Season 9 Episode 7

Quint's Trail

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

A family gets stranded in Dodge City when a con artist takes the $3000 meant to get them to Oregon. When Neff reports the theft, Chester decides to head up a wagon train and act as their guide.
When Matt finds out, he expresses doubts about Chester's ability to do so. He talks with the Neffs and recommends Quint for the job. Matt then turns his attention toward finding the con artist. Chester obtains a lead from the stable owner and decides to follow it by himself.
Chester returns to Dodge City with the con artist and the money, which he wants to give to Neff directly.
On the trail, Neff's daughter develops an infatuation with Quint. When Quint rejects her, she tells him she killed a man as an implied threat. In the morning, she has run off and Quint must search for her. He lectures her about playing fast and loose with men. When they arrive at their destination, she reconciles with him and thanks him for giving her something to think about.