Gundam ZZ

TV Tokyo (ended 1987)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Warrior, Again--
      Warrior, Again--
      Episode 47
    • Vibration
      Episode 46
    • Battle of Axis
      Battle of Axis
      Episode 45
    • Emily - Wilting Flower
    • Core-3 Maiden (2)
      Core-3 Maiden (2)
      Episode 43
    • Core-3 Maiden (1)
      Core-3 Maiden (1)
      Episode 42
    • Rasara's Life
      Rasara's Life
      Episode 41
    • Vision of Tiger Balm
    • He Second Coming of Sarasa
    • Iron Wall - Jamru-Fin
    • Nahel Argama
      Nahel Argama
      Episode 37
      In this episode, the Ahgama travels to La Vien Rose after a colony is dropped on Dublin Ireland. There, Captain Bright is accused of training new types as pilots. He is banned from commanding the Ahgama anymore. After that, The Ahgama is given to the forces of Karaba. It is replaced by a new ship; the "Nehru Ahgama". While loading all of its equipment, the Nehru Ahgama is attacked by Neo Zeon pilots Dale, Danny, and Deune. Judau and the others attack, defend, and defeat the enemy pilots. During the battle Judau senses Rheena is still alive using newly developed new type capabilities.moreless
    • Puru Two's Descent
      Puru Two's Descent
      Episode 36
    • The Sky is Falling!
    • Camille's Voice
      Camille's Voice
      Episode 34
    • Afternoon in Dublin
    • Beyond the Salt Lake
    • Blue Unit (2)
      Blue Unit (2)
      Episode 31
    • Blue Unit (1)
      Blue Unit (1)
      Episode 30
      The episode opens with Loux touching down in her Core Fighter, and going in search of oil in a nearby city. With the help of a local man, she manages to get past the guards. He tells her he's an actor, and saw potential in her, and leads her to an underground city, similar to those on earth in the 1990s. On the Ahgama, Puru is causing trouble as usual, but hints to Judau that Loux is in the city. They decide to refuel there before the final push northward. On the road, Gremmi is found by a group of MS, known as the Blue Team, of the North Africa Independence Forces, who want to get rid of the Franica (people who live in the underground city). They tell Gremmi that if he can get to the control room in the city, they'll help him. He goes there, but runs into Loux. He beats up the man she's with, and runs off with her into the city. He talks to her for a while, but is distracted by the fight between the Blue Team and the AEUG outside. Loux walks off in disgust, and exits the city in a truck packed with containers of fuel. The fight eventually goes to the AEUG, and the Blue Team's leader's Gelgoog is shot down. Puru says she can feel Loux in the city (where she's just left), and tells Judau. They all go to the city to find her. Later on in the evening, Gremmi and the rest of the team find the Gelgoog and the team leader, and he tells Gremmi he is the true leader of Zeon, and he should fight for the honor of the Blue Team.moreless
    • Runaway Roux
      Runaway Roux
      Episode 29
      Judau is still upset about the death of his sister, and stays inside his shuttle. Loux gets him out violently, despite Puru trying to stop her. In the end, she realizes she can't replace Lene, but will try to be like a sister to him. He seems consoled, for the moment. In the MS deck, Beecha and Mondo argue with Loux, but then she runs off in the Core Fighter. On board the Axis command ship, Haman tells Gremmi that she can handle the titans, and he should take care of the Kalaba Air Force before they can rendezvous with the AEUG. It seems that Team August, now lead by Gremmi, is not happy being under his command. The Ahgama receives a transmission about the impending attack on its base, and goes to help. Elle launches in the type-100, Beecha in the MkII, Yelai in the Core Lander, and Judau launches in the Core Base. Loux is also caught up in the fight which follows. Beecha uses Loux's Core Fighter as a shield, and is distracted by her, and gives the chance for Beecha to destroy the Bawwoo. Gremmi escapes, only barely, but Loux blasts off and leaves him in the middle of the desert. Judau and the rest manage to fight off the other teams, but can't pursue, as they need to put out all the fires in the city nearby. Judau blames himself for Loux leaving, but Bright tells him not to take it so hard on himself. The episode ends as Gremmi walks through the desert, and watches the Core Fighter fly off into the distance.moreless
    • Leina's Blood (2)
      Leina's Blood (2)
      Episode 28
