Gunsmoke - Season 10

CBS (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • He Who Steals
    He Who Steals
    Episode 36
    Buffalo hunter Jeff Sutro, who does not hold with the new society that has come to the west, defends himself for stealing a calf and kills a ranch hand who drew on him. A jury finds self-defense and releases him. Ranch owner Jim Donner isn't satisfied with the verdict and fires one of his hands, Billy Waters, for siding with Sutro. Sutro decides to give up buffalo hunting and open a freight business, hiring Billy. While camping overnight, Sutro's Appaloosa horse is stolen and sold to cowhand Sid Perce. Sutro and Billy ride the wagon mules to track the horse and meet up with Perce, but don't believe he just bought the horse from the thief. Sutro sends Billy back to get the freight wagon and then kills Perce to get his horse back. Donner puts out the word in Dodge that Sutro's suspected of murdering Perce, in a successful attempt to put an end to his freight business. Sutro and Billy gomoreless
  • The New Society
    The New Society
    Episode 35
    A man accused of killing an Army paymaster 12 years earlier gives a death-bed statement that he was truly innocent of the crime. The Army requests Matt to reinvestigate the case and turn up any new evidence, if he can find it. The citizens of Ridge Town refuse to cooperate with the investigation. He goes to see the ex-sheriff, an old friend of his now paralyzed and wheelchair bound from being shot at the same time the paymaster was killed. He seems to cooperate, but his son, the current sheriff, won't. Matt is beaten, accused of accosting a young girl, jailed, and nearly lynched before he solves the mystery.moreless
  • Honey Pot
    Honey Pot
    Episode 34
    Matt quits his job rather than arrest a friend of his.
  • Two Tall Men
    Two Tall Men
    Episode 33
    Matt had business in Hayes City and asked Doc Adams to transport $1,500 from the Cimarron Mining Company, a reward they were offering for a bandit named Dan Perce, back to Dodge. Buffalo hunter Abihu Howell comes across Billy Yeager and Ned Moore robbing an unconscious Doc, chases them off, and brings Doc into Dodge. Festus and Breck Taylor take off after Billy and Ned. They find their tracks and start trailing them back toward Dodge; Festus convinced of their guilt and Breck trying to remain impartial. They soon find Doc's empty wallet in a campfire and both are convinced of their guilt. Once they catch Billy and Ned, and get the money back, they take them back to the Dodge City jail. With Doc still unconscious and near death, Howell gets drunk and embellishes on his eye-witness account, causing the citizenry to consider lynching the pair. Breck sends a local boy to find Matt and bring him back to town as soon as possible. Billy and Ned manage to escape, but get trapped in a warehouse. With the warehouse on fire and surrounded by Festus, Breck, Howell and several townsfolk, things couldn't look bleaker for pair. Then, Matt shows up and takes charge.moreless
  • Bad Lady from Brookline
    A widow blames Matt for the death of her husband.
  • Gilt Guilt
    Gilt Guilt
    Episode 31
    Doc tries to save a mother and son who fight for life.
  • The Pariah
    The Pariah
    Episode 30
    Paolo Scanzano's boys collect wanted posters. They identify John Hooker as a murderer and inform their dad after Hooker bullies his way into their ranch house, demands food, and generally treats everyone like slaves. Paolo gets the drop on Hooker and has to kill him when Hooker goes for his gun. Initially, everyone in Dodge thinks he's a big hero for killing Hooker in a gunfight, but when they find out how it really happend most of the people turn their backs on him and label him a coward. When Hooker's brothers come to town Paolo has to stand up to them and prove otherwise.moreless
  • Twenty Miles from Dodge
    You'd think Kitty would have learned her lesson about taking stagecoach trips. On this one, while returning to Dodge (and a very impatient Matt), Kitty, Eleanor Starkey and her son, gambler Will Helmick, a railroad magnate, another young man, the stage driver and shotgun guard are kidnapped by Grant Shay and his gang. They are force marched over rough terrain to a cabin in the cold hills where they are kept in an open corral, exposed to the wind, and unfed. Kitty is somewhat put off by the gambler who seems to be no help at all in remedying their situation. There seems to be little or no compassion from their captors. Escorted by one of Shay's men, Eleanor is sent to Dodge to deliver ransom demands to Matt. The money is gathered and they go to the cabin for the exchange. When Matt and Festus show up with the money Shay's plans are altered.moreless
  • Dry Road to Nowhere
    Dry Road to Nowhere
    Episode 28
    A man tries to make drinking a thing of the past.
  • The Lady
    The Lady
    Episode 27
    Hattie Silks has raised her niece, Liz, and promised to take her to San Francisco. Near broke, they get as far as Dodge when Hattie talks Kitty into hiring her as companionship for the older men that patronize the Long Branch. Sam Hare has been ogling and pestering Liz the entire stagcoach trip to Dodge and she wants nothing to do with him. When Hattie meets local rancher Jud Briar, they fall in love and plan to be married. The spoiled brat in Liz reveals itself and she talks Sam Hare into hiring a gunfighter to goad Jud into a showdown (with Jud dead Hattie will have no reason to stay in Dodge and they can move on to San Francisco). Gunslinger Ray Pate decides to rile Jud into strapping on a gun by beating up Hattie. He can then kill Jud and claim self-defence. Things don't go quite as planned; Ray and Liz receive their just deserts in the end.moreless
  • Bank Baby
    Bank Baby
    Episode 26
    An outlaw tries to rob a bank and take a baby.
  • Breckinridge
    Episode 25
    A young Attorney gives Matt trouble when he questions every move Matt makes.
  • Thursday's Child
    Thursday's Child
    Episode 24
    Julie Blane may need help from Doc Adams to deal with her past. Julie is an old friend of Kitty's who has come to visit after 10 years. But Julie has a secret. She has come to help deliver her son Lonnie and his wife Amy's baby. But Lonnie is wanted by the law and Julie and Doc end up being held captive by Lonnie and his partner. Only Festus knows where they are. Will he get there in time to rescue them?moreless
  • Eliab's Aim
    Eliab's Aim
    Episode 23
    Festus' nephew Eliab comes to Dodge to shoot off Festus' ear. Festus tries to evade a widow's attentions.
  • Winner Take All
    Winner Take All
    Episode 22
    A feud between two brothers ends in murder. Matt must bring in the surviving brother to face trial.
  • Song for Dying
    Song for Dying
    Episode 21
    A mysterious drifter called the Singer is hunted by a man who blames him for his wