneuvers the Archangel and combines its firepower with Raider and Calamity to attempt to bring down Freedom. Klueze and Yzak sortie to recon. Mwu La and Deakka go to intercept them.moreless
    • Lacus Strikes
      Lacus Strikes
      Episode 42
      Athrun goes to confront his father. His father brands him a traitor and has him arrested, but Tagosta, a Clyne faction member helps Athrun escape.

      The renegades arrive at an abandoned colony called Mendel.

      Andrew Bartfeldt and Lacus commandeer the battleship, the Eternal. Athrun meets up with them and they escape. The Yakin defense forces attempt to stop them, but Kira intercepts and stops them. The Eternal rendezvous with the other renegade ships.moreless
    • Trembling World
      Trembling World
      Episode 41
      The Archangel and the Orb communication ship Kusanagi escape into space. They decide to head to the colonies at L-4 for supplies. Athrun decides to join the Archangel. Lacus' father, Sigel, is killed, while Alliance forces capture Victoria and it's mass driver. Azrael and his mobile suit squadron launch into space, while Klueze and Yzak do as well.

      Cagalli recovers from the loss of her father and informs Kira he is her twin brother. Athrun leaves to return to the PLANTS to confront his father. Natarle launches in the Archangel class ship, the Dominion.moreless
    • Into the Dawn Skies
      The Earth forces begin their second attack, Kira wipes out many of the basic mobile suits, before getting attacked by all 3 of Earth's Gundams at once. Unable to hold of Earth's forces forever, Cagalli's father decides to send Archangel and another ship into space, with dire consequenses for himself.
    • Athrun
      Episode 39
      The battle continues and the Alliance have to retreat and start over, and Athrun has a big decision to make with regards to where his loyalties lie.
    • Decisive Fire
      Decisive Fire
      Episode 38
      The Alliance's political leadership have an emergeency meeting after the attack on Panama to decide what to do next. Azrael, leader of Blue Cosmos, persuades the council to allow him draw Orb into the alliance. An ultimatum is sent to Orb backed by military force. Orb prepares to defend itself while the crew of Archangel is given the choice of staying or evacuating with the civilian population. Kazui decides to leave. The battle for Orb erupts and the Alliance sorties its elite mobile suit force. Deakka soon joins the fight with Buster and Athrun arrives in time to help Kira.moreless
    • Divine Thunder
      Divine Thunder
      Episode 37
      The Archangel secretly pulls into an Orb port where they repair and take on supplies. Kagalli and Kira catch up.

      There a briefing takes place on the political and military situation, including the Atlantic Alliance's push on neutral countries to form a united global alliance to combat ZAFT. A critical decision is brought before Marius and Mwu La.

      Meanwhile ZAFT forces attack Panama in an attempt to keep the Alliance forces on Earth. The battle sways back and forth, as the Atlantic Alliance introduces their own mobile suits. However, ZAFT forces are victorious as they use an EMP burst to KO the Alliance's armies and destroy the mass driver.moreless
    • In The Name Of Justice
      Athrun is informed that Lacus is a traitor, and is commanded by his father to take the X09A Justice and hunt down the X10A Freedom, its pilot and anyone associated with it.

      Kira is reunited with the Archangel and its crew and makes up with Sai. The crew of the Archangel make a tough decision to go to the neutral state of Orb, since their betrayal of orders requires their execution.

      Athrun, not wanting to believe that Lacus has betrayed Zaft, tracks her down in a concert hall and confronts her. She challenges him to find the truth. Athrun proceeds with the Justice to Earth.moreless
    • The Descending Sword

      The Archangel is in trouble as it is being used as a weapon, both factions think they are one step ahead, and Kira once again needs to be the hero.

    • Seen and Unseen
      Seen and Unseen
      Episode 34
      Kira mulls over the loss of Tolle and the devestation of the war. He also meditates on what he is to do. Lacus tries to comfort him and rest his weariness. The inquisition question Kira's involvement with the Archangel, despite the fact he is a Coordinator. They also question Maryu's rationale in using Kira as Strike's pilot, eventually accusing her and Kira in destroying Heliopolis, as well as Artemis and the 8th fleet.moreless
    • The Gathering Darkness
      Archangel is escorted to Alaska base where they are put on standby. The command crew of the Archangel are ordered to stand before an inquisition.
    • In the Promise Land
      The Archangel reaches its destination: Alaska. Miriallia, still grieving over the loss of Tolle, attacks Dearka, who is on board the Archangel, but the tables turn when he ends up helping her. Elsewhere, Kira finally awakens...
    • Grieving Skies
      Grieving Skies
      Episode 31
      The crew of the Archangel comes to terms with the loss of Tolle and Kira. With the impending ZAFT reinforcements, the Captain is forced to order the Archangel underway without looking for the missing pilots. The ship sends the location of the attack back to Orb in hopes they will find the pilots and continues on its way towards Alaska hoping for good news. Cagalli leads the expedition to find the missing pilots, but all she finds is the charred remains of the Strike and an unconscious Athrun washed up on the shore. Orb takes care of Athrun, but Cagalli is intent on taking revenge for her lost friend and she begins to interrogate him.moreless
    • Flashing Blades
      Flashing Blades
      Episode 30
      Kira and the Archangel are able to force the ZAFT forces to retreat after Nicol's death. Kira is distraught that he has been forced to kill again. Mu La tries to comfort him, but Kira doesn't want to listen, and Mu ends up losing his temper.

      The Archangel passes through some islands where they are ambushed by ZAFT forces. Kira and Mu La sort it out, but are pressed sorely. Athrun is able to destroy one of the Archangel's levitators, forcing to crash land. Tolle goes out in the other Sky Grasper to try to relieve the pressure. Meanwhile, Kira is able to disable Duel and Mu La shoots down Buster, and Dearka is forced to surrender.moreless
    • The Turning Point
      The Turning Point
      Episode 29
      Preperations are made for Archangel to leave for Alaska. Asuran and co set up a trap for the Archangel. Kagari prepares to leave, but has a confrontation with her father about fighting and war. She decides not to go with Archangel. Kira leaves without meeting his parents, only telling Kagari to tell them he's sorry. Kagari gives him a hug, which shocks his parents and her father.moreless
    • To A Peaceful Nation

      In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Archangel is attacked by all four of ZAFT's Gundams, and the ship sustains severe damage from their ongoing assault. During the battle, the ship enters the territorial waters of the neutral Orb Union, and an Orb naval fleet sets out to intercept the intruders.

    • Kira
      Episode 28
      The kids from heliopolis meet with their parents, all except for Kira (who doesn't want to see them yet) and Frey, (who doesn't have any). Representive Asha talks with Kira's parents, talking about Kira's sibling and how they met without knowing it. Kira and Frey seperate, mainly because she feels that he's with her mainly because he pities her. He admits that they were wrong to begin with, and they break up... Meanwhile, Asuran and the other 3 gundam pilots search the island for proof that Archangel is stationed there. Asuran sees Tori fly out of a port, followed by Kira, confirming that Archangel is there. He talks with Kira, and leaves.moreless
    • Endless Rondo
      Endless Rondo
      Episode 27
      Erica Simmons looks at the battles Kira has had and reviews how powerful he really is.
    • Moment
      Episode 26
      This is a clip show episode, narrated by TM Revolution and it recaps episodes 1 to 21.
    • The Land of Peace
      The Land of Peace
      Episode 25
      Archangel has come under attack by Kuruuze squad and gets the crap kicked out of it. Kira manages to shoot down Isaac and Nikkol by destroying their Guurus (hoverplatforms). They get dangerously close to Orb Alliance Emirate's territory and are threatened by Orb's 2nd Guard Fleet. Kagari tells the crew to go in and reveal's she is the daughter of the heir to Orb, Representative Uzumi Nara Asha. Archangel's engines are destroyed and they crash into Orb's territory and come under fire.moreless
    • War for Two
      War for Two
      Episode 24
      Athrun and Cagalli are stranded together, they battle but soon tire and talk about their differences until they are rescued by their allies.
    • Fateful Encounter
      Fateful Encounter
      Episode 23
      On the Archangel, Muu La and Maryu talk about how they are fighting against a sub carrier from Carpentaria. Frey (and most of the crew) is seasick. Kira cares for her, fetching her juice from the galley. He runs into the other kids, including Sai and they just ignore each other. Sai is quite resigned to the status quo.

      Kuruuze and crew have a meeting at Gibraltar, where Isaac and Deakka argue they, and not Carpentaria, should be ones to destroy the Archangel. Kuruuze agrees and puts Asran in charge, to everyone's suprise and Isaac's fury. They set out, but Asran is delayed by transport problems.

