Season 1 Episode 24

Last Bullet

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2004 on
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We see Harry, walking through the now decimated remains of Ragnarok's laboratory, who stops to stare at the last standing pod where the OrgMen are grown. Flashbacks of the night previous occur, in that we see Grave running through the complex, shooting every OrgMan and piece of equipment in sight. Ragnarok watches on, horrified, realizing that, in the end, it was Tokioka who was the superior scientist. The city streets are now completely deserted, with the exception of Mika, who stands silent in the middle of a road. Bunji sits quietly on a set of steps overlooking the city, petting and talking to his cat. Harry is pacing within his home, stocking up on munitions while Sherry tries desperately to find out what all the commotion is about. Harry assures Sherry that nothing is wrong, and she looks into Harry's eyes and asks him to promise that he won't die before she does, leaving Sherry all alone in the world. Suddenly, their butler, Harrison, enters the room and draws a gun, apologizing to his master. However, before he can pull the trigger, the Overkills take him down, ever loyal to Bear's daughter. Meanwhile, several of the remaining board members of Millennion are disturbed by the news that their assassination attempt has failed, and thus they try and decide what to do about the OrgMen and Overkills under Harry's control. However, they have now convinced most of the undecided members to join them and they have an ex-employee of Ragnarok building them special anti-OrgMen weaponry. Biscoe, their apparent leader, tells the board to leave Grave alone in his actions. Harry and Sherry, protected within a cadre of cars, is suddenly attacked by men wielding automatic rifles and rocket launchers. This attack wipes out most of Harry's bodyguards, but a lone OrgMan protects Harry's car and gets him to safety. Grave, on motorcycle, reflects on a conversation he had with Mika earlier, in which Mika asks Grave is they are family, Grave smiles and responds "yes," and as Mika holds Grave closer, she realizes that his flesh is hardening and beginning to breakdown. As Grave walks from his motorcycle up the Millennion HQ's steps, in his midn he goes back to that scene, where Mika is begging and pleading Grave not to leave, to forget his revenge and just leave town with her. Grave tells Mika that the future means nothing for him, and as Mika breaks into tears again, Grave tells her she'll keep on living. Grave gives Mika a restrained punch in the chest, and Mika falls unconscious. Grave enters the HQ and, as a small cat runs past him, Bunji pans into view opposite Grave. Grave fires a shot into a Bunji's hand, but the hand simply regenerates. The two foes rush at one another. Harry takes Sherry to a hotel, promising to take down the Millennion members that have betrayed him. As Harry shares a kiss with Sherry, a ran with a gun runs into view, screaming Harry's name and firing wildly, taking down Harry's last remaining bodyguard. Harry pulls out his gun and shoots the man dead, only to find that a stray bullet has mortally wounded Sherry in the heart. With her dying breath, Sherry thanks her husband, and Harry cries out her name. Elsewhere, Grave and Bunji are shooting it out, with neither of their shots seeming to affect the other. However, Grave is suddenly stunned by his face beginning to crack open loses track of one of his guns. Bunji grabs Grave's gun and the two men stand there, both using Grave's powerful armaments and aiming them at one another. Two shots go out. Mika, seen leaning in a doorway, quietly with dead eyes, sings softly to herself as we're shown Harry driving down the road, Sherry's body leaning against his, a single tear rolls down from Harry's right eye. Grave enters Harry's office and sees the picture of their gang when they were kids. His right arm falls to the ground and shatters, likely being the place where Bunji shot him. And Bunji, slumped against a statue in Millennion HQ, smokes a cigarette as blue blood pours from his forehead. Bunji's cat runs up quietly to him just as Bunji fades to dust, leaving behind only Bunji's shades as the cat finally reaches him. The cat circles his master's shades once and moans.moreless

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    William Knight

    William Knight

    Dr. Tokioka

    Kirk Thornton

    Kirk Thornton

    Brandon Heat/Beyond The Grave

    Steve Kramer

    Steve Kramer


    Dave Mallow

    Dave Mallow

    Gary, Young Police Officer

    Michael McConnohie

    Michael McConnohie

    "Big Daddy" Asagi

    Lex Lang

    Lex Lang

    Bunji Kugashira

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      • Brandon/Grave: Sorry, Mika. The future has no meaning for me. I already died.
        Mika: No, you're not dead, you're not.
        Brandon/Grave: Mika, you're a strong child, you can go on alone.
        Mika: Grave...
        Brandon/Grave: Please understand, I need to go.
        Mika: No! No! No! Because... because... I love you! I love you... I really love you... I love... you...

    • NOTES (6)

      • Apparently, Grave walked into the Millennion HQ not expecting any more Superiors, thus explaining why he had to reload his gun with the anti-Superior clip.

      • This fight is fairly close to how the final fight between Bunji and Grave went in the original PS2 game. It was set in an underground church with large pillars, where Bunji had super speed and extremely powerful shells. And, just like the game, the anime's Superior form Bunji isn't visibly mutated in any way.

      • The cigarette Bunji holds in his mouth when Grave first runs into him in "Last Bullet" hasn't even been lit. This may be a sign to the audience that Bunji is no longer human, and can't enjoy anymore material pleasures. This also explains why Bunji was speaking to his cat in longing for a hot meal, as Bunji is likely filled with a hunger he can never satisfy again.
        However, this isn't quite concrete, as Bunji is seen with a lit cigarette in his mouth at episode's end, whether he's actually taking in any nicotine is up to speculation.

      • Grave knocks Mika out to stop her from following him and getting hurt. Plus, her emotional breakdown was hard on him, and he likely couldn't bear to face the poor girl anymore.

      • One of the board members mentions off-hand that they should worry about interference from rival gangs. Does this mean that there are so many not even Harry could destroy them?

      • Grave does not kill any of the scientists in Ragnarok's lab.

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