Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1961 on CBS

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  • Poor Chester risks it all for a woman he hardly knows.

    Chester has arrived with a young woman asleep in the stagecoach, and he intends to make her his bride. He needs sustinence and a place to set down roots, so he buys a piece of barren land that most people wouldn't take for free, and intends to farm it. This requires long hours, so he quits working for Matt to devote all his time to his "farm". For every step he takes forward, he takes two steps back. Finally he is informed that his intended has withdrawn all the money they shared, and left. The next morning when Matt arrives at the office he finds Chester there, sleeping. Chester wakes up and starts his mean cup of coffee and gets to work, all as if he'd never been gone. Matt is clearly sympathetic and tries to talk to him about it, but Chester would rather not. The look on Chester's face as he takes a sip of coffee is about the saddest you'll ever see. One more reason I'm kind of partial to this episode is because this is the first one to air after I was born.