Season 14 Episode 1

Lyle's Kid

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1968 on CBS

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  • A good "Gunsmoke" story that mines relationships and grey values rather than good vs. evil.

    An aging lawman expects his farmer son to avenge the injury he suffered long ago.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of "Gunsmoke" and mainly for the simple but ironic story. Stealing most of the scenes is Charlotte (Considine) Stewart, who always seemed to do her best work on this show. She does a good job showing innocence at the same time that she has some steely resolve behind it all. Her courtship scenes here are sweet and the writing gives them enough time to develop.

    What I particularly enjoy about this installment is the family drama, the relationship of father and son, and the ultimate surprise that the vengeance could have no meaning as the original villain is so old and enfeebled he has no memory of his original act. Adding to the production are the usual comedy bits for Festus (he catches the wedding bouquet), Kitty (always advising young women on relationships), and Newly (who often seems to have to supply guns or ammunition to characters that intend to use them wrongly). Also nice is the fact that there are a lot of real outdoor shots, rather than soundstage scenes.

    A good story in the 60s drama format.
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