Season 7 Episode 3

Miss Kitty

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1961 on CBS

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  • Kitty and a boy stay with friends. Friends in Dodge try to solve the mystery of the boy and Kitty's whereabouts. Kitty explains Thad's parentage and the boy's father tries to take the boy . Kitty shoots Tucker Farren and brins the boy back to Dodge

    The Miss Kitty episode showcases Kitty\'s independence and take charge personality. The mystery of Thad\'s true parentage holds the viewer\'s attention and Matt\'s attention to the very end. This is great writing. Amanda Blake does some fine acting in this episode. The look on Matt\'s face when Kitty introduces Tucker Farren\'s son is priceless. This is a great episode for \"Miss Kitty\" fans.