Season 17 Episode 15

P.S. Murry Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 27, 1971 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the very last scene, as the camera pans the street outside the Long Branch, it's obviously a still shot. The snow is falling, but everything else, including the horses, are completely stationary.

  • Quotes

    • Festus: This (telegram) here's from the most fearsome outlady there is.
      Doc: Outlady?
      Festus: That's a she-male word for outlaw. The Reverend Marple told me that his own self.

    • Kitty: Merry Christmas, Cowboy.

      Matt: Merry Christmas, Kitty.
      - Matt & Kitty, just before THE KISS

  • Notes

    • Titus Spangler writes a note for Emma Grundy which reads "Dear Miss Grundy I.O.U 7 orphans. Titus Spangler". Then he writes into the wooden table "P.S. Murry Christmas".

    • Jack Elam, who portrayed Titus Spangler, was credited with a Special Guest Appearance.

    • This episode is loaded with future stars. Erin Moran (Happy Days), Willie Aames (Eight is Enough) and Jodie Foster (you name it, she's done it).

    • This is the one and ONLY time you'll see Kitty kiss Matt Dillon. It's on the cheek, but there in the Long Branch with cups of eggnog in hand, she forgets herself for a moment and plants one right on the cheek. He doesn't mind it a bit. P.S. Murry Christmas Gunsmoke fans...

  • Allusions

    • When Doc asks for Mary and Patricia's family name, the girls stammer a bit, then Mary answers, "Brady". This is probably a reference to the show, The Brady Bunch, then in its third season. Todd Lookinland, who portrayed Jake in this episode, is the brother of Mike Lookinland who portrayed Bobby Brady in The Brady Bunch.

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