Season 7 Episode 10

Indian Ford

Aired Unknown Dec 02, 1961 on CBS

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  • Starts off a bit slow, but when Spotted Wolf comes into the picture things liven up. Fun early 60's stereotypes abound...

    The outdoor locations are great. Shadows are almost non-existent due to the cloudy day. The slight wind on some shots adds to authenticity. Some fake sets show, like trees casting abnormally long shadows. Mary is a little too dramatic, and cultured. It would have been more believable if she had been the daughter of a cattle baron instead of a simple commoner, who sold everything he had to get her back. You wonder about her relationship with her father with her decision to return to the Indians. After sitting through the whole story, to have Spotted Wolf put down by the Cavalry after Matt was going to allow Mary to return to the Indian, well, it was a slight buzz kill.