      This episode continues where the last one left off. Inside the city, the battle is still raging, but the Core Fighter has been washed up onto the shore of an island. Puru and Mondo find it, and while Mondo goes to get the medicine, Puru leads away Lene. She ends up trying to kill Lene, saying that she already has a brother and a family, but she herself had nobody. Judau appears on the scene, and stops them fighting, saying that they're all siblings together. Puru seems to accept this, and offers to take care of Lene while Judau goes off to help his friends, who are valiantly defending them from Gremmi's forces.
      Judau gets the ZZ transformed, and also helps to defend the island against the reinforcements, Team August, several Dreissen suits, who don't seem to mind who they hit, friend or foe alike. Puru, realizes that Lene has a fever, and so goes to wet a handkerchief to cool her down. During the fight, Gremmi's escort, a woman in a Dowadge gets shot down, with the suit landing straight onto where Lene laid half asleep. It bursts into flames. Team August is overwhelmed by the AEUG, and they retreat, as does Haman's flagship, which is under pressure by the returning Ahgama. Judau rushes to the burnt out hut where Lene was, but there is nothing remaining apart from a burnt out shoe. Both he and Puru weep, but Loux tells him that they should go, because reinforcements from the enemy will be there any minute, throwing the shoe into the inferno, and telling him not to let her death be in vain. Puru tries to console him, "In future, I could be your Lene", but he slaps her away, and she starts crying harder.moreless
    • Leina's Blood (1)
      Leina's Blood (1)
      Episode 27
      The scene opens with the celebrations of Haman Kahn and several other officers, as well as Mineva Zabi in a procession down the street. It seems that the remains of the corrupt Earth Federation, Titans and Neo Zeon are all gathered to welcome Mineva Zabi. Elle sees this and recognizes Lene in the sea of faces, and reports to Judau. In the middle of the following night, he steals away in the Core Fighter, trying to rescue her by himself. Loux and Elle realise this, and follow him in the Zeta and Hyaku Shiki. They make a distraction outside the palace where the party is being held, and he manages to sneak in and find Lene. Unfortunately, Haman Kahn also is there, and senses his presence. She finds them, and shoots, hitting Lene in the stomach. Judau goes absolutely a-shit, and everyone around can feel his rage. Haman is terrified, and runs away, giving them a chance to escape in the Core fighter. As they evacuate, a giant airship appears, spewing out dozens of GM-III suits, which start destroying the enemy ms in the area. Unfortunately, with Lene's condition worsening, the Core Fighter is shot down in the middle of the ocean, far out from the city!moreless
    • Masai's Heart
      Masai's Heart
      Episode 26
      While the Judau goes to find water in the Core Fighter, Puru causes more trouble by using up all the water to cool herself off. This doesn't bode well, and she starts getting bullied by Loux and Elle, who are really wound up. Judau finds a woman in the desert who give him a bit of water, and says she'll lead him to the Oasis.
      However, they end up back where the MS are, and just in time, as Loux and Elle were going to bury Puru! She tells them to follow their shadows to get to the village where the water is. They do, but the villagers push them away. Judau and Puru go back to pick up the Core fighter, and see the woman go into a cave. It turns out, that she has a mobile suit, originally belonging to her dead husband. It's a Gelgoog S-type (which means her husband was an ace pilot!) , and although it's 8 years out of date, it gives the Hyaku Shiki, Mk-2 and Zeta a good beating until Judau shows up and combines to make the Zz. Again, the pilot makes a final suicidal attack, but this time, Judau rescues her in time.
      The episode ends with her sitting in the corner of a burnt out building, with the village elder telling someone that her heart died with the mobile suit, and she'll never be the same again.moreless
    • Rommel's Face
      Rommel's Face
      Episode 25
      The MS pilots of the Ahgama leave the relative safety of its position to find a way across the desert. In a small village, the Desert Rommel platoon has been waiting, biding their time for 8 long years since the One Year War. A Dozen or so fighters, all equipped with very customized desert Zakus, led by their Captain, who pilots a Customized Dowadge. They set up an ambush, and really lay the hurt down on the Zeta, but then the ZZ, Hyaku Shiki and Mark II find Judau and give him a hand, systematically destroying the troop. The captain can't believe that his 8 years spent training was totally destroyed by a boy, and goes in for a final attack. He obviously gets destroyed, and Judau can't understand why he did it, knowing he would die.moreless
