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  • An excellent addition to the gundam franchise and until very recently my all time favourite.

    The plot is pretty much everything that you would expect of a Gundam show. It has lots of politics, side switching, moral ambiguity and of course lots of very powerful mecha tht keep appearing one after the other. The pace of the show is really good with enough back story and character development that you actually care about who lives and dies but with enough fight sequences and battles that it doesn't turn into a long boring drama.

    The script is also top notch with some very good voice talent to put it into action. All in all an excellent Gundam show.
  • I love love this amine.

    I love this Gundam Seed way better than Gundam Seed destiny. Is has a better plot and a plot that I can follow. i am lost in the other one but that is ok. i really like how there is a co-ordinator, Kira, with the naturals. I like his trials and tribulations during the show. I also love his freidn Athrin (sp?) and how he finally sees the error of his ways and teachings. It is so sad. I like the friends in it and the plot of it about a long running war and all. I really love this show and I watch it every chance I have got.
  • Out of all the Gundam Series, this is #1

    Kira Yamato a young coordinator is divied in two weather he sould fight with his people and best friend Athumn Zala or fight with many of his friends. His parents are naturals who were looking for a greater human they could call there son... or at lest that is what the father wished for. With no were to go he gose to fight with the earth foures, many times tempted to join his fellow coorcinators fighting on the ZAFT foures, but many time he turns them away.

    I like this version of Gundam because it's really action packed and awsome. I give it two thumbs up! ;D
  • pretty cool

    I havent seen many episodes of gundam seed.It seems like a good show from what ive seen.Like i mean explosions and giant robots an anime-geeks best friend.I cant say that im addicted to it but it looks pretty damn sweet.So if you like explosions and giant robots creating those explosions then gundam seed is the show for you.Gundam seed reminds me sort of like eureka 7.It reminds me of uereka 7 because they have the same huge robots used for militia.Eureka 7 can be addivtive like gundam seed.I dont know if its just because it has robots used for miiltia or just explosions or militia in general.Thats my review
  • Who said a anime cant be filled with emotion???

    Gundam seed will keep your eyes hooked to the tv (in my case moniter)Its a kik a** anime that can be sad at times but there is comedy. Gundam seed starts out with normal humans having a war with upgraded humans aka what they like to call coordinaters. Theres lots of people dieing in this show so if your not watching the edited bull crap then it might be a good idea to close your eyes once in awhile...Main characters do die!!!!! If you like a anime with war and computer fighting robots that lets say "Cause MASSIVE DAMAGE" Then check this anime out!!
  • One of the best anime series I have come across. Not only do we see the exciting battles but this explores the deeper meanings, issues and morality behind war and peace.

    I have watched this series in Japanese - as I can understand it. I have also had the experience of watching around 4 episodes on Cartoon Network. The dub is simply horrendous - an understatement. My review reflects the Japanese version.

    Gundam SEED is a great mix of exciting battles, top-notch music, good voice acting (as per standard in Japan) and an excellent plot.

    The beauty of the plot and its excecution is the manner war is depicted. We get to see the wackiest WMDs in action yet the whole series stays true to its anti-war stance. The negative effect of war is extremely well illustrated by having friends on both sides of conflict and killing each other.

    In the desert arc, around episodes 10-20, there is great dailogue between Kira (male lead) and the enemy, Andrew Bartfeld about the rules of war, how does it start, when does it end etc. This tells us that war is indeed an abstract matter with no clear-cut rules for victory or loss. There is no such thing as rules of engagement, just like in the real world.

    Later on, we see how power and the urge for revenge corrupts the mind and how this can bring on rash decisions that are uncalled for. Gundam SEED really does a superb job of pulling out the true human nature.

    The drawbacks of the plot is that, it is extremely hard to understand what is going on - and the history of this war in general. In the first episode only a brief, superficial introduction of the history of the war which is easily missed, we see invading GINNs and big-time action. It is a little too much to absorb all in the first episode. However, once the pieces finally all come together (at around episode 45), the viewer can finally appreciate the true beauty and excellence of the plot. The biggest flaw is basically, the lack of a proper INTRODUCTION!

    There is also good character development in the series, and we see the main characters maturing so they are able to make their own decisions on their lives. Again, combined with the excellent dialogue (in Japanese that is!), this area is extremely well covered.

