Season 1 Episode 2

Hot Spell

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 1955 on CBS

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  • Hot spell is kinda out of charcter episode

    Hot Spell is a episode about a out of towner who is accuse of stealing one of the citenzs horses. When he is proven inncent matt dillon has no choice but to let the guy leave town at the end.

    The reason i gave this episode a poor rateing is becose matt dillon seem to me a bit out of charcter in this episode. I can understand matt defending the Ex con guy up untill he shoots the other poker card player guy. Shure the poker card player guy may have cheated but shund't the marshal lock the guy up for killing another person or something like that. I mean the residents of dodge city allredy want to hang the guy for a crime he didn't comment in the frist place and up and till that point in the episode matt had nothing on the guy. Then on top of that the ex con guy keeps telling matt dillion that he has the hots for kitty. I just don't understand why dillion just didn't lock the guy up on some kinda murder charges. Then at the end of the episode matt dillion lets the guy just get on his horse and get out of town like nothing ever happen. I don't kown about you but i think matt is a little out of charcter in this episode.