    • Fraternal Love on the South Seas
      The weather takes a turn for the worst, as the Ahgama lands near the coast of Africa. Soon it's a raging storm. A lone sailing boat says that it will take the Ahgama to a safe place, for the price of $5000. For some reason, Judau escapes onto the boat during the money transfer, and becomes friends with the sailor, Teran. Unfortunately, he's unscrupulous about getting money to support him and his sister, and so leads the attack of an underwater squadron against the Ahgama. Judau tries to stop him, but fails. While this was going on, Puru found her way onto the core Fighter, and arrives just in time to rescue Judau. He successfully defeats all the Marine Suits, and convinces Teran that he should stop doing things like this. The boy agrees, and ploughs his Kapool into the Zeon's underwater base, jumping out at the last minute.moreless
    • Earth Ablaze
      Earth Ablaze
      Episode 23
      Judau wants to attack the Sandra fleet to get back Lene, so he goes out in the Zeta. He is ambushed by Elpe Puru, who has been brainwashed, and Gremmi. Loux launches in the ZZ, Beecha in the Hyaku Shiki, and Elle in the Mk2. Many Zssa Mobile Suit attack, but Loux tells Beecha and Elle to assist Judau, who's fighting the Qubeley, and let her take care of the Zssa. Zeta is having real trouble fighting the Qubeley, and so tries to reason with Puru - she almost accepts, but then pulls a gun and shoots Judau. Zeta escapes, but Gremmi accidentally hits Qubeley with his shots, causing her to tumble towards the earth. It starts to go into re-entry, but Judau rescues it in the Zeta, going underneath it. He tells her to destroy Qubeley's shoulders, to increase stability. Everyone descends into the atmosphere using Ballutes, and the episode ends when he sees Earth in all its vastness.moreless
    • Jude Sortie
      Jude Sortie
      Episode 22
      The episode starts with another Voice over - Judau tells us that the Ahgama is now in orbit of the Earth, and could be attacked at any time. We also see something being delivered to the ship, Quattro Bajina's Ms - the Hyaku shiki (Type 100). Bright and Mika are talking, and Mika tells us that AEUG's high command have ordered that the Ahgama destroys the Sandra before it reaches Earth with its main cannon. Beecha and Mondo suggest a plan to Judau, which is to attach bombs all around the ZZ, so the enemy won't attack, and he can get Lene back. However, when he goes to install the bombs, they laugh and tell each other they can't stand him being the hero all the time. Onboard the Sandra, Haman tells them to stop broadcasting Minovsky particles, that they should let the Ahgama come to its death. Various mean looking people are seen and Haman gives a speech to her men, then a dark-skinned man gets into an MS called the Dreissen, and goes to attack the Ahgama. The ZZ launches, and gets to the Sandra. Haman lets him aboard, and wants to personally take him to Lena. On the way she says that they're the same type of person, both new types, but Judau isn't interested, and Haman tells him that Lene isn't there. She tries to convince Judau that they're not enemies, and partially succeeds, until some guards come and interrupt. Meanwhile, outside the yellow Endra reveals itself and goes on a suicide run, but the Ahgama dodges. The captain of the ship, who's also the pilot of the Dreissen, tells them to reunite with the Sandra and its fleet, while he leads in the Dreissen. Judau finds his way back to the ZZ, and blasts his way out of the ship, but is ambushed by the Dreissen. With help from the gundam Mk2 and the Zeta gundam, he is able to defeat it, but the pilot ejects before the Mobile Suit explodes.moreless
    • Tearful Cecilia (2)
      Judau is having trouble telling Torres about Shila, so Elle blurts it out. Torres tells Judau to find the captain, but tells Shila he'll ask for leniency, if she's telling the truth about not taking photos.
      Goddon has a revelation about a plan to capture the Ahgama, and sets it into action (buying all the ships in the dock, and crashing them down on every exit in Granada). While Bright is talking to Chara about transferring to Granada, he gets a call about the approaching MS from the Endra - while he's distracted, Chara escapes to the Mk2, taking Shila hostage.

