Season 14 Episode 7

9:12 to Dodge

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1968 on CBS

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  • Matt handcuffs his prisoner on a train ride with Doc and encounters a 'meddlesome woman' and the prisoner's gang in a shoot-out on the train.

    The sign at the railroad station reads: Bensonville, Kansas, "Matt and Doc are escorting outlaw Johnny August by train to" trial: a special train, but that because of the bridge over Signal Canyon burned the night before, the stagecoach passengers join "this" train, and include the "meddlesom woman", Elizabeth Devon who "harasses Matt and Doc Adams" saying that no man is "incorrigible", and as the Train #3 travels we see who Johnny's friends are "waiting along the line" and suspect who's part of their gang on the train, but it's not until Mrs. Devon starts gathering names for a petition protest against Matt's brutality of his prisoner, as seen by her, that we find out just who they are before the gunfight, taking her hostage, and the rest follows...

    * note: of a common denominator for two of the co-stars here: (1) Joanne Linville, of Santa Monica, CA, as a "Romulan" and; (2) Bobby E. Clark, of: ___________ as "The Gore", both in "Star Trek".