Gundam ZZ

Season 1 Episode 13

For Little Sister

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 24, 1986 on TV Tokyo
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For Little Sister
The episode opens with the vice-captain of the La Vie En Rose talking about the repairs, and that they can tow the Ahgama at high speed while repairing. Bright has a private meal with Judau's friends, and tells them to keep an eye on him, as he's worried that Judau will try to rescue Lene by himself.
Judau is stopped by Loux, but he's just going to the toilet. Elle follows him, and he's got into a spacesuit, and is waving a pipe around. He tells her that he'll rescue his sister at any cost! His plan is spoiled though, when Bright also needs to use the toilet. He gives the suit to Elle, and pretends to be cleaning the floor.
In the Ahgama's MS bay, Astonage, Mondo and the other one, all connect the pieces of the ZZ and turn it into MS mode inside the ship so they can work it out. But it turns out that they have ulterior motives, and want to sell the ZZ! Judau turns up, and tries to bust his way back into the ZZ, but is stopped by Astonage.
On board the Endra, Gremmi is having a meal with Lene in a very posh furnished room, and is valiantly trying to teach her good manners and etiquette. Meanwhile, the Endra's MS deck, Chara decides to launch a raid. She loathes fighting, but realizes she has to do it. Goddon suggests getting Gremmi to do it, but it seems Haman has her eye on him, and Chara can't take the risk of losing him. She can deceive her heart into action, but her body won't move inside the cockpit - though with extreme force of will means she finally gets in. A change comes over her, and she goes semi-berserk, smashing control beams and wires off her MS and walking it to the doors.
On the Ahgama, Judau is confined to a room, but a fiendish plan by Elle and Yelai means that he escapes! They all run to the MS bay, and Elle gets in the Mk II. while Judau gets into the ZZ - they both blast off towards the Endra (with Elle having a few hiccups in trying to control the Mk II) They are intercepted by Goddon in the Gaza and the psycho-Chara in the R-Jarja. She immediately starts firing as soon as she realizes it's the ZZ. She tells Goddon to release the asteroid mine now, despite it being for the Ahgama. Elle shoots of a beam into the 'net' of mines, which explode. Fearing for losing his position as deputy, Goddon attacks the ZZ with his Gaza.
Onboard the Endra, Gremmi is ordered to take Lene onto the deck to use as a hostage, but only grudgingly accepts. He also assumes that because the Mk2's pilot is a woman, it's Loux, although in reality it's Elle. Far above the MS Deck, they watch the ZZ and MK II.
Beecha and Muni suddenly reveal themselves hiding in one of the ZZ's corefighters, and disengage, causing the ZZ to revert back to its constituent craft. Elle quickly defends the MKII by shooting at the Gaza, which itself hits the remaining mines. Chara is distraught, and promises to demote Goddon as soon as they get back to their ship. The two fools are also trapped by the Endra, and the episode ends with Judau promising to rescue his sister.moreless

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