Season 15 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1970 on CBS

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  • Bank robbers try to "take" some folding money out of the bank, but instead, they teach the bank teller, by "giving" him his early retirement: not any R.I.P., but a different life, with meaning, for he and his wife.

    Three bank robbers (a smooth talking Jake, claiming to be a cattle buyer from Abilene, Nix on a "Wanted Poster", and Tom, the son of a "dirt scratcher"/farmer who taught him how to play the harmonica) get into the vault but are foiled by the teller. While at their campfire one of them reads in the newspaper brought by Nix of the heist being: $5000 stolen, and so back they go to visit Albert and his wife at their place in town and across from the saloon where Kate used to work, because Albert has the folding money in his coat pocket, taken for a better life for he and his wife, since the bank manager told him that after 15 years there, the main office in Chicago is replacing him with a younger man. Albert offers the $5000 to the robbers to leave but they refuse "charity", insisting that before Albert's last day on the job, that he help Jake and Tom clean out the vault, with no "tricks" or else as Jake put it: it'd be his last day on earth, and that for his wife, Kate too, their last victim now wearing a halo.

    Their hold-up at Albert's place until that Saturday robbery, brings "in" the Marshall to question Albert, and brings "out" the worst of Nix, but helping to prove Albert's courage to his wife then, and being an "honest and trustworthy man" later because although he throws back the $5000 when Matt guns down Jake during the second robbery, Albert later confesses to have taken the currency the first time, but the bank manager already knowing that and offering him his job back anyway: and all the way to branch manager someday, is refused by Albert thinking to get some dirt under his fingernails, as Tom said to Albert earlier, not necessarily real dirt, but a better outlook on life.