    The music - is generally very good and amazing at times. A wide variety of music is used in appropriate settings, which really reflects the mood and the atmosphere of the given scene. The OSTs are in 4 CDs!

    The quality of animation is only around average. I have seen better and the use of recycled stock footage in battles are painfully obvious. The character design is generally good but there are times where the colours used can be a little more life-like. It can be dull sometimes.

    All in all, the plot is simply the best I have come across in my years of watching anime. The philosophy behind it is so true, the various reactions of the characters so plausible in reality - this is simply an amazing series to watch.

    I give this a 9.6/10, my understanding being 9.2 is "average" at The letdowns are the quality of animation and that there were better ways of making the viewer understand some parts of the plot.

    On my personal "British University" scale, the series gets an outstanding 8.1/10, an "upper-first".

    Something to take note: I have heard SEED has some plagiarism issues with some earlier Gundam series in the plot element. My review does not take into account of this.
  • this show rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the best show ever! There need to be more episodes. I think the couples in the show are perfect. Cagalli and Athrun are perfect because, Cagalli is Kiara's sister and Athrun is Kiara's bestfriend. The only problem with this show is it's to short. They should have made it much longer. They should make movies of it as well. The show is amazing, and UNDERAPPRICIATED!!! This show should be on the top of the charts! The story line is great, the characters are amazing and the cliff hangers are excellent. If you've never seen this show, see it.
  • The best Gundam series

    This is such a great anime. Before watching Gundam Seed, I wasn't really a fan of anything that had to do with Mobile Suit Gundam. Shows like this are exactly why I watch anime. The Japanese know how to make a good animated show and I feel that american animators could learn a thing or two from them.

    Gundam Seed is one of the most well thought out anime's I have seen, which is saying something. I found the Athren-Kira relationship to be an interesting aspect of the anime. I also thought that Cagalli was an interesting character. For a 'natural,' she was pretty good with a mobile suit. At least I think she's a natural. However, the series doesn't really explain what her gene type is.

    I would recommend the series on DVD since what was shown on Cartoon Network was a highly cut version. It's such a great series. Any fan of Anime will enjoy it.
  • The GUNDAM SEED plot evolves around the insecurities of naturals and gene-manipulated people called "coordinators" from one another.During this period of unrest,the lives of teenagers named Kira Yamato,Athrun Zala,Cagalli Yula and Lacus Clyne we

    Just like most of the predecessor Gundam stories, GUNDAM SEED is another anime worth watching. The Gundams, piloted by the best, are back in action. And in addition, the looks of a mobile suit here certainly improved by not being too childish nor clown-like; but rather by creating an advanced blueprint capable of producing colorfully stylish wide-ranged missiles and awesome cockpit sanctuary. The distinction between coordinators and naturals gives one an allusion of the good ol' X-Men mutant vs. humans issue plus a twist of cool 4-storey high battle machines. Certain love triangles are in hand amidst the war, so the plot can be exciting Cupidly speaking. GUNDAM SEED is another awesome installment to the Gundam universe series.
  • Awesome series, with an awesome storyline. No complaints about the show, bought the dvd with all the episodes and loved all of them, my lowest score for the voting part was 8 point something. A must watch

    This show is just an awesome show, or was an awesome show. I think that the Gundam series and shows have always been the trendsetters in the mecha/sci-fi division and this particular series is no less. The fight scenes are just awesome, with very precise action scenes, once in a while the action scenes will have parts of them that have been shown before like a ship being destroyed etc but apart from that the fight scenes are breathtaking and you are at the edge of your seat watching them. The storyline is even better, the show outlines the theme of how and why war is 'bad' and a very interesting story to follow that gets wrapped up in the last 10 or so episodes but i wont spoil it for anyone
  • If you love the Gundam Series. Then you love this.

    If you love the Gundam Series. Then you love this.

    This blows me away with stunning effects, cool characters, nice voice actors, best mechas and the coolest J-Pop songs. AS for me, it's a good series, since I watched the series a long time ago.

    And it doesn't dissapoint fans. Gundam SEED Special is released to show the best bits, Gundam SEED Destiny (it's sequel) has goodness just like the original and the upcomming Gundam SEED STARGAZER, has the best side story. The Anime rocks! PS: How many times did you saw Kira and Athrun's eyes change when they're in SEED mode?
  • Decent but had some significant faults. The giant robots were a little gimicky and some of the dialogue and music really sucked.

