Guns of the Civil War

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Guns of the Civil War

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Guns of the Civil War is a three-part documentary series that examines the weaponry used in the American Civil War. The bloody battle between the Union and the Confederacy took many American lives over the 4 years, using a variety of weapons throughout. The war is referred to as the first modern war in history, with technological innovations of warfare springing up and being more advanced than their battle tactics. The mass production of war materials made it easier to equip the armies, and the innovations to the weapons themselves like rifling gun barrels, repeating firearms, and metallic cartridges made them more effective at killing. This series breaks the story up into three chapters, the first covering the stories behind the weapons used, the second chapter focusing on the struggle to find weapons during the heat of battle, and the third chapter introducing artillery weapons like the Gatling Gun and Howitzer. Watch and learn as the documentary series examines the American firepower on Guns of the Civil War.moreless

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