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    I haven't posted about this in a long time. Those of you new to the board this year, probably won't even know what I'm talking about. Alot of people lost interest after Gunsmoke reached the TV Vote Hall of Fame last year. Daily # of votes has dropped off since.

    Anyway, the TV Vote website will be coming to a close soon. It was started as a hobby by an individual in 2001 and he's finally tired of running it. When folks on this board discovered the site in January 2006, Gunsmoke had less that 30 total votes. It now has over 300,000 votes and has been in 4th place for over a year. This poll is about dedicated fans--dedicated enough to keep voting every day for years to compete with other shows. There are no other ramifications for the poll--it's all in good fun for the fans. Although, the poll has brought heightened awareness to the shows on the list all over the internet. When the poll reaches 10 million total votes, it will close. It currently has 9.2 millions votes, so it should reach 10 million around Labor Day.

    So, let's circle the wagons one more time and have one final big push for votes for Gunsmoke. It's possible that Battlestar Gallactica could take the 4th place spot away from Gunsmoke before the poll closes, as it is now only 14,000 votes behind. You can vote once per hour, spread the word to anyone who would be willing to vote for Gunsmoke. Here's the link for voting:

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