Season 7 Episode 24


Aired Unknown Mar 17, 1962 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In a crane shot, the camera is looking down through the branches at Dean Beard riding towards the tree. The branch that will break off and fall is dead center of the scene. You can clearly see the rope or cable the FX crew has attached to the branch.

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  • Notes

    • For the Matt and Kitty fans, there is a "Matt Moment" in this episode. I hadn't realized it, but as early as 1962, the writers were suggesting a relationship between the two. Late in the episode, Matt walks in the saloon, stops, and stands behind Kitty who is playing solitaire at one of the tables. Matt reaches down and takes a card off the stack and plays it (Kitty had obviously missed the move) and she gives him stern look. Matt sits down at the table and Kitty continues to play solitaire. Matt reaches over and makes another play that she may have seen, if he had given her time. She gives him another stern look but he doesn't react at all. The short scene shows them acting mighty familiar with each other.

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