      Judau gets into the ZZ, but goes back halfway to get the Beam rifle so he can stop Goddon from attacking. The Mk2 gets stuck in a small passageway, and Torres finds it, he leaps off and wrestles Chara to the ground. Shila runs away, and he follows her, leaving Chara to Mondo and Beecha, but she leaps into a nearby car. But she ends up in the center of Anaheim Electronics. Shila is with Goddon, who gives her a briefcase, which is her bonus, and the papers she needs.

      Goddon's team start crashing ships into the ports, and Shila was just about to get onto her transport ship, but then she sees a car, assuming it's Torres', she goes back out of the queue. He asks her what she was thinking, and she tells him she's going, but she lied to the Neo Zeon about the port number the Ahgama was stationed at. Torres explodes: "So, are those people's lives worth nothing, then?" - Shila just starts mumbling and crying, and Torres slaps her and she runs onto the ship while Torres leaves in disgust.

      The ZZ gets out, and Goddon realizes where the Ahgama is, so he orders his troops to force the migration ship onto the Ahgama's port. They fight around it, but then Goddon orders his suits to retreat, because of the bomb he put in Shila's briefcase. Shila realizes this, and jumps out of the ship in a normal suit, but lands on a Axis MS. ZZ follows, realizing Shila is on it, but he can't catch up. the MS lands on Goddon's ship, and the bomb explodes, killing Shila, Goddon, and everyone on his ship.

      You see Chara on foot, still in Granada, and Torres on the bridge of the Ahgama tells Shila to be strong, and have a good time on the new colony, not realizing she's dead. The episode ends with Judau cursing himself for making a bad judgment.moreless
    • Tearful Cecilia (1)
      The episode opens with a voice-over from Judau. The Ahgama has been ordered to go to the Granada base. It shows the dock, with the Ahgama being repaired (yet again), by the moonbase crew. Bright lets his crew explore the city, but is reprimanded by a senior man by the name of Wong. Bright tells Wong that he's using pilots and soldiers as pawns, but Wong doesn't care. Wong tells Judau he shouldn't leave, and should repair his MS, but Judau fights back, knocking the old man down, and runs off with Elle into the city. They meet up with Torres and Mila, who are out having dinner. One of the waitresses is a timid young woman called Shila, who is a friend of Mila's. It turns out she also knows Torres.

      Outside Goddon and his cohorts pay a little boy, and start hatching a plan. Goddon gets very annoyed when they salute at him in the middle of the street. He gets Shila to come out, and bribes her with the offer of emigration via Von Braun and money if she'll be a spy. Elle and Judau overhear this, and Elle convinces Judau to set a trap for her, so that he'll be elevated in the eyes of Wong, who turns out to be the head of (something?).

      Beecha and Mondo go into the shop as well, and recognize the two of Goddon's friends. Unfortunately Mili calls out to them, and the two Neo Zeon officers start fighting with the boys. The officers escape, but Judau and his friends choose to follow Shila. Judau goes to tell Bright about all that has happened, but he overhears Wong telling Bright that Judau is useless, and shouldn't be used as the pilot. Judau goes off on one, and the three goys take matters into their own hands, launching the MS. Wong tells Bright to lock down the port, and not to believe Judau, but Bright believes in the boy, and opens it anyway, telling Wong that he doesn't understand.

      They fight with the Axis MS on the surface of the moon, and Judau uses his head-cannon to destroy the port from which the enemy operates from. Down below, Goddon tells Shila to take more photos; otherwise she'll die in the war. The Ms finish the job, but Wong doesn't believe that it was Judau's skill as a pilot. He defies Wong again, and tells him that if he doesn't like it, he should fight himself. Bright agrees, and tells Wong that these are the feelings of the whole crew.

      It cuts to a scene of Shila and Torres inside a relaxing room, and Torres offers to pay for Shila to emigrate, but she tells him it'd cost to much. She walks out, but Elle stops her, and tells Judau to explain. The episode ends with Judau stuttering on the first few words...moreless
    • Ple & Axis
      Ple & Axis
      Episode 19
      The episode starts with Judau trying to go onto Gremmi's ship, saying the ZZ is a gift. Gremmi doesn't believe him, and locks him away, despite Puru's protests. He interrogates Beecha, Mondi and Judau about Loux. Bright gets the Ahgama's cannon in range of Axis, and states that he'll give Judau 20 minutes before he fires. By this time, Haman and her ships are already going to Earth, hidden by Axis. Puru finds Judau and helps him escape, but he ties her up and goes by himself.

