Season 16 Episode 4

Sam McTavish, M.D.

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • So how come Dr. Sam can cure everybody else that gets the same contagious disease in this episode, but the she herself dies from it?

  • Quotes

    • "Sam McTavish, M.D. You Bet. You bet." Doc at the end of the episode while looking at her sign that was hanging outside.

    • "Old Doc's been skiddery here lately." Festus on Doc's recent behavior.

    • "It's like they say, four heads is better than none." Festus to Miss Kitty, Matt and Dr. Sam when Dr. Sam's invited to dinner.

  • Notes

    • Doc gets engaged to Dr. Sam in this episode.

    • There is a very touching scene at the end of this episode when Doc returns to town a few days after Dr. Sam's death. Matt, Festus and Miss Kitty stand staring at their long time friend hurting inside at his loss. This is classic TV at it's best!

    • The soft side of Doc is seen in this episode. Even though he seems rough on the exterior, the huge heart of this man comes out in this outsatnding episode.

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