Season 19 Episode 15

A Family of Killers

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1974 on CBS

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  • One of the Most Boring Episodes I've Seen in My Life!

    Talk about an exciting premise! Matt and another marshal are on the trail of a family of killers who plan on hanging the marshal that's been after them for quite a while. It sounds like it would be an exciting episode, but what's wrong with it? For one thing, the villain family is dull as we don't really see what made the family that ruthless of a family to start out with. There was also an annoying subplot regarding a slave woman in the group that was way out of place. The climactic shootout was decently suspenseful and James Arness is once again James Arness, but other than that, it was a difficult episode to watch.
  • Smooth Watching Or An Annoying Experience?

    The episode is fine; it's the constant ads that's annoying, too frequent & too long. If there was a way that the ads could be phased out at will this would be a dynamite site.