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Gundam ZZ

TV Tokyo (ended 1987)



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Gundam ZZ

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The year is Universal Century 0088. Directly after the end of the Gryps War, Haman Karn and her army of Zeon remnants on the asteroid Axis begin their quest of reviving the lost empire of the Zabi's, and proclaim themselves as the Neo-Zeon. With the Earth Federation as hapless as ever, only the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) is able oppose the plans of Neo-Zeon. In need of all the help it can get after being decimated in the previous war and losing many of its key members, the AEUG ship Argama enlists the aid of a young junk collector from the Side 1 colony of Shangri-La named Judau Ashta to pilot its newest mobile suit, the Double Zeta Gundam.
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  • I enjoyed ZZ Gundam, even if it does get quite a bit of stick from some people.

    I thought this was a good show. Even though I had an idea of this already, it was slightly disappointing considering how good Zeta Gundam was. There were good points and bad points about this show, and I shall now go into them.

    First off the characters were pretty good. I enjoyed their varying personalities which is perhaps something we didn't get with Zeta. Annoyingly though the characters weren't spit up at some point like in Zeta, where we learnt about some characters more as a result. Some of the characters in the first half of the series were awful though, like Gemon near the start of the anime and the sisters from Moon Moon. Mashymyre and Chara weren't too good at the start either but at least they improved a bit at the end. It was good to see Kamille back again also, even though he's mostly still suffering the effects from Scirocco's attack, he can still communicate with people telepathically. It was nice to see he had recovered by the end too, something that makes ZZ worthwhile if you've seen Zeta.

    There are a few things which bug me about this anime, mainly silly things. The one that annoys me most is what happened to Yazan? Probably one of the best Gundam characters is turned into a shell of his former self, we never even know what actually happened to him after the gang left Shangri La. Then there was the slightly silly beginning, they really should of kept it serious like Zeta, this is a direct sequel so there should be some continuity there. It really affected how good the show was too, many people have been put off because of it. Some parts in the last episode were stupid too. What was the point in Haman killing herself? it seemed such a cheap way to end the final battle of the series. And what was the point in Judau and Roux going off to Jupiter? We never got a reason for that at all. I agree with those people who say that Tomino did it to get him out of the way of Char's Counterattack, so he couldn't interfere.

    Speaking of Char, I think he should of appeared in this series, I think that things would of went fine even with Char's Counterattack on the horizon.

    Anyway, I think this is a good series, it really made some sort of conclusion which we didn't get in Zeta. It's good to see that everyone is happy in the end, even those who were really affected at the end of Zeta Gundam.moreless