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Gundam X

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Though the only Gundam program ever to be cancelled before its planned end, this 39-episode series was probably the best-realized vision of an alternate Gundam universe, a sort of Mad Max with mobile suits in which a planet ruined by war and repeated colony drops is dominated by high-tech pirates who roam the land. At the center of the action is Garrod Ran, a fifteen year-old boy who pilots the powerful Gundam X, a weapon of a past age, and the crew of the landship Freeden, who work to find and help psychic Newtypes who struggle to live in this new After War world. Stunning mechanics and endearing characters such as are the trademark of shows bearing the Gundam name are plentiful, as are intense battle sequences and a well-defined story arc - though the end is forced to be brought on too soon due to the show's unfortunate Japanese cancellation. Had it been placed in a better time slot, things may have gone better.moreless
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  • A good show but not a great Gundam show.

    This plot is somewhat different to other Gundams and may help to explain why it was not as popular. The show is set in a world that has been devestated by war in which pirate in powerful mobile suits dominate the world. Enter Garrod Ran a young bo who accidentally finds a powerful Gundam Prototype left over from the war.

    Unlike other Gundam shows this features much less of the political intrigue and alliance forming antics that were so prevalent in other incarnations. It also doesn't help that the ending is less than what you would have hoped for. But if you forget that this is a gundam show then this is actually very good. It just doesn't quite live up to the other gundam shows out there.moreless
  • This show is good, only though 6 episodes can be seen completely.

    Another good Gundam show. I like this show. This series is 39 episodes long. With almost all of the videos forced to be removed because of infringement, I can only see 6 full episodes on Man, I hate this when this happens. When you have a good series, and it gets removed because of infringement, it really stinks! Anyway, this show is about Garrod, a very clumsy, and cool mercenary who is sent on a mission to rescue Tiffa, a quiet, beautiful girl from a carrier. The two stumble across a Gundam while hiding from enemies in an abandoned Federaion base. Garrod uses this Gundam to fight enemy Mobile Suits to save people. I really don't have much to say about this show but, overall a good Gundam series, awesome music, memorable characters, and that's about it. Sorry.moreless
  • Gundam X was a pretty good anime. I hear it was cancelled due to the timeslot it was put in, apparently early in the morning from what I gather. I wish the show capitalized more on the gundam Leopard and Airmaster's pilots storylines(Roybeamoreless

    My first impression was that the gundams in this series were underpowered. Leopard has only one gatling gun (as opposed to 1-4 for Heavyarms from GWing), Airmaster has 2 rifles, that’s it, and Gundam X seems to be a bit lacking with only a single rifle.

    As the series progressed and the units upgraded, things started getting interesting. Especially with the GXX and satellite canon.

    Also, character development was pretty decent in this series. Some reviews blamed the characters for being stereotypical, which I felt is not the case. Both of the frost brothers are misunderstood and lash out violently at the society that did not need them, giving the evil guys a bit of credit. I liked how Jamil Neate was an old school newtype and was on the mission to help new newtypes. Every character just seemed to have conviction and motivation (ie: family) that many other gundam series lack.

    The state of the Gundam X world is rather harsh. Right from the first episode, viewers get a glimpse at a horde of vulture mobile suits waiting to ambush Garrod. I can see the suits getting pulverized in my mind's eye, as they bickered amongst themselves. What a wasteland setting.

    Gundam X has been featured in several video games, particularly the Sd Gundam Advance series (GBA/PS2). I have yet to see Gundam Leopard/Airmaster in a gundam game yet, which is disappointing.

    Overall a very good anime IF you can get through about 8 episodes or so.moreless