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  • Oh boy, bummer we only have five channels to chose from!

    Festus and Kitty, these two people alone were enough to make you puke! This show really stunk! Ok, relax all you old geezers, you have to realize there was nothing else on T.V. back then. I know you want to relive your past but just admit it, this show was lousy! The only reason I didn't give it a zero was because James Arness was a true monster of a man and one feared dude! But man, that Festus was he a lousy actor or what! He always looked like a slob! Every commercial and every episode he always managed to be out in the dirt street winding up some rope into a circle. Ugh! To this day I can't get that image out of my mind, it torments me! That goofy loser winding that rope just past the water trough....ahhhh!!!!!! Oh, and that miss Kitty. Oh yuck! That goofy dot on her face, that drove me nuts! Was that supposed to be sexy? NOPE! Let's face it guys, Ginger did it for awhile but most men choose Mary Ann because of that freakin' dot! haha With cable there's no reason to watch this show. Period. Ok, if your last name is Arness or you have Altsheimers, five minutes at the most!