    Although a decent show regarding its storyline, characters and themes, this show had some significant flaws which kept it from getting top marks. First off the absolutelt attrocious theme song. Really what the hell is that. It's as enjoyable as getting kicked a million times in the rocks by a professional soccer player. Second,the voice acting and dialogue. Some was good while others were so bad that I thought I lost some braincells just listening to it. It was like they hired some of those voice actors from an alley behind a stripclub. Hell I've heard better voice acting on South Park from the stock characters voiced by Parker and Stone...and they intentionally make them suck for humorous effect. Another problem was the use of recycled footage on the same level as a Hanna Barbara cartoon. Did really think we wouldn't notice. On the positive side, this was one of the few science fiction shows this decade that didn't have a crappy finale (Enterprise, Andromeda) and the music as well as story writing did improve over time. Overall though 24 and SG1 remain the best shows on television. And 24 isn't even a Science Fiction program.
  • This is just a phenomenal show, with such a well done story that it grabs you and just doesn't let go.

    I started watching Gundam Seed during its original Toonami airing during 2004. And though each episode was pretty well done by itself the complex story that was begining to form easily made this one of my favorite shows of all time. Each week there would be the action would get more intense and the tension between the plants and the earth would escalate. And as I got more and more attatched to this story *BLAM* Cartoon Network switches the timeslot on everyone. Not only was it scheduled to a worse time slot, the timeslot change was unadvertised. So I let the series go.

    I had been aware for some time of the DVD releases but it took me a while to get around to actually get a hold of them, until just a few weeks ago. So here I was two summers later watching a show that I fell in love with. But did it hold up? Let me answer that by saying I watched the series- the entire 50 episode series- in three days. This show packs a punch and as viewer I was very thankful for that.

    If you want an indepth preview of what this show is actually about, you should probably be looking at other sources but I will give a brief synopsis of what makes this show great just for good measure: Basically the factors that make this show great are it's superb superb SUPERB characters and it's very nicely woven war story with lots of great GUNDAM action.

    So for the people that are reading this to see if this show is worth watching or not, let me assure you that is worth watching and that it is quite a ride.
  • Well I'm not exactly sure what this show is about but all I know is that it's like a space was the Earth forces against the Plants (I think there called that. Oh and that Kira is the main character well i think he is anyway.

    I like this show I don't exactly love it though. For one because I don't understand it and two because I find that with the episodes they just move along to quickly I wish that they episodes did a little more explaining of what's going on in them. I also wish that they aired Gundam SEED more often then just Friday night and not so late either. Like I said before my dad often gets mad if I stay up to late.My favorite character in this show if the girl with the reddish-violet coloured hair her name is Flay but I think she's in love with Kira. What I find weird is that on it says she's dead but from all the episodes I've seen she still alive. I'm confused. Nvm I just finished reading it apparently she does die. He's also one of my favorite characters. This show is also kind of confusing. I'm glad that that short haired blond guy died he was a maniac Muruta (I think). But not Mu Las Flaga I thinbk I actually cried in that episode their were so many deaths. I'm gonna miss Natarle though but one thing I didn't get was why were the Dominion and the Archangel fighting I thought they were on the same side if someone can clear that up for me that would be great.
  • The best Gundam series I have ever seen!

    Gundam SEED is, without a doubt, the best Gundam series I have ever seen! The series starts out hot, and finishes with a bang. The middle got a little old after a while, but as soon as the Archangel entered Orb, everything picked back up again and finished with one of the best endings to a Gundam series, or any anime series, I've ever seen. The music was also great, the opening and ending themes after the Archangel made it to Orb and Kira came back after the Strike being destroyed are two of my favorite songs.

    The animation and art is so visually appealing and fluid, I wish more series looked like this!
  • Must watch now!

    I've watched a few Gundamn animes in the past that was just plain too hard to sit through. But Gundam Seed is definitely one of the better ones out there. Must watch show!

    The Gundam's body architecture is outstanding in both detail and movement. I especially like the fight scenes between the different Gundams which is mainly the reason why I like the anime in the first place.

    The story also does not have many slow points in the scenes unlike Gundam Zeta. Now that was a really, really long anime with very slow and unwatchable sceens. A bit of my soul died watching that one.
  • This Is Like, The BEST Show Ever! It has Alot Of Cute Characers Aswell^^ I Started Watching It When I Was Waiting For Fullmetal Alchemist To Come On.

