Season 9 Episode 23

Comanches Is Soft

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 1964 on CBS

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  • I am a lifelong Gunsmoke fan. I was born in 1953, grew up watching original and rerun episodes like clockwork, and realize times have changed. But this episode is unbelievably offensive, and anyone familiar with domestic violence issues--as I, an attorn

    This is the story of a woman\\\'s attempt to escape a huge, brutal husband who occasionally beats her to underscore his dominance. He is so big and strong he simultaneously thumps Quint and Festus. His victim winds up helping him in the fight, and laughing about going back with him, explaining that he doesn\\\'t always whup on her--as if that makes even one whupping from this behemoth anything less than a major crime.

    Ask any expert on domestic violence. This episode teems with stereotypes which have terribly warped public perceptions of battered women through the decades.