      He reaches the ZZ, but it's being taken by Beecha and Mondo. Gremmi sees the ZZ move, and assumes it's Judau, so he follows in his Bawoo. Judau frantically grabs onto the Bawoo's head, and gets into the ZZ when it falls over. Mk2 Appears, distracting Bawoo long enough for ZZ to transfer Beecha and Mondi to it. Gremmi goes to inflict the final blow, but then Qubeley appears and blocks the attack. Puru holds Lene hostage, and tells Judau that he'll have to fight for her if he wants her back, then blasts off. ZZ follows, and Bawoo follows them, leaving the Axis defense teams to take care of the Mk2.

      It cuts to ZZ and Qubeley flying through the colony, where they crash in a park. Judau begs Puru to let him have Lene back, but she says that he'll go away once she gives Lene over, she says she hates Judau, and goes ape-shit, releasing all the funnels, destroying everything in the city. Suddenly, Lene tells her to stop, otherwise Judau will hate her. The yellow glow around her stops, and the funnels drop to the ground. Judau uses this to try to reach them, but then Bawoo appears and carries the Qubeley off into the sky. ZZ pursues, and runs into the Mk2 and Zeta on the way out of Axis. He realizes that Bright is going to fire the cannon, and blocks the way, telling him of all the people inside. Zeta and Mk2 pull it out of the way, and Bright fires anyway, destroying the engine part.

      You see the Bawoo and Qubeley approach a blue version of the Endra, called the Sandra, and on the Ahgama, Judau, Beecha and Mondi are locked in the cell with Chara.moreless
    • Haman's Dark Shadow
      The episode starts with a wide view of the Axis asteroid. It zooms in, and Gremmi is being talked to by Haman. She tells him that the Titans are all but defeated, and the AEUG is very weak, and that she wants to personally accompany her troops on the Earth invasion. She also gives him control of the Psycho Gundam.

      Somehow, that fool Judau has managed to get onto Axis itself. It cuts to a scene of Elpe Puru in the bath, who thinks back to how her heart felt when she sensed the other pilot's spirit (Judau), and she laughs happily. Half dressed, she runs around Haman's palace, knowing that the pilot of the ZZ is there. She runs into Gremmi and Lene, but pushes him off and carries on running around shouting "puru puru puru puru, etc." She ends up in the commercial sector of the asteroid, which is very similar to a colony, and then find Judau and grabs onto his legs. They end up in a ice cream shop, and Puru gets all cute again, so Judau buys her an ice-cream and feeds it to her. Lene and Gremmi are also about, buying clothes, but Lene sees Judau and escapes, and runs into Beecha and Mondi, who want to go back to the Ahgama as well. They all team up and steal a car, and then steal the Bawoo!