    This Show Has Alot Of Detail. Unlike Some Shows, This One has Awsome Sound Effects And Action. The Character Detail Is My Personal Favourite Thing About This Show. There Are Alot Of Characters, So You Have Alot Of Favoruite Character Choices Aswell. My Favourite Is Athun^^
    Anyway, If You Are Looking For Good Detail, Action Or Just A Plain Awsome Show, Then This Show Is Awsome For You.
    There Are Cool Moblie Suits Aswell. Those Have Absolutley AWSOME Detail. This Show Is Awsome. I Reccomend It To People Who Like Action, Detail, Violence, Explosions And Er, Something Else, Uh, Um...
  • Action-Drama anime. About a genetically enchanced race feuding with a naturally born race. Both races have an all out war and poor Kira, genetically enhanced, and his friends, naturals, are sucked in to the war. Soon, Kira becomes a huge part of this war!

    This anime, hmmmm, how to put in words. Great? yeah, it was great! so action-packed, drama filled. It had its share of romances and it extends to another seires, Gundam Seed Destiny which was just as good.
    The robot gundam thing, i expected myself to be pretty critical about it and bored. But was I EVER wrong! It was interesting, I was never bored watching this anime, except maybe for the recap episodes. Ofcourse, you MUST watch in Jap with subs, cause i find it SUCKS in english dub!
    Such a great anime, Can't get enough of Kira!
  • LOVE IT!!!

    Gundam seed and all its characters are creative and are full of personality.
    It beats many of it brothers like Gundam Wing,
    the g-units have awesome detail and profound colour.
    My fave character is Athrun Zala, my fave organisation is ZAFT.
    The best couple is Athrun and Cagalli, and Lacus Clynes Song time passes by is sooo sothing to listen to.
    And I know a couple of lines it goes like this.
    "Time passes by, and memories fade.
    But that cant erase,the love that we've made."
    My fave g-units are the Justice and the freedom.
    Well I just love gundam seed and always will, thanks to the DVD!!!
  • better than the original Gundam

    Many people said that Gundam Seed is a copy of the original, well I must said Gundam Seed is even better than the original. If you wacth mobile suit gundam than you pretty much know the begining, but after half way of the series the show kicks in and becomes a epic finale. The storyline realy protraits the feeling of war in which there's no good or evil, just people who are fighting for what the believe in. The series have awesome graphics. The Gundams are even cooler than the ones in gundam wing. The ending was great with the deaths of many characters, the great drama and the awesome Gundam fight. This seires realy deserves a 10 out of 10
  • If there was an Oscar for a Japanese Anime show, this show would win!

    Gundam Seed is a personal favorite. My favorite character is Kira. He has to fight his best friend alot in mobile suits which are like robots.
    Gundam Seed shows the story of Kira and his best friend through this whole fight between Earth and Space. I hope that this helps you decide to watch it.
  • Words cant decribe hoe good this show is...

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  • The human race is divided into genetically enhanced Coordinators and unmodified Naturals. the tensions between Naturals and Coordinators escalate into a global war,Earth and space become battlefields for the mobilesuits.Kira Yamato of the EarthAlliance an

    This show is so great.everything in the show is just great it has lost of action and plenty of suspence to make u want to keep watching it. it has romance and drama too.and lots of cool fight scenes i give this show and A+!!!!

  • Finnaly a show that almost shows us all about the miliatary, set in a futursitic time line druing a war between un moddified humans *naturals* and geneticly inhanced humans *coordinators* it delivers action and moral impact way ahead of almost all shows t

    If you took a good series, threw in a couple of decent characters, wrote a couple scenes without peopel being blasted to bits, added in some thigns which seem life like, dismiss religious favorism and all our diffrences, what would you get? You would get Gundam Seed. Gundam Seed is not as action paced as the other series but instead sums off those parts with nice moral changing speechs. Almost nothign compares to this show.
  • One of the best Gundams series made.

    I have seen a few Gundam series and I must say that this new one is greatness. I personally loved it and can't wait for Gundam Seed Destiny to come out. It had great character development and the battles were top notch. Definitely one of the best Gundam series made.
  • Why do people say that this is an even remotely accurate depiction of war?

    A decent show, it is.
    A realistic view of war, it is not.