      The Carpentarions carry out another attack with Guuns and a new underwater suit, Zono, to lead the way. Kagari argues and also sorties with Muu La and Kira. Muu La and Kagari head out to take out the sub cruiser, but in the process Kagari takes some damage. The Zono singles out Kira, while the Guuns beat the tar out of the Archangel.Kagari runs into the transport carrying Asran. She takes it out, but she is forced to crash land on a small island. Asran is able to escape and lands on the same island. The two meet and the bullets fly.moreless
    • The Sea Dyed Red
      The Sea Dyed Red
      Episode 22
      Somewhere on the outer decks of Archangel, Kira mourns the people who died previously (Tiger of the desert, people in the escape shuttle). An attack is made on Archangel by Zaft forces, comprimising 2 Dinns (airborne version of a Jinn) and 2 Guuns (aquatic version of a Jinn). Moora Fraga launches in a Sky Grasper, equipped with the Launcher Striker pack. Kagari however cannot launch in the other Sky Grasper, due to damage from the previous battle. Strike has a problem of a different nature however, as the Air Striker kit is not very useful at sea, due to beam weapons being greatly weakened in the water. Kira, wanting to help out, gets a bazooka and dives into the sea, managing to take out both the Guuns after some time, due to his inexperience in underwater battles.moreless
    • Beyond the Clouds of Sand
      Kira and the Desert Tiger fight it out after realising they can't co-existe properly together. Kira has to take desperate measures in order to win.
    • On A Calm Day
      On A Calm Day
      Episode 20
      The crew are given a break and spend some time relaxing. It's not so relaxing for the PLANT Supreme Council who has a big decision to make.
    • Fangs Of The Enemy
      Fangs Of The Enemy
      Episode 19
      Kagari and Kira go to the local capital deep in ZAFT territory for a meeting and run into an incognito Andrew Bartfeld. They are attacked by members of the anti-Coordinator group Blue Cosmos who are killed by Bartfeld's bodyguards. During the attack Kira saves Bartfeld's life. Bartfeld brings Kagari and Kira to his mansion, where Bartfeld has a heart to heart with Kira and lets both of them go.moreless
    • Payback
      Episode 18
      Andy Waltfeld's forces launch a full-scale assault on the resistance fighters' home village of Tassil. After warning the village's inhabitants to evacuate, the ZAFT mobile suits proceed to burn Tassil to the ground. The resistance fighters arrive to find their home in flames, and their families huddled on its outskirts.
    • Cagalli Returns
      Cagalli Returns
      Episode 17
      As dawn breaks, the Archangel crew confer with the resistance fighters who rescued them from Andy Waltfeld's attack. In order to resume its journey to Alaska, the Archangel must make its way past Waltfeld's forces, and so the crew decide to join forces with the resistance fighters against their common foe. Meanwhile, Kira renews his acquaintance with the young woman he met at Heliopolis, who gives her name as Cagalli Yula.moreless
    • Burning Clouds of Sand
      Andrew Bartfeld, the Tiger of the Desert leads a probing attack against the Archangel. Frey has begun a relationship and her manipulation of Kira. Kira goes off to fight, but finds difficulty infighting on the Earth's surface. However, he is able to reprogram the Gundam for Earth's gravity and begins to turn the tide.moreless
    • The Respective Solitudes
      After the destruction of the 8th Armada, the Archangel descends to Earth. The ship misses their target destination to save Kira after his extended battle to Yzak and end up in Africa. Kira is unwell after the intense battle and heat exposure from re-entry; he is also haunted by his failure to save a civilian shuttle. Frey begins to break up with Sai and to take care of Kira.moreless
    • Within Endless Time
      A reflective look back at the story so far with a look at the rise of the 'Coordinator' position and those who occupied it.
    • Stars Falling in Space
      Upon nearing Earth, the Archangel come under fire again and lose many men in their descent to earth. Yzak Joule loses it and destroys a ship with lots of innocent people on board.
    • Flay's Decision
      Flay's Decision
      Episode 12
      The Archangel begins resupply operations and disembark the refugees from the Heliopolis colony. The temporary crew debate what will happen to them; Maryu and Nataru debate what will happen to Kira. The command crew report to Admiral Halliburton and also debate Kira's situation. The Admiral cuts all debate leaving Kira's decision to Kira. He then orders the Archangel to Alaska base. Kira decides to go to Earth, despite many requests. However, Frey and the others decide to join the Archangel. Kira changes his mind as the 8th Armada comes under attack.moreless
    • The Awakening Sword
      After freeing Rakusu, Kira is interrogated by the command staff. Under military code he is to be executed, but Kira still is a civilian and is only reprimanded. Frey comes out of her stupor with a stoic determination and begins her manipulation of Kira.