      While all this has happened, Puru has lead Judau back to the Palace to get Lene, unaware that she's already been rescued by Beecha and Mondo. As he's there, Haman does a double take with her newtype powers "Char? No.. it can't be.. Then who is it?" . Puru goes for a bath, so Judau looks around by himself - he soon gets into trouble, and has to climb out of a window to escape, he falls, and lands on some roses. He looks around, and Haman is pointing a gun at him. She starts to interrogate him, but then the aforementioned Bawoo comes flying past, which Judau uses as a distraction to escape. He gets out of the palace, but still doesn't realize who's in the bawoo, so he gets into a truck and drives off. He gets into his Core Fighter to follow the yellow Endra-alike, assuming Lene is on it, but then Elpe Puru comes out in the Qubeley, asking him to come to her. Yelai and Elle reveal themselves, hidden inside asteroids. Puru insists she's just playing, but she's playing a very deadly game. ZZ manages to combine, and destroys a good deal of the Qubeley's funnels. Puru starts crying, and goes back to Axis, muttering that Judau is an idiot, and that Gremmi will make her feel better. Judau goes towards Axis again as well, to rescue Lene, telling Yelai to notify the Ahgama.moreless
    • Recover the Core Top
      The Episode opens with Judau, Chara, Qumu, Shinta and Elle all listening in to what Bright is saying to himself as the Ahgama leaves the La Vie En Rose. He discovers them, and Judau tells him that Mr. Miza (the guy from the supply ship) wants to see him on the MS deck). It seems that the Federation has decided to attack Axis, and so Miza is enlisting their help, as well as upgrading the Ahgama and it's MS. The other pilot from the ship subtly notes that if Lene was inside Axis, she'd die as well. They decide to test the Ahgama's new cannon on an abandoned space colony (where Goddon happens to be waiting in ambush). Chara finds Judau and 'asks' him to take her to Axis, he refuses, and they start fighting in the darkness. (the power has all gone to the charging of the main cannon) she gets to the MS deck and with Shinta as a hostage, gets into the Neo Core Fighter. Judau and Yelai follow her in the Core Base and Core Lander. She tries to destroy the Ahgama's main cannon, but Shinta manages to stop her. Goddon's troop attack the Ahgama, and don't realize that Chara is in one of the Fighters. Judau and Yelai manage to combine with the fighter that Chara is in, and they become the ZZ. Goddon and his escort retreat, but as ZZ is about to pursue, what appears? The Qubeley mark II ! O_O Piloted by a strange vacant looking girl, it releases dozens of funnels, which quickly surround all of the AEUG's MS. They attack, but not directly, firing toward the guns of the mobile suits. Bright recognizes it as a Qubeley, Haman's personal suit, and orders the main cannon to be fired. Qubeley Mk II.'s pilot senses the action, and moves out of the way just in time. The blast hits the abandoned colony, and destroys it in one hit. Judau is scared of its destructive power, and goes off to save Lene by himself with the Core Fighter before the Ahgama reaches Axis, and uses the terrible weapon.moreless
    • Ahgama Shootout
      Ahgama Shootout
      Episode 16
      The Ahgama won the fight in the Moon Moon Colony, but they sustained damage, so they return to the La Vie En Rose. Bright has a little bit of woman trouble with Emily, and it seems that Judau is having the same problem! On the other Zeon ship, Gremmi receives a transmission about a unidentified space ship, which turns out to be a supply ship carrying an unnamed MS to the Ahgama. It's captured, and the Neo-Zeon troops, under Goddon's command find out about it. The newly formed Endra Team, led by Goddon - sets a trap for the Ahgama, by transforming the Bawoo into MA mode and hiding it under the supply ship, they hope to deceive the Ahgama and destroy it. Gremmi tells them to stop, that they're too naive, which was why the Endra was shot down, but Goddon tells him that he'll take responsibility. Gremmi tells him that he won't come to the rescue. They reach the ship, and in the ruck which ensues, Goddon and Emily are blown out of a hole in the ship. Goddon captures Emily and they get into the Bawoo. The ZZ launches to intercept the Bawoo, which was trying to destroy the Ahgama's bridge. A short fight ensues, and the ZZ cuts off the Bawoo's arm. Because of this, it becomes erratic and hard to control. Goddon tells his subordinate to use Emily as a shield, but just as he does, the rest of the Endra Team who were attacking the Ahgama pile into the cockpit, and she escapes. Goddon wonders why Judau isn't attacking, and then escapes in the Bawoo. The episode ends with Judau saying he'll rescue Lene as soon as they've resupplied.moreless
    • Dreamland Colony (2)
      The ruler of the moon moon colony, Selasa tries to make Judau spread the word of the Race of Light. He denies, and slaps her. She reacts, and tries to put them in the dungeons, but they escape. Basically, they all go to their respective places, while Mondo, (previously known as Mondo) helps Lasala (the head of the rebels) get their got, Hoteyi, which is infact a mobile suit to work. She thinks that it'll convince the people of Moon Moon that the outside world isn't a great place to go. Meanwhile, Gremmi approaches on his ship, and blasts in to help the Endra, which is now under siege by the ZZ. He uses his new MS, the Bawoo, to take Lene from the Endra, then blasts off again, telling Judau that if he wants to see Lene again, he should exchange her for Loux.moreless
    • Dreamland Colony (1)
      Starts off with Bright Noah and the La Vie En Rose's deputy captain getting a little 'close' on the way to the bridge, and it turns out that both the ships have been surrounded by a large asteroid field. They get a mysterious message from a "Race of Light" and find it comes neither from nor to either the Ahgama or the Endra. Anyway, they need to refuel and repair, so they accept the offer to visit the colony, but only the Ahgama is permitted to go.
      When they enter, the area is swarmed with people, who take the mobile suits as gods, and try to attack them on foot. Elle tells Judau to "take it apart" himself.
