Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1961 on CBS

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  • Perce McCall is an ex-con, who helps save Matt's life; the two become friends, but while Matt is away, Perce and rancher Hank have words over Ida Poe and Perce accidently kills the un-armed Hank (he thought he had a gun!); Perce waits for Matt to return.

    The hour-long, black & white episodes of Gunsmoke are some of the best written shows that were ever on televison. I am a sucker for an outlaw who turns honest and gets friendly with the local lawman; Ed Nelson/Perce McCall is likeable and has character (he won't cheat at cards or rob a stage to get money for the woman he "thinks" is worth it), so, it's unfortunate when he kills the unarmed Hank (who isn't likeable at all) mistakenly thinking he was calling him out and therefore, armed. The part at the end, when Matt ask Perce why didn't he run and he responds with, "I couldn't run from you, Matt" and draws first, knowing that Matt is fast enough to kill him (he didn't want anyone else to do it) gets me misty-eyed every time (the harmonica music only adds to the sadness and waste of it all).