Gundam ZZ

Season 1 Episode 11

Start! Double-Zeta!

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 10, 1986 on TV Tokyo
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Start! Double-Zeta!
Mashmer is marveling at the new additions to the Hamma Hamma, when he finds Chara Soon's MS - the R-Jarja, n a state of semi-assembly. Annoyed that she's manipulating him, he tells her she shouldn't have come. He steals that Dictaphone that Chara carries, but forgets to turn on the mic.
Aboard the Ahgama, they're still catching those loose animals... Qumu and Shinta want to go back to Shangri-La to bring back Fa and Camille, and so Goddon convinces them to let him out. He ends up kidnapping Yelai (the innocent of Judau's friends) and leaves in the Core Fighter. Both Judau and Loux follow, but the CF crashes into an asteroid while Goddon is busy trying to put on his normal suit. Goddon lands sprawled on the asteroid, as the large form of the Hamma Hamma appears behind it. Mashmer lends him a Gaza-C , and they blast off.

In close pursuit are the Zeta and Loux's MS, who find the CF is empty, with no sign of Yelai.

Zeta feels the wrath of Mashmer's fully operational Hamma Hamma
Mashmer and his team decide to attack the Ahgama, but he realises that Chara is following in the R-Jarja. She seems to be having trouble controlling it, and starts screaming in pain, that the suit is refusing her, and she's going to die. Mashmer just laughs it off, "Atore Shini" , literally "Then Die!" . The Ahgama realises that neither Judau or Loux are back, and so call for help from the La Vie En Rose.

Yelai wakes up on a bed, aboard a high tech ship, which is the La Vie En Rose, accompanied by a young woman, the ship's deputy-captain. She shows him the MS bay, and the Neo Core Fighter, proclaiming that it's part of the new Double-Zeta Gundam, from Anaheim Electronics to AEUG.

The fight is going badly for the Ahgama, and the Zeta is defeated by the Hamma Hamma's new weapon, a blast-off beam-cannon equipped shield! He rejects help from Loux, telling her he has no intention of dying!

The Nagano-esque R-Jarja
In the MS bay, the two traitors steal away in the reserve Core Fighter, but are quickly caught by Chara, who seems to be only in partial control of the R-Jarja. Judau has a break in his fight with Mashmer, and stops her from killing them. However, he is now trapped between the two deadly MS of Mashmer and Chara, the Hamma Hamma in front, and the R-Jarja behind. A short game of tennis ensues, then Chara grabs Zeta from behind, allowing the Hamma Hamma to destroy the Zeta's head with an attack from its new shield. Judau sees a corefighter behind an asteroid, and leaps from the cockpit.

The first appearance of the Double Zeta Gundam
Now Judau, Yelai and Loux are all in corefighters/ships. Chara grabs onto Mashmer's suit, hugging it, telling of how her soul is moving, moving through space. Again, Mashmer tells her to let go, and stop being stupid. Loux tells Judau that his corefighter is part of the new MS, and so Judau kicks out the two traitors (who were still lying unconscious in the 'footwell' of the fighter). Mashmer is a little baffled by this, but continues his pursuit. Loux tells Judau to pull the red lever by his leg, so he does, and a series of transformations occur, and all three MS join together to become the ZZ Gundam.

Mashmer is still not impressed, and goes after it with his shield weapon. The speed and strength of the ZZ overwhelm him though, and he is driven back when his shield arm is blown away by the ZZ's twin cannons. Everyone is amazed by its strength, and even the traitors seem to be impressed.moreless

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