Season 20 Episode 19

Brides and Grooms

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 1975 on CBS

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  • After the hillbilly boys find themselves some women, their Pa decides it's time for marrying.

    This is a rather goofy continuation of the episode where Hanna and some girls are kidnapped from the Long Branch by a bunch of hillbilly's looking for wives. Harry Morgan is very funny as the drunken Pa who wants the boys married off so they'll get back to working the farm. To get them all married at once they go to a "picnic" where the "circuit preacher" is doing baptisms and marriages. While waiting to get married the boys meet a man who knew one of the girls from Texas which starts a fight. The preacher gets his teeth knocked out and in the end doesn't marry them so they all leave and have to wait till next time. No Matt or Festus and Doc but still an entertaining, silly show.