      Elle, Astonage, Bright and others perform mock sadness as their gods are 'taken apart. Judau is kidnapped without notice midway, though. Inside the colony is very primitive, and their inhabitants primitive. Somewhere within, Goddon, Beecha, Chara and Mondo are sworn into service of the Moon Moon Colony. Chara decides to have a walk around, and is spotted by Judau and his kidnappers, and kidnapper herself.
      In the same place where Chara et al were sworn in, Bright and Emily (the deputy captain) now stand, and are ordered to swear allegiance. It seems the Moon Moon people want a ship to spread their creed, and the Ahgama and the Endra are their targets. A messenger comes into tell the old guy that Chara has been kidnapped, and Bright goes off on one. We see a silhouette against a curtain behind them, and a woman's voice.
      The rebels explain to Chara and Judau their situation.
      Onboard the Endra, Goddon is told of the capture, and tells Beecha to use Lene, since Gremmi is off getting a new MS. But Beecha is disgusted that Goddon wants to use a little girl as a shield, and wants to kill all the people surrounding the ship with poison gas.
      Judau plays on 'normal' Chara's vanity to get her to tell Goddon to stop using Lene as a shield, while Beecha somehow manages to get into the R-Jarja. The Gaza team that is Lene is with appears near the house that Chara and Judau are at, and Chara says she'll prove her beauty by getting Lene for him. She gets the attention of one of the Gaza C pilots and throws him out, getting into the cockpit. (oh dear...)
      Loux and Yelai launch from inside the Ahgama, which distracts Chara, who thinks they want to challenge her. R-Jarja falls out of the sky onto her Gaza, and Beecha is ordered to give it up to Chara, who happily accepts.
      ZZ combines and starts searching out Lene, but R-Jarja finds it, and they start to fight. Goddon orders the Gazas to retreat because of Chara's psychosis, and Judau is furious because he can't reach her, and Chara is still holding onto him. He drives the Mega Beam Saber into the spine of the R-Jarja, and in the first Newtype projection, tells Chara to get out, because it's going to explode. It does, and the escape pod hurtles into the air, far into the distance.
      The Moon Moon race start worshiping the ZZ, and Judau is proclaimed the savior of Moon Moon.
      He is granted an audience with the 'mystery woman', who bears a striking resemblance to the head of the rebels!moreless
    • For Little Sister
      For Little Sister
      Episode 13
      The episode opens with the vice-captain of the La Vie En Rose talking about the repairs, and that they can tow the Ahgama at high speed while repairing. Bright has a private meal with Judau's friends, and tells them to keep an eye on him, as he's worried that Judau will try to rescue Lene by himself.
      Judau is stopped by Loux, but he's just going to the toilet. Elle follows him, and he's got into a spacesuit, and is waving a pipe around. He tells her that he'll rescue his sister at any cost! His plan is spoiled though, when Bright also needs to use the toilet. He gives the suit to Elle, and pretends to be cleaning the floor.
      In the Ahgama's MS bay, Astonage, Mondo and the other one, all connect the pieces of the ZZ and turn it into MS mode inside the ship so they can work it out. But it turns out that they have ulterior motives, and want to sell the ZZ! Judau turns up, and tries to bust his way back into the ZZ, but is stopped by Astonage.
      On board the Endra, Gremmi is having a meal with Lene in a very posh furnished room, and is valiantly trying to teach her good manners and etiquette. Meanwhile, the Endra's MS deck, Chara decides to launch a raid. She loathes fighting, but realizes she has to do it. Goddon suggests getting Gremmi to do it, but it seems Haman has her eye on him, and Chara can't take the risk of losing him. She can deceive her heart into action, but her body won't move inside the cockpit - though with extreme force of will means she finally gets in. A change comes over her, and she goes semi-berserk, smashing control beams and wires off her MS and walking it to the doors.
      On the Ahgama, Judau is confined to a room, but a fiendish plan by Elle and Yelai means that he escapes! They all run to the MS bay, and Elle gets in the Mk II. while Judau gets into the ZZ - they both blast off towards the Endra (with Elle having a few hiccups in trying to control the Mk II) They are intercepted by Goddon in the Gaza and the psycho-Chara in the R-Jarja. She immediately starts firing as soon as she realizes it's the ZZ. She tells Goddon to release the asteroid mine now, despite it being for the Ahgama. Elle shoots of a beam into the 'net' of mines, which explode. Fearing for losing his position as deputy, Goddon attacks the ZZ with his Gaza.
      Onboard the Endra, Gremmi is ordered to take Lene onto the deck to use as a hostage, but only grudgingly accepts. He also assumes that because the Mk2's pilot is a woman, it's Loux, although in reality it's Elle. Far above the MS Deck, they watch the ZZ and MK II.
      Beecha and Muni suddenly reveal themselves hiding in one of the ZZ's corefighters, and disengage, causing the ZZ to revert back to its constituent craft. Elle quickly defends the MKII by shooting at the Gaza, which itself hits the remaining mines. Chara is distraught, and promises to demote Goddon as soon as they get back to their ship. The two fools are also trapped by the Endra, and the episode ends with Judau promising to rescue his sister.moreless
    • All's Well, Leina goes Missing
    • Start! Double-Zeta!
      Mashmer is marveling at the new additions to the Hamma Hamma, when he finds Chara Soon's MS - the R-Jarja, n a state of semi-assembly. Annoyed that she's manipulating him, he tells her she shouldn't have come. He steals that Dictaphone that Chara carries, but forgets to turn on the mic.
      Aboard the Ahgama, they're still catching those loose animals... Qumu and Shinta want to go back to Shangri-La to bring back Fa and Camille, and so Goddon convinces them to let him out. He ends up kidnapping Yelai (the innocent of Judau's friends) and leaves in the Core Fighter. Both Judau and Loux follow, but the CF crashes into an asteroid while Goddon is busy trying to put on his normal suit. Goddon lands sprawled on the asteroid, as the large form of the Hamma Hamma appears behind it. Mashmer lends him a Gaza-C , and they blast off.

