Gundam SEED (JPN)

Season 1 Episode 47

The Nightmare Reborn

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Sep 06, 2003 on YTV
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The Nightmare Reborn
Following the lead of the Director, the Earth council takes the new information on N-Jammer Cancellers and agrees on using them towards re-activating their nuclear warheads. Instead of using the information to lessen the power deficit of Earth, the council heads towards and endgame with the ZAFT forces, or in this case, a genocide of the coordinators. The opening battles allow for decisive victories where
the main fleet engages the defending forces, then the assault forces bombards the enemy position with nuclear warheads. The ZAFT have decided that the new weapon escalation calls for desperate measures, and as such, Zala orders GENESIS to be activated.

As the Earth Forces begin to press their decisive victories forward, they quickly reach enemy territory and get to bombard a PLANT instead of a military position. The Dominion leads the vanguard against the coordinators and prepare to wipe out the enemy forces with an overwhelming bombardment. On board, Fllay remains on the flagship looking forward to meeting up with Kira and having a chance to speak with him. As the fleet move to engage the ZAFT, the bombardment looks to reach the PLANT but Freedom and Justice arrive with Meteor units and are able to intercept all of the incoming missiles. Lacus asks both sides to stand down and stop the escalation of fighting that has been occurring, but Zala and Raww le Klueze use this moment to activate the GENESIS but not before ordering all of their forces out of the target zone.moreless
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  • ANother action packed ep, mainly focusing on ZAFT and the Earth Alliance.

    The Earth Alliance have decided that they need neuclear weapons to defeat ZAFT and get rid of the Co Ordinators. This ep shows how each side are somehow just being dragged along by another lower ranking individual, but somehow whatever they say has amde sense to them. The Earth Alliance wanted to use the information that has been given to them to help the people back on Earth; but some how they are persuaded to use it against the Co Ordinators.

    With ZAFT it's the same way, though Zala didn't expect for the Earth Alliance to use neuclear weapons against them, not after the Bloody Valentines tragidy.

    Yzak is sent out to protect the PLANTS, when the Justice and Freedom come in just when the nukes were sent and somehow managed to save them. Although Zala has started to retailiate, with Yzak trying to warn Athrun and Kira (Justice and Freedom).moreless

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