      The Archangel comes under attack from ZAFT reinforcements carrying the Blitz, Duel and Buster Gundams. Blitz penetrates the defense screen and attempts to capture the ship. Kira goes berserker and drives them off as the Alliance's 8th Armada joins the Archangel.moreless
    • Crossroads
      Episode 10
      The ZAFT forces retreat. Both Athrun and Kira are disgusted by the use of Lacus as a hostage. Kira has a conversation with Lacus and learns that Athrun is Lacus' betrothed. Kira then makes a critical decision and conspires with his friends to return Lacus to the trailing ZAFT forces in return that they stop following the Archangel. He also requests that only Athrun come to meet him. Klueze breaks the bargain; Flaga also sorties. However, before the two sides engage, Lacus commands Klueze to break off and retreat.moreless
    • The Fading Light
      The Fading Light
      Episode 9
      The Archangel is set to rendezvous with part of the Alliance space fleet along with Flay's father. However, ZAFT forces move to prevent the link up. Flay's father is killed and the fleet is destroyed. Flay prevents the destruction of the Archangel by using Lacus as a hostage.
    • The Songstress of the Enemy Forces
      The crew feel uneasy when they find the daughter of a high powered official aboard the ship but are soon ecstatic when they hear they will be rescued.
    • The Scar of Space
      Athrun and Klueze are summoned before the judicial council to summarize their operations and explain the destruction of Heliopolis and the Archangel is short of water, but they come to a debris field and glean it for supplies.
    • The Vanishing Gundam
      Artemis has the Archangel held captive so Nicol attacks Artemis and in the midst of battle, they manage to escape.
    • Phase Shift Down
      Phase Shift Down
      Episode 5
      The four enemy GundamsL Aegis, Blitz, Buster, and Duel begin the attack on Archangel, with Duel and Aegis engaging Strike. Mwu la Flaga launched prior to the battle, his intention being to launch a surprise attack on the Vesalius.
    • Silent Run
      Silent Run
      Episode 4
      Kira is stunned by the destruction of his home, Heliopolis, but he quickly comes to his senses. He rescues a life pod whose engine has failed. Ensign Bajirule objects bringing the pod aboard, but acting Captain Ramius overrides her. Aboard the lifepod is Sai's love interest Frey, who is overjoyed to see him alive. Short on supplies and worried of the ZAFT ships in the area, Bajirule suggests a course to the nearby Eurussian space fortress, Artemis. Captain Ramius hesitantly agrees. As the Archangel prepares to escape to the Eurussian fortress, Fraga is sent to persuade Kira to pilot the Strike Gundam once more.moreless
    • Collapsing Land
      Collapsing Land
      Episode 3
      Cruz continues his attack on Kira in the Strike Gundam, but Kira is able to drive him away. Cruz retreats and presses the attack with his mobile suit squadron, allowing the use of "Package D", missiles able to destroy space fortresses. The remaining crew find out a startling secret about Kira, but they ask him to continue fighting for them. Kira hesitantly agrees since there is no other choice. He goes forth into battle and comes face to face with someone he knows quite well. This battle has some very dire consequences...moreless
    • Its Name is Gundam
      After entering the Strike at the end of the first episode, Murrue and Kira attempt to get the machine out of the hangar. But with the OS in the experimental stages the machine is difficult to operate. They come under attack while the last stolen mobile suit, the Aegis, escapes from the colony. Meanwhile Muu La Flaga continues to fight outside the colony and Raww Le Crueset enters the fray and flies into the colony. Ensign Badgiruel wakes up after the explosion from the previous episode and attempts to find others who survived the blast.moreless
    • A False Peace
      A False Peace
      Episode 1
      The time is Cosmic Era 70, and due to the events of 'Bloody Valentine', the Earth and Plant are at war, with no side having a distinct advantage over the other. Cue to our hero, Kira Yamato, who seems to be a bit of a techno whiz. Watching his robotic bird, Torii, he has a flashback, where someone assures him there will not be a war between Plant and Earth. He is jolted out of his reverie by his friends, who tell him that Professor Kato is requesting his help, again.moreless