      In close pursuit are the Zeta and Loux's MS, who find the CF is empty, with no sign of Yelai.

      Zeta feels the wrath of Mashmer's fully operational Hamma Hamma
      Mashmer and his team decide to attack the Ahgama, but he realises that Chara is following in the R-Jarja. She seems to be having trouble controlling it, and starts screaming in pain, that the suit is refusing her, and she's going to die. Mashmer just laughs it off, "Atore Shini" , literally "Then Die!" . The Ahgama realises that neither Judau or Loux are back, and so call for help from the La Vie En Rose.

      Yelai wakes up on a bed, aboard a high tech ship, which is the La Vie En Rose, accompanied by a young woman, the ship's deputy-captain. She shows him the MS bay, and the Neo Core Fighter, proclaiming that it's part of the new Double-Zeta Gundam, from Anaheim Electronics to AEUG.

      The fight is going badly for the Ahgama, and the Zeta is defeated by the Hamma Hamma's new weapon, a blast-off beam-cannon equipped shield! He rejects help from Loux, telling her he has no intention of dying!

      The Nagano-esque R-Jarja
      In the MS bay, the two traitors steal away in the reserve Core Fighter, but are quickly caught by Chara, who seems to be only in partial control of the R-Jarja. Judau has a break in his fight with Mashmer, and stops her from killing them. However, he is now trapped between the two deadly MS of Mashmer and Chara, the Hamma Hamma in front, and the R-Jarja behind. A short game of tennis ensues, then Chara grabs Zeta from behind, allowing the Hamma Hamma to destroy the Zeta's head with an attack from its new shield. Judau sees a corefighter behind an asteroid, and leaps from the cockpit.

      The first appearance of the Double Zeta Gundam
      Now Judau, Yelai and Loux are all in corefighters/ships. Chara grabs onto Mashmer's suit, hugging it, telling of how her soul is moving, moving through space. Again, Mashmer tells her to let go, and stop being stupid. Loux tells Judau that his corefighter is part of the new MS, and so Judau kicks out the two traitors (who were still lying unconscious in the 'footwell' of the fighter). Mashmer is a little baffled by this, but continues his pursuit. Loux tells Judau to pull the red lever by his leg, so he does, and a series of transformations occur, and all three MS join together to become the ZZ Gundam.

      Mashmer is still not impressed, and goes after it with his shield weapon. The speed and strength of the ZZ overwhelm him though, and he is driven back when his shield arm is blown away by the ZZ's twin cannons. Everyone is amazed by its strength, and even the traitors seem to be impressed.moreless
    • Sayonara Fa
      Sayonara Fa
      Episode 10
    • Jude in Space
      Jude in Space
      Episode 9
    • Furenal Bell Tolls Twice
    • Gaza's Storm
      Gaza's Storm
      Episode 7
    • Zssa Menace
      Zssa Menace
      Episode 6
    • Jude's Determination
    • Mashima's Passion
    • Warrior of Endora
    • The Boy of Shangri-La
    • Prelude ZZ
      Prelude ZZ
      Episode 1
      This is a clip show explaining the main plot and events from Zeta Gundam, and is made out of film from Zeta.