Gundam SEED (JPN)

Season 1 Episode 49

The Final Light

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Sep 20, 2003 on YTV
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The Final Light
The GENESIS fires again, destroying the Alliance reinforcements and moon base. The Alliance presses their attack while the renegades try to intercede.

The Alliance's nuclear weapons ships are destroyed, but not without great sacrifice. Mwu gives his life save the Archangel from an attack by the Dominion. Nataru gives her life to take Azrael to the pits of hell as the Dominion is destroyed by the Archangel.moreless
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  • A few more character's die, some more surprising than other's.

    Nartale the captain of the Earth Alliance ship is having some problems with being told what to do by her superior; who doesn't really know how war actually works. In the end, she cannot distroy the Archangel; not when she also wants to save her own troops in the process. In the end she tells her troops to abandon ship and to go to the nuterual Archangel (that's the one that fights along side Eternal); while she sadly dies with her ship and the man who was hell bent in killing the Co Ordinator's. I found that part to be really revealing on Nartale's character; while she seemed very... To the rules, she seems to realise that just because her superior tells her to do something, they are not always right and it could lead to greater sacrfics that aren't needed.

    Mwu's death didn't really affect me that much, since I figured he'd do something that heroic...

    I liked the fact that Yzak managed to take out the two Earth Alliance Co Ordinators by himself, of course Dearka was there to help too.moreless
  • The episode was quit good although I don't really understand why they had to kill Mwu? Just to put a mask man in Destiny??

    So the battle is not finished yet to everyone's suprised because I'm sure you were hoping to see all the characters going back to their normal life. Well your wrong the battle goes on and they even killed Mwu I just cant belived it I'm one of Mwu and Murrue fan. So do you even know why they made it look like he was dead. Well it's just so they could bring a masked man into Gundam Seed Destiny. And in Destiny someone important is probably going to die to put another masked man in Gundam Seed Destiny Eternity(really not original with names)moreless

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