    Let's stick angsty pretty-boys, with raging hormone charges due to puberty, in the most advanced, classified, and devastating weaponry in the world. Because it makes so much sense. Seriously, the last I'd heard of actual military personnel officially enlisting at that age was the Wehrmacht SS Hitler Youth. And they were NComs (not officers - rank ensign and above for the navy), anyway. I could see the need for the earth forces to use Kira, but Zaft and Athrun, Nicol, Yzak and Dearka? Please, spare me. No sensible arguement can be made for sticking sixteen year olds in the most sophisticated captured assault vehicles.

    The ranks are populated by such young officers! Regardless of your abilities, it takes far longer to get to such a level. It currently takes, what, three to six months to go from a private to a private, first class? And the stipulations only get harsher as you move up the chain of command.

    The commander of the Archangel acts so unmilitaristically that she ought to be removed from command. Rushing headlong into a fight that others are using to give her an escape route, while being short on personnel and provisions is inane. Has she had no training? She'd fit better as some sort of civilian government leader, as she thinks morally, rather than tactically.

    Plot device alert! N-jammers? That's just a way of side stepping the unpleasant truth; we have nuclear weaponry, and we'd use them.

    Zaft controls such random places on Earth! Oh, yeah, around the Strait of Gibraltar without regard to political boundaries, and random spots in Africa. It doesn't take more than a few hours to research the level of acceptance a country currently bears on the issue of genetic manipulations, and should have been incorporated into the story, seeing as it was a commercial endeavor.

    ARGH! Is there no brig aboard the Archangel? They stuck Lacus in guest's quarters! Realistically, she should've been interrogated and placed in confinement in a guarded cell, for a person of her standing and value, and immediately used as a bargaining chip. Same with the Tiger's actions toward Kira; how can someone supposedly so trained let his emotions affect his decisions in a war? If only real POW's were treated this well (not specifying a country, just in general).

    There's no camaderie between the Zaft pilots. Considering that they have to cover each other's lives in battle, you'd think they'd be a closer knit group, like actual combat squadrons/divisions/etc. Don't they ever relax and have some fun together? Troops, especially if they have the same rank, band together to make the best of things, even if they would not usually be compatible; stress does that to you.

    Let's not even get started on Orb.

    I suppose I have to concede that some of the emotions on the show are realistic. Still, in a battle, if a guy's trying to kill me, I don't care who he is, I'm going to try to kill him right back, with all of my focus. That's basic military protocol. And basic survival instinct!

    This is a bit of a rant, but I am sick and tired of hearing how Gundam Seed is an accurate portrayal of war. It is far from it.
  • "Waah, it's too depressing! Waaah! I want to see more mindless Dragonball Z violence! Waah!" That was the average response to Gundam Seed, probably the most realistic depiction of war in Gundam history.

    First and foremost, Gundam Seed isn't a very happy show, let's just immedietely throw that out there, since it's the most basic thing about it. The second most basic thing is that there really is no "good or evil" side. Later on you will find that there are some corrupt people on both sides of the war, but the conflicts mostly end up being in shades of grey.

    The premise for the series is that a war, the kind of war that nobody wants, has began between natural humans who live on Earth, and the genetically enhanced coordinaters who live in space colonies. While the coordinaters are certainly stronger, faster, and much more knowledgable with machinery and equipment, the naturals are greater in number. I prefer to think, that despite the focus on Kira, this series has two main characters: Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala. Kira and Athrun are very close friends, and are also both coordinaters who agreed that they didn't want to get involved in the war a long time ago. Years ago, Athrun and Kira separated. The series begins with Kira basically just living normal sci-fi teenage life on a space colony called heliopolis, which is supposedly neutral to the war. Unfortunately, unbeknowst to most, Heliopolis is developing weapons for the Earth forces. The coordinaters soon figure this out and launch an all out assault on the colony. Kira and his friends are caught right in the middle of this. While trying to find an escape pod, Kira soon meets Athrun again...except now, he's a soldier attacking heliopolis. In the confusion, Kira ends up piloting a work-in-progress mobile suit to defend his friends, and quickly becomes an enemy to his own kind.

