Season 18 Episode 19

Quiet Day in Dodge

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

After being up for almost 2 days straight, Matt brings a prisoner back to Dodge at first light. He then tries to get some sleep but a series of events prevent that from happening. First Festus comes in with catfish to skin then Miss Pry (Margaret Hamilton) brings in a boy who's family accidently left without him. Then Matt has to take his prisoner to see the judge but before he can the man stabs Matt in the arm with a fork during a fight. The boy (Andy) is a trouble maker who locks up Festus with handcuffs. Kitty, who's still angry at Matt, has to call him over to the Long Branch to stop a fight. They make up and agree to have dinner later at Kitty's. Meanwhile the Andy sets Burke on fire then locks Miss Pry in Burke's new safe. Matt is summoned to help get her out again interupting his sleep. Matt gets Miss Pry out and decides to finally lock the boy in jail so he can get some sleep. Andy keeps making noise and Matt decides to tan his hide. As he is about to go get some sleep the boy's parents return with the rest of their brood who are worse than the Andy. Matt tells his father to take a firm hand to a firm behind. Now with relatively no sleep Matt goes to Kitty's for dinner and winds up falling asleep.