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Chester and Doc sing!

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    Can anyone tell me the name of the episode where Doc and Chester sing "Goin down the road with a pack on my back, pack on my back, pack on my back." It was from season 8 or 9 and was just played on Encore westerns not long ago. I really enjoy the episodes where Chester and Festus sing, butI think Dennis Weaver was a better singer than Ken Curtis.

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    The episode you're looking for is "Uncle Sunday" (Season 8, Episode 14 -- originally aired 15_Dec_62). Clocked from the start of the episode, Chester begins to sing his "Walkin' Down the Road" song for Doc at 00m:40s. Then the two of them begin their duet at 02m:30s into the show.

    Here's the basic plot outline:

    Uncle Sunday

    Chester gets a letter and asks for a raise. The letter's from Uncle Sunday Meechum from Waxahatchie, Texas. Chester wants money to send him to California. Chester goes to work for Quint. Chester catches Quint's place on fire. Quint says he can't afford him. Chester's next job is with Mr. Jonas, then Dan Binney. Burt Curry offers Chester easy money until he finds out he works for Matt. Sunday arrives and introduces his niece Ellie. Chester asks his uncle what he's doing there. Just visiting. Burt wants to meet Ellie at midnight. After dinner Chester asks to meet Ellie later. Burt and Chester are both waiting for Ellie. When she comes Burt leaves. Chester leaves and sees Burt go to Ellie. Chester hears Sunday and Ellie are going to rob the bank. She's dumping Sunday for Burt. Chester tries to get Sunday out of town for the night. He won't go. Chester tells Sunday that Ellie has thrown in with Burt. Mr. Botkin lets Sunday and Ellie into the bank. Sunday pulls a gun. Ellie takes the money. While Sunday is tying Botkin up, Ellie meets Burt. She gives him the money. He rides off leaving her behind. Chester takes Ellie to jail. Matt's waiting for Burt. Sunday was helping his nephew.

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