Season 17 Episode 16

No Tomorrow

Aired Unknown Jan 03, 1972 on CBS

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  • An epsiode had all the signs of frame ups and railroad justice. An innocent person is railroaded to jail for horse stealing. Brantley and his boys pulled a fast one.

    A husband ends up heading to prison for life. He was found guilty of horse stealing. The only reason: Mr. Brantley and his crew set him up for a fall in order to free his son from a significant amount of gambling debts. The wife subsequently ends up with the baby herself. The husband's self-esteem and dignity have been compromised to the point where he ended up being the fall guy in prison.
    The prison warden ended up being stabbed in a fight. Thw prison staff claimed the husband had killed him in a premeditated way; just the opposite -- it was the older gentleman. The wife and the baby end up seeing the husband later in the show. They both hold up Festus Haggen at gunpoint -- albeit in a justified manner for a crime he did not commit in prison.
    The irony: the husband would likely end up facing an escape charge after fleeing from the Kansas State Prison in the episode titled "No Tomorrow." Any Questions? This episode would be useful to see on TV Land.
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