    From there, Kira becomes somewhat of a soldier of the Earth forces (since he is a coordinater the answer isn't really definite) and ends up traveling to Earth on the Archangel, the ship that all his friends are on. Athrun and his squad, meanwhile, are hunting down the Archangel to try to capture the mobile suit that Kira is using to defend it. A huge part of the story is the conflict between Kira and Athrun, two extremely close friends forced to hate eachother on the battlefield. Many people die on both sides, and almost all of those deaths are tragic. Kira, in particular, is sad 100% of the time. If you want something a little more light hearted, this might not be for you, but otherwise it's a really great series, and definetely the best Gundam in a long time.
  • this is a must see to anyone who is interested in anime, robots, or futuristic warfare.

    the hit seiries mobile suit gundam was released in the lat 1970's and people loved it for good reason. those good reasons remain in the latest in the gundam seiries. mobile suit gundam seed! the story takes place over 100 years in the future. year 70 in the cosmic era is just one of those years that could have been better if it werent for the bloody valentine tragety 11 months ago. the tragety was a nuclear warhead shot from earth to the zaft colony junius 7. millions of lives were lost. zaft is a corporation with a different breed of humans called the coordinators, genetically enhanced humans in almost every way. coordinators live in colonies in space such as junius 7. after the bloody valentine earth and zaft went to a war bigger than the world has ever seen before! gundam seed traces the adventures of kira yamato. a coordinator who lives in a neutral colony call heliopolis. heliopolis belongs to the neutral nation orb. zaft forces attack heliopolis to steal 5 top secret mobile suits being developed in heliopolis. apparantly orb helped the earth alliance develop these extra powerfull gundams. they were desined to combat the zaft forces which is mostly mobile suits. these mobile suits are called the duel, the blitz, the buster, the aegis, and the most powerfull: the strike. the blitz buster and duel are captured by zaft. kira gets stuck in the middle of a firefight and is on the strike when kira and an earth forces officer murrue ramius is attacked and nearly killed by a zaft solider whom kira recognizes from years ago. the solider, athurun zala recognizes kira too. they were childhood friends and lived on the moon together ever since they were 6. they parted when athrun joined zaft forses and kira moved to heliopolis. after their bitter sweet reunion, athrun withdraws after noticing his friend. he later on captures the aegis. murrue and kira enter the cockpit of the strike. murrue pilots the strike out of the building into the streets. the strike gets attacked by a zaft mobile suit. and kira then takes control of the strike. he rewrites the controls and then takes down the zaft mobile suit which is called a ginn. how kira accomplishes this is unknown untill he revealles he is a coordinator. because kira and his friends have seen the top secret weapon. they are forced to go with the military on a ship called the archangel. zaft returns to claim the strike and destroy heliopolis. in space kiras and his friends volunteer for the military. from here the group starts their journey to the earth alliance main headquarters in alaska.

    where to start. the biggest miss in this show is the fight scenes. their not bad, there just arent enough of them. most of the show is just talking. and when you are watching one episode a week its extremely painfull begging the show to show a fight scene. but its worth the wait because most of the fight scenes are spectacular. the story is filled with plot twists till the very end. but it doesn't start at the beginning and its very confusing on the first episode because it doesn't explain entirely whats going on.

    sadly though the diologue is pretty bad. it feels like 1300 AD instead of CE 70. the voice acting can also be better.

    the animation is great. but they cut and paste some animations from earlier episodes and show them again and again.

    though its not perfect, gundam seed definately is an anime show worth watching.
  • An amazing anime series that gets you hooked the first episode.

    Gundam Seed has to be the best gundam series I’ve seen so far. The story line is surprisingly interesting and the animation is incredible. It starts off with a Coordinator named Kira Yamato who is residing in a neutral area to get away from the war going on between the Naturals and Coordinators but then he gets caught in between the two while trying to escape into a shelter. Kira being forced into the cockpit of the Strike Gundam by an injured female Earth Alliance soldier had no choice but to protect himself and the woman because they were being attacked by Kira’s childhood friend. When the battle is over another begins shortly and Kira then decides to jump in the Strike in order to protect his friends since the EA soldier is injured. Now Kira is a part of the Earth Alliance and is going against his own people the Coordinators and his childhood friend Athrun in order to protect his friends.
  • This is the story of two young coordinators fightning to protect there nation the PLANTS and earth.

    The show's really great. For me way better than the other gundams.You never know what\'s going to happen and the graphic are great. The story line is super cool too. The character are well design and they have all different nature and thats what make the show so unique and good.
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