Season 10 Episode 18

One Killer on Ice

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 1965 on CBS

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  • "Pappy was a gambling man"

    "One Killer On Ice\" was one of the episodes selected for Volume II of the Gunsmoke 50th anniversary edition. I don\'t know exactly why, but I have been watching it about once a week and haven\'t gotten tired of it yet. The troubled actor John Drew Barrymore, son of John Barrymore, nephew of Lionel and Ethel Barrymore, and father of Drew Barrymore, guest stars as Anderson, a bounty hunter and former sheriff who quit his job to go where the real money is. He is in town to get Matt\'s help bringing outlaw Gabe Sturney, who is with Anderson\'s partner at a shack two days\' ride from Dodge, back to town to collect a $5,000 bounty. What he doesn\'t tell Matt is that Sturney and Anderson\'s partner are both dead, and brought Matt over just to identify the body, all that was necessary to collect the reward. Anderson\'s deception does not sit well with Matt, especially after the two were engaged in a shootout at a relay station, run by Owney Dales, with a gang led by Sturney\'s brother, Billy (played by a young Dennis Hopper), who was killed in the shootout. Dales\' daughter, Helena, who already hated Anderson and now holds a grudge against Matt, was Billy\'s lover. After firing several missed shots at Matt back in Dodge, she explains that Sturney and Billy never even got a shot off when they were caught by Anderson and his partner, leaving Matt to suspect Anderson in his partner\'s death, resulting in a final showdown.

    Anderson at first comes off as a quite likable guy, and uses his fast gun to help Festus out of a scrape early on, a sophisticated type of hero. This makes it sad to learn what he\'s really like, but adds to the drama.

    One minor thing I couldn\'t understand is why Matt didn\'t check Sturney\'s gun sooner. But, heck, if he had done that, the episode wouldn\'t have been nearly as enjoyable!
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