Gundam SEED (JPN)

Season 1 Episode 50

To An Endless Future

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Sep 27, 2003 on YTV
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To An Endless Future
The Archangel is severely damaged and comes under attack from Klueze. Kira duels with Klueze. Fllay's evacuation ship is destroyed. Chairman Zala aims the Genesis weapon at North America and initiates the firing process. He also self destructs the Y battlestation. Athrun, followed by Cagalli, destroys Genesis by self-destructing Justice. Kira finally is able to kill Klueze and is subsequently rescued by Athrun and Cagalli.moreless
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  • The final battle is finally here, but who has survived?

    Athrun and Cagalli try to stop ZAFT from firing the GENISIS again; only to find Patrick Zala has been asassinated. The ending left me wanting more, but there are also some questions that are left unanswered even in Destiny. Like what happened to Yzak's mum? We see the forces surround her and her team; so it does look like she was arrested, but what happened to her later? She is a minor character in the series but considering how Yzak was also a secondary character you have to wonder how it would effect him once he got back to the PLANTS.

    The endding was good, a bit teary at the very end with Athrun, Cagali and Kira all weeping; but aside from that it was very good.moreless
  • The Final Phase, a lot of death, a lot of cool fighting, too many tears, and plenty speeches, explanations, and confessions. This episode was very good. filled with love. lol.

    To help the last person who reviewed this, the Captain was crying because Mu, who was her lover died in the episode before this protecting the ship she was in. She said \" you promised to come back to me..\" crying because he did promise to come back to her.

    Athrun and Cagalli went into the post Because they were ordered to, to stop the Genesis from firing again. At this time in the command centre I\'m not sure either who that dude was, but he starts to gain some emotion, and guilt same with the rest of the crew, and says that they would kill half of the people on earth if they fired at washington (( and if you looked closely they were actually pointing at new york )) When Athrun and Cagalli enter the other anonymous dud is dead and Athrun\'s dad is dying, and he tells Athrun that genesis has to be fired, we have to win this war, what a stupid thing to say when you\'re dying, how about i love son i am so sorry son. ugh! what a power hungry freak.

    In anger, Athrun decides that he is going to stop genesis (( which will trigger when yankin or what ever self destructs killing everyone and every thing nearby even earth i think )) by going to the core of Yankin and self destructing the justice. cagalli is following him, protesting, she completely ignores what Athrun has to say and still follows him, she tells him the hardest war is to go on living or what ever. And then everything explodes some how they both live, and i agree with you on the crying, it was rather annoying.

    Through all that crying I liked Kira\'s little speech at the end. whose world is this, this time and space, and more in sight to the world then this world is ours, really good.

    and if any one actually knows that speech that was happening after Kira\'s, can some one tell me! YTV played some advertising during that and i only caught some of it when I put on the captions.

    And for the record i think that Kira is not defined by his abilities alone.moreless
  • This episode has to be one of the greatest series finals in Gundam history

    Well after seeing this episode all I can say is wow. Watching this episode makes you feeling like you are on the battlefield as well. Now I for one really didn't mind Flay dieing, even though she did redeem herself a little towards the end of the series and very happy Kira ended up with Lacus.

    As the episode goes on we also see Patrick Zala being killed by one his own men, a end fitting for his charater, though I do feel bad for Arthrun for having such a mad man for a father.

    Another great moment in this episode is Cagalli convicing Arthrun that he still had a reason to live, when he was willing to sacrifice his life to destroy Genesis. I’m quite happy the two of them got togeither at the end of the series

    One of my favorite moments in this episode is finally seeing Rau Le Creuset get percisly what he desevers. He went out of his way to cause so much suffering in this series and killed a great many people in the proces, it was only fitting that his plan to wipe out humanity back fired and not only play a major role in his death, but also resolted in a peace treaty between Zaft and Earth Alliance

    well I really can't say any more, this episode was a great ending to a great seriesmoreless
  • GENESIS fires the moon, Mu dies, its hell out there. Yzak finaly decide to chance side and helps Dearka Elsman. GENESIS goes BOOM! This episode ends with tears.

    It was awsome! Some unsuspected death like Mu and Flay. Yzak change of side was one hell of a suprised. I got scared when I saw GENESIS fire at the moon and knowing it was going to fire on Earth! This episode was hard for most character, Kira on first count. In all, its the best!
  • In the end i give this show a solid 10

    This episode was amazing, I was outta my seat. The end was the best part when everyone thought Kira, Athrun and Cagali were dead...I was shocked and hopeing they weren\'t dead, But in the end they survived...I downloaded Gundam Seed - 51 - After phase...I was woundering if that\'s an episode to the show???

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