Gundam ZZ

Season 1 Episode 18

Haman's Dark Shadow

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 1986 on TV Tokyo
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Haman's Dark Shadow
The episode starts with a wide view of the Axis asteroid. It zooms in, and Gremmi is being talked to by Haman. She tells him that the Titans are all but defeated, and the AEUG is very weak, and that she wants to personally accompany her troops on the Earth invasion. She also gives him control of the Psycho Gundam.

Somehow, that fool Judau has managed to get onto Axis itself. It cuts to a scene of Elpe Puru in the bath, who thinks back to how her heart felt when she sensed the other pilot's spirit (Judau), and she laughs happily. Half dressed, she runs around Haman's palace, knowing that the pilot of the ZZ is there. She runs into Gremmi and Lene, but pushes him off and carries on running around shouting "puru puru puru puru, etc." She ends up in the commercial sector of the asteroid, which is very similar to a colony, and then find Judau and grabs onto his legs. They end up in a ice cream shop, and Puru gets all cute again, so Judau buys her an ice-cream and feeds it to her. Lene and Gremmi are also about, buying clothes, but Lene sees Judau and escapes, and runs into Beecha and Mondi, who want to go back to the Ahgama as well. They all team up and steal a car, and then steal the Bawoo!

While all this has happened, Puru has lead Judau back to the Palace to get Lene, unaware that she's already been rescued by Beecha and Mondo. As he's there, Haman does a double take with her newtype powers "Char? No.. it can't be.. Then who is it?" . Puru goes for a bath, so Judau looks around by himself - he soon gets into trouble, and has to climb out of a window to escape, he falls, and lands on some roses. He looks around, and Haman is pointing a gun at him. She starts to interrogate him, but then the aforementioned Bawoo comes flying past, which Judau uses as a distraction to escape. He gets out of the palace, but still doesn't realize who's in the bawoo, so he gets into a truck and drives off. He gets into his Core Fighter to follow the yellow Endra-alike, assuming Lene is on it, but then Elpe Puru comes out in the Qubeley, asking him to come to her. Yelai and Elle reveal themselves, hidden inside asteroids. Puru insists she's just playing, but she's playing a very deadly game. ZZ manages to combine, and destroys a good deal of the Qubeley's funnels. Puru starts crying, and goes back to Axis, muttering that Judau is an idiot, and that Gremmi will make her feel better. Judau goes towards Axis again as well, to rescue Lene, telling Yelai to notify the Ahgama.moreless

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