Season 20 Episode 20

Hard Labor

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1975 on CBS

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  • This is a wonderful episode that had me at the end of my seat. The impact of this episode is so great.

    This is one of the last episodes of Gunsmoke and might be the last great episode. This episode told an amazing story about how Matt Dillon shoots a criminal at the begging and is found guilty of murder. The town sends him to work in an underground mind for the rest of his life. There he meets some great characters that were also put in the mine for no real reason. Matt Dillon tries to escape is sent in a whole for a week. Barley coming out alive he tries again with the help of an ex-slave he and a few of his friends try to escape. The leader of the town is outside when Matt Dillon escapes and is shot. The whole time they were escaping was so exciting not knowing if they would run out of air. This episode is a must see and tells a great story.