Season 15 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1969 on CBS

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  • Great drama that tears at your heart.

    This eposide is great. It shows vividly a woman's struggle to accept her half-breed son she had as a result of rape (it is only stated "I don't know who was your father) by a Indian. Hawk is a good citizen trying to get rid of any Indians causing trouble and is respectable to white people except his own mother. When he comes unexpectedly with Festus who accepted her daughter's invitation for breakfast he is turned away but he returns back wounded. Her daughter accepts to help him and play the moral character with great lines (He is a human being not a dog) reflecting 1969's demand for compassion and justice for all and putting her with a few others aheads of the 1800s. She finally breaks down and hugs Hawk saying she cannot have him go out to sacrfice himself for her other son Amos who was kidnapped by the same Indians who want Hawk. She then says "I am sorry" implying she is sorry for leaving Hawk when she was freed. This show alludes to a lot by little said and is written greatly to make you think.
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