Season 9 Episode 6

My Sister's Keeper

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

After losing his wife, Pete Sievers drinks to forget and loses his farm. Chester finds him beaten in the streets after a drinking binge and takes him back to the marshal's office. Matt gives him a strong piece of advice about making an effort to live his life in a way his wife would have wanted and Pete makes the effort to sober up.
Pete takes a job on the Schuler farm after Kitty vouches for the quality of his character to Nell Schuler. Nell's sheltered younger sister Leah falls in love with Pete but Nell will not permit the relationship, which she labels as improper since he is the hired hand.
After a night on the town, Pete returns to the Schuler farm to find Leah waiting for him. She kisses him and he tries to send her back to her room. Leah goes only after Pete points out that Nell will fire him if they're caught.
Unnoticed by Leah, Nell witnesses her return from the barn and guesses who she is with. She arranges a confrontation with Pete in the barn on Sunday night so she can accuse him of having ruined the girl. She shoots and kills him.
Leah refutes her sister's version of the killing and Matt arrests Nell for murder. Leah is left behind to sort out her own life.