Gunsmoke - Season 1

CBS (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • Alarm at Pleasant Valley
    While on the way back to Dodge, Matt and Chester discover a homsteading family fleeing Pleasant Valley, which is besieged by Indians.
  • Unmarked Grave
    Unmarked Grave
    Episode 38
    On a stage heading for Dodge Sheriff Darcy has a heart attack while guarding a murderer, Blackie. Mrs. Randolph is looking for her son Whitey. Matt tells her he was shot by a deputy two years ago. Darcy brings the kid in to Matt. He shot the cashier in a bank robbery in Caldwell. Mrs. Randolph fawns over the kid. Tasca Sloan and his gang, who the kid rode with, ride into town. Matt takes the kid to the Dodge House. Randolph tries vainly to try to help the kid escape. In the morning Blackie breaks a window to let Tasca know where he is. Matt heads for the train with Blackie. Mrs. Randolph follows. Tasca shoots Blackie. Matt shoots Tasca. Matt's wounded. The rest of the gang bite the dust. Mrs. Randolph tells Matt she was wrong.moreless
  • Mr. and Mrs. Amber
    Mr. and Mrs. Amber
    Episode 37
    Peak Fletcher says his sister Sarah Amber stole a calf. She was set up. Matt tells Peak to take the calf and leave. Simon, Peak's son tells Matt Neal, Sarah's husband, is just rocking in the dark and Sarah's gone. Neal says he sent her back east and that he loved her. Chester finds Sarah under a blanket in the shed. Neal says he shot her. Matt locks him up. Peak wants to know when he hangs. Neal has been let out to eat. Simon says she lived in unrighteousness. Neal grabs a rifle and shoots Simon. Simon shoots Neal. Neal says Sarah gave up and died. He put a bullet in her after she died.moreless
  • Cara
    Episode 36
    Doc tends Cara, who slashed her forearm, to make it look like a suicide attempt. She asks for Matt. They haven't seen each other in twelve years since Yuma. Cara wants to stay awhile. Kitty doesn't want to hear about Matt's old flame. She hires Cara. Sheriff Benson says a bank robber, Jack Tolliver, is heading toward Dodge. He says a scout, a woman, cases the town. He describes Cara. Matt catches Cara in a lie. Matt tells her he's going to Ellsworth on government buisness. She asks him to postpone it. Kitty tells Matt Cara wants $20. Matt tells Chester to follow Cara. She buys a ticket to St. Louie. Matt asks Cara are you leaving without saying goodbye. Cara says the ticket was for Tolliver. Matt and Chester run to get on the train. Just like Cara wanted. They get off at a ranch and ride back to Dodge. Matt and Chester are keeping watch at the Botkin Bank. Tolliver and a cohort enter the bank. The cohort is shot. Tolliver goes out and uses Cara as a shield. She breaks free. Tolliver shoots her. Matt plugs him.moreless
  • The Guitar
    The Guitar
    Episode 35
    Augie Shart and Gene Tyler a couple of drunks try to hang Weed Pindle from Texas once they find he fought for the Union. Chester stops it. Chester get Weed to play his guitar and take up a collection. Tyler and Shart paint Rainbow, Weed's burro, and smash his guitar. Matt slaps Shart and Tyler and tells them you two are through in Dodge. Weed washes Rainbow and rides out. Tyler and Shart follow. The townfolk follow. Tyler and Shart lasso Weed. We see one guy hung. As the camera pulls back there's two. Matt aks everybody where they were. They all have alibis. Doc wonders if Shart and Tyler had time to enjoy it, the hanging they wanted.moreless
  • Chester's Mail Order Bride
    Chester's drinking a lot at the Long Branch. A buffalo hunter, Nate takes his picture of a girl. Chester hits the hunter. Nate decks Chester. Chester has been sending the girl in the picture letters and she is coming to marry him. Chester sent her Matt's picture. Matt meets Ann Smithwright. She doesn't look like the picture Chester has. Matt takes Ann to Kitty. Chester comes in all duded up. Chester tells Ann she's too young and doesn't know what she's doing. Chester's going to take up farming. A Pinkerton agent, Brady, tells Matt Ann comes from one of the best families in Philadelphia. Her father is a judge. Matt tells Chester marrying Ann wouldn't be the right thing. Anne goes back to Philadelphia. Nate wants to take Brady out on the prairie and lose him, for breaking up Chester's engagement. Chester says he never should have learned to write.moreless
  • Prairie Happy
    Prairie Happy
    Episode 33
    Chester and Matt are out riding when they get shot at by a boy. His father says the Pawnee are on the warpath. Jonas tells Matt we have to protect our women and children. Matt wants to know how this scare got started. A grizzled old timer, Tewksbury, says he lived with the Pawnee, and they'll attack at dawn. Jonas and his bunch want a strategy meeting. Matt asked have you ever heard of indians announcing when they were going to attack. Matt tells them to go home. That night there's a fire at the Danver's rooming house, with Pawnee arrows around. Matt tells Chester to keep an eye on Tewksbury. Chester calls for Matt, Tewksbury has set a fire. Tewksbury says he set Danver's on fire and put the arrows there. Two cowboys died in the fire. Tewksbury daughter, Quiet One, says he tried to turn the indians against the whites, but couldn't. Tewksbury's Pawnee name is Lost Warrior, he wanted to die in battle. Quiet One gives Lost Warrior poison and takes his body home.moreless
  • Dutch George
    Dutch George
    Episode 32
    Matt's Childhood hero, Dutch George is now the leader of a notorious gang of horse thieves he must now stop.
  • How to Die for Nothing
    Zach and Bulow, up with a cattle drive, are raising a ruckus. Matt wants Zach's gun. He won't give it up. Matt hits him. Bulow draws his gun. Matt kills him. Zach tells Matt Bulow's brother Howard will shoot you in the back. Matt sees a guy hiding in the shadows. It's not Howard, but Howard comes up and introduces himself. Matt locks Howard up. Will Jacklin, the trail boss, comes for Howard. Will says he has fourteen men down the street. Reisling, the hotel owner, tells Matt you have to set him free. Matt tells Chester to go get Howard. Matt tells Jacklin, his men and Howard to get outta Dodge. Howard reaffirms he is going to kill Matt. Ben Cherry, a friend of Chester's Pa, raised Chester. Reisling says he's going to ride out to the cattle drive camp and tell the men they're welcome in Dodge. Matt and Chester go to the Dodge House to see how he did. Howard shoots at Matt from upstairs. Matt kills Howard.moreless
  • The Preacher
    The Preacher
    Episode 30
    Seth, a newcomer to Dodge is bullied by Keeler, a boxer.
  • Doc's Revenge
    Doc's Revenge
    Episode 29
    Clem Maddow rides into Dodge. Doc tells Chester I'm gonna kill a man. Chester gets Matt. Doc's ready to shoot Clem, he won't say why. Clem says he won't defend himself. Matt tells Doc to put his Colt 36 away. Matt tells Clem to get outta Dodge. Matt can't find Doc. Clem is shot in the back and his brother George is hit on the head. Doc heard the shot and shows up. Doc digs a .45 caliber bullet out of Clem. George shot Clem. Doc says he doesn't hate Clem anymore. Doc loved a woman, she loved Clem. He left her after a miscarriage and never returned.moreless
  • The Killer
    The Killer
    Episode 28
    Charles Bronson guest stars as a cowardly gunslinger who only goes after old men or young kids who aren't very experienced with guns. But, when Matt Dillon gives him an ultimatum, he shows his true colors.
  • Cooter
    Episode 27
    Cooter brings Mr. Ben Sissell, a gambler, a drink. A kid accuses Ben of dealing off the bottom of the deck, and draws. The third man at the table, Pate, shoots the kid. Matt asks Ben how long Pate has been working for him. Ben and Matt go to see Pate. Matt calls Ben a coward and tells Pate to get out of Dodge. Matt tells Ben the next time you make a mistake I'll see you hang. Cooter is packing a gun. Doc says Cooter was shot in the head and shouldn't be allowed to carry a gun. Ben hired Cooter. Ben tells Matt Cooter says he's gonna kill you, because he thinks you are going to take his gun away and lock him up. Cooter enters and tells Matt he's gonna kill him. Matt outdraws him. Cooter asks Ben did I do the joke good. Matt tells Cooter the joke's on you and me. Matt throws Ben out. Cooter puts a gun in Ben's back. Ben runs, Cooter cuts him down.moreless
  • Hack Prine
    Hack Prine
    Episode 26
    Hack Prine, a friend of Matt's rides into Dodge. However he is there as a gunman, to kill Matt Dillon.
  • The Big Broad
    The Big Broad
    Episode 25
    Big Lena Wave and her man, diminutive Emmett Fitzgood ride into Dodge to run a card game at the Long Branch. Chester accuses Emmett of cheating. Lena socks him. Lena uses a bottle on a guy. Matt's trying to figure out how to handle her. Lena kills Ed James, a buffalo hunter who made advances toward her. Matt takes her gun. Nate Bannister, Ed's partner, says he's sick of puny women taking advantage because they are weak and underbuilt. He says he's going to shoot Lena. Matt gives him a rifle butt accross the chops and locks him up. Lena wants to see who's wants to kill her. Nate calls Lena a lady. They agree to bury the hatchet over a glass of beer. Nate says gonna marry Lena. Emmett enters and shoots Nate with a derringer. Emmett and Lena have been married for ten years. Lena lost her head with the attention Nate was paying her, and requests to be allowed to stay with Emmett in jail.moreless
  • The Pest Hole
    The Pest Hole
    Episode 24
    Doc is using the jail to quarantine people as they fall ill. The common thread between them seems to be that they all had a dinner meeting together, about the upcoming German festival, at Bendino's restaurant. Doc, at first, suspects some type of food poisoning as the culprit, but then discovers it's really Typhus. Leading citizen Mr. Matthews takes a few of his men over to Bendino's and beat him to death. Matt arrests Matthews and throws him in jail, much to Matthew's disdain with all the patients. When Mrs. Saur, a German resident living outside of Dodge, comes down with the disease Doc has to look elsewhere for the cause. He sets up an experiment that could cause him to come down with the disease himself, and possibly die!moreless
  • Indian Scout
    Indian Scout
    Episode 23
    Twenty-three soldiers died at the hands of the Comanches at Cold Creek. Will Bailey lost his brother. Will says Amos Cartwright, the scout led them into an ambush. Matt tells Bailey let the cavalry handle it, and leave Amos alone. Amos comes into the Long Branch with a rifle to see Bailey. Matt escorts Amos out. Amos tells Bailey I'll see you later. Matt suggests Amos stay out at the fort for a couple of days. Amos says don't worry about me. Amos kills Bailey. Matt and Chester are out tracking Amos, so is an Indian. Matt finds Amos. Amos married a Comanche and was respected and loved. She died in childbirth. Amos knew about the ambush and did nothing. An Indian war party appears on the ridge, friends of Amos. Amos' wife's brother Buffalo Tongue rides down. Amos goes out to meet him. Buffalo Tongue kills him. The Indians ride off.moreless
  • Tap Day for Kitty
    Tap Day for Kitty
    Episode 22
    An old sodbuster comes to town and decides he wants to marry Kitty. When he won't leave her alone she declares she'll shoot him if he pesters her anymore. Out at night, he's shot in the back and Kitty is suspected, but then she is shot at too.
  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand
    Episode 21
    Matt tries to help a young man accused of stealing cattle.
  • Reunion '78
    Reunion '78
    Episode 20
    Belle Archer recognizes Jerry Shand and hides her face. Jerry has a grudge against Andy Cully, a paunchy hardware drummer. At the Long Branch Jerry is beating Andy up. Matt's ready to lock Jerry up. Andy bails him out. On the street Andy apologizes and offers Jerry $600. Jerry knows Andy is a murderer. Andy pulls a gun. Jerry shoots him. Belle sees it all from her window. Andy was really Bloody Bille Ashley one of Quantrill's raiders. He killed Jerry's father and carried his Ma from Lawrence, Kansas. Matt looks for Andy's gun. Matt tells Kitty they need a witness. They see Belle in her room. Belle says she didn't see anything. Belle watches from her window as they prepare for a hanging. Jerry says Quantrill took his girl Ellie and I haven't seen her since. Just then Matt brings in Belle (Ellie). She says Andy drew first. As Jerry rides past her window, he calls to Ellie. Belle says Ellie's gone, goodbye.moreless
  • 20-20
    Episode 19
    Troy Carver, an aging ex-lawman gets off the stage. Matt calls to him. Troy turns and almost shoots Matt. Matt tells Troy if someone is after you I'll help. Troy says mind your own business. Moss tells Matt Lee Polen has been hanging for several days. Lee says he's gonna kill Troy for killing his brother. Lee asks Matt to tell Troy he is in town and clear Front Street at 10:00 AM. Polen knows Troy is losing his sight. Matt sends Doc to find out just how bad his eyesight is. Doc says the only thing he can focus on quickly is a match. Matt tells Lee he's told Troy to leave. Doc tells Lee Troy's eyesight is fine. Lee goes looking for Troy. Troy goes out the back of the stable and faces off with Lee. Troy shoots the gun out of Lee's hand. Troy's wounded. Troy shot at the only thing he could see, the flash of Lee's gun.moreless
  • Yorky
    Episode 18
    Yorky, a white boy who was brought up by Arapahoes, is victimized by horse thieves. Seeking revenge, he gets shot by Abe Brandt and his son who said that Yorky was trying to steal "their" horses. Yorky escapes and is treated by Matt. In the process, Matt become the target of the real horse thieves.moreless
  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood
    Episode 17
    Victims won't testify against John Henry Jordan at his trial for robbing the stage. He's found innocent. Matt asks Vince a card sharp he reformed to clean out Jordan. Jordan rides off. Matt's going to follow, but Chester says Vince has been hurt bad. Jordan is having supper with the Bowens, two witnesses at his trial. Matt approaches the house. Jordan hides. Matt tells the Bowens Jordan robbed and beat up Vince. Matt leaves. Jordan pulls a gun and demands their money. Jordan is ready to shoot them. Matt returns and shoots the lamp out. He wounds Jordan. Asked why he came back Matt states that's an awful lot of food for two people.moreless
  • Reward for Matt
    Reward for Matt
    Episode 16
    Matt kills a man and his widow posts a $1,000 reward for his death. Every one in the country from sodbusters to gunslingers is out to get the reward.
  • No Handcuffs
    No Handcuffs
    Episode 15
    When a dishonest Deputy Sheriff takes a prisoner from Matt's jail without Matt's approval or knowledge, Matt and Chester go after the Deputy Sheriff and the Prisoner.
  • Professor Lute Bone
    Professor Lute Bone
    Episode 14
    Doc is so angered by a traveling medicine man and his opium elixir that he wants to get a gun and shoot him. When a fellow comes to town trying to kill Professor Lute Bone because his father died drinking his elixir, Bone decides that it's time to give up the patent medicine business.moreless
  • Reed Survives
    Reed Survives
    Episode 13
    Lucy also professes her love for handsome Booth Rider, and concocts a scheme in which Ephram is the intended victim. Booth becomes the unwitting pawn in a homicide that culminates in an ironic twist of fate.
  • Magnus
    Episode 12
    Chester is embarrassed when his mountain man brother Magnus comes to town to visit. They hadn't seen each other in years and to prove that Magnus is uncivilized and doesn't belong in town, he takes him to the most important places to see how much Magnus doesn't know. Well, Magnus wins at cards, outdrinks Chester, talks to Kitty, and proves himself worthy of his brother's admiration. While all this is going on, a Christmas Eve dance is being planned by the girls at the Long Branch. Lucifer Jones nearly runs Kitty and the other girls down in the street and breaks the saloon up trying to keep the Christmas party from going on. He declares that Kitty is the wickedest of them all, leading men to temptation and sin. Why? Because she's the prettiest, of course.moreless
  • General Parcley Smith
    Old-timer Smith is a former Army butcher who lies constantly about who he is. He arrives in Dodge City spreading rumors about the new Banker, Drew Holt.
  • The Queue
    The Queue
    Episode 10
    After two bullies cut off Chen's pig-tail (queue), the man vows vengeance.
  • The Hunter
    The Hunter
    Episode 9
    A buffalo hunter, Jase Murdock, is warned by Ross the storekeeper to stay out of Indian Territory. Matt goes to see Ross to ask if he outfitted Murdock. Ross tells Matt you tangle with Murdock you're wish you hadn't. Matt goes to talk with Murdock's skinner, Golden Calf. Chester tells Matt Murdoch is gone. Matt goes after him. Murdock shoots at Matt. Golden Calf kills Murdock. His medicine was no longer good. Golden Calf is Murdock's son.moreless
  • Kite's Reward
    Kite's Reward
    Episode 8
    Andy Travis shoots a guy. Matt tells him you're real good with the gun, but you have a choice either put it down or you will have to constantly prove yourself. Andy unarms and goes to work for Moss Grimmick. A guy's looking to draw against Andy. They fist fight. Joe Kite tells Matt I might have to shoot a man. A bounty hunter tells Matt Andy has a $1000 on his head. Joe Kite shoots Andy. Kite says he killed Andy and wants the money. Matt says you didn't kill him I did. Kite says he wants the money. Matt and the townfolk run him out of town.moreless
  • Smoking Out the Nolans
    Clay Young is trying to evict Josh Nolan. Josh tells Matt he paid Clay for the property. Clay denies it. Judge Mills say they go. Josh shoots at Matt. Chester pours a bag of sulfur done the chimney, and covers the chimney. In town Josh is fixing to shoot Clay. Clay admits he tore up the deed he told Josh he would record.moreless
  • Night Incident
    Night Incident
    Episode 6
    Little Timmy Wyatt witnesses a series of bizarre murders. He has a habit of telling tall tales, so no one will believe him.
  • Obie Tater
    Obie Tater
    Episode 5
    An old prospector named Obie Tater causes trouble for himself, his bride, and Matt when he refuses to tell where his fortune of gold is hidden.
  • Home Surgery
    Home Surgery
    Episode 4
    When returning to Dodge, Chester and Matt are confronted by Holly Hawtree, whose father is desperately ill with gangrene. His only hope for survival is amputation of the affected leg. Matt performs the surgery, but the gangrene has spread too far and the old man dies. Matt later discovers that the presumed accident leading to Mr. Hawtree's condition was actually caused by Ben Walling, who has his sights on Holly.moreless
  • Word of Honor
    Word of Honor
    Episode 3
    Hank Worth, son of wealthy rancher Jake Worth, is kidnapped and held for $20,000 ransome by three men. The kidnappers call on Doc to aid young Hank, who has been shot in the back while trying to escape. Unfortunately, Hank dies. The killers decide to let Doc go because he is the only doctor within 400 miles and they fear they might need his services some day. Before sparing his life and freeing him, however they force the reluctant Doc to give his word of honor that he will never reveal their identities.moreless
  • Hot Spell
    Hot Spell
    Episode 2
    Matt intercedes on behalf of ex-con Cope Borden, when Rance Bradley accuses Cope of horse theft and attempts to lynch him. Cope is proven innocent of the charge, but later kills Bradley's nephew in a fair fight during a gambling dispute. Matt is caught in an awkward situation when he must defend the unsavory Cope against the decent people of Dodge.moreless
  • Matt Gets It
    Matt Gets It
    Episode 1
    Dan Grat, a gunman hunted by Texas authorities, seeks refuge in Dodge City. Marshal Dillon goes into action against this outlaw who shoots before he talks.