Season 1 Episode 1

Matt Gets It

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

In this episode Matt meets a man, Dan Grat who is faster than he. Grat shoots and kills the Texas lawman who has come to arrest him for murder. Matt steps in to arrest Grat for resisting arrest and killing a lawman. Grat being faster shoots Matt twice. While recovering Matt hears from Kitty that Grat has killed again but it's how he goes about it that interests Matt the most.After Doc patches Matt up, he must walk to him to get him healthy again. Matt now healthy goes to face Grat again and everyone fears that this time he will be killed. Not to be because Matt has discovered that Grat needs to be close to his victims because though he is fast he is not accurate. So Matt faces him down in the Dodge House and this time it is Marshall Dillon who walks away.