Season 17 Episode 12

Gold Train: The Bullet (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1971 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • My only nitpick is, what does Dodge do when all the real law is out of town? Newly, Festus, and Matt are all absent leaving Burke in charge. I'd be very afraid if I was Dodge.

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    • Festus: Doc?
      Doc: Festus How are you?

    • "Humph, seventeen years ago this month. I'll never forget that first day as long as I live. It was raining, I was cold and hungry and miserable. When I stepped off that stage coach and saw all those ugly buildings and all those muddy streets, I hated Dodge City. I was down to my last forty dollars, and it couldn't have taken me much further, but you couldn't have paid me to stay in Dodge. I waded over to the cafe and was hurrying through breakfast so I could get back on the stage and a man came in. He sat down across the room from me. He was the biggest man I have ever seen in my life, and he also ate the biggest breakfast I'd ever seen in my life. He was so busy polishing off all those eggs and ham and biscuits he didn't even notice me. But, I noticed him. I noticed him so much that I decided to stay for a while. And stay I did. Despite of the fact that I found out that the big man wore a big badge, and he didn't think he had any right to get involved in any kind of permanent relationship. Oh we really fought some battles about that. Seems to me that I left three or four times just swearing up and down that under any circumstances was I gonna see him or his damned badge again. But, I always came back, and once he even came to get me. Well, here we are, after seventeen years and that's got to be the longest non-permanent relationship in history. But I wouldn't change one day of it. Not one day," Kitty to Matt thinking he was asleep on the table.

      "I noticed that day Kitty, I noticed," Dillon who really wasn't asleep.

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