Season 17 Episode 14

Gold Train: The Bullet (3)

Aired Unknown Dec 13, 1971 on CBS

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  • Conclusion to this 3 parter. Matt loses all feeling in his legs after reaching for a gun to kill one of the outlaws.

    In the finale to this three parter while most of the gang is out after Festus and Newly, the Pinkerton man's prisoner tells on of the gang that Matt Dillon is in the back of the train injured. He goes to the back to kill Matt but Matt and reached a gun and kills him first. Doc and the rest overpower the other gang member and they start trying to get the train ready to roll. However because Matt moved to reach the gun he has lost all feeling in his legs. Doc still doesn't want to operate but after talking with the priest finds faith enough in himself to try. Finally Doc gets the bullet out but after Festus and Newly return to the train so does the rest of the gang. Finally the train gets moving but Sinclair (the leader) and one other get on the train. When Sinclair finds out Matt is onboard, he goes to kill him but even in his condition and flat on his stomach Matt is still quicker to the draw and kills Sinclair. During this episode Kitty has time to sit with Matt who she thinks is asleep and reminisces about coming to Dodge for the first time and her first encounter with Matt. When she is through Matt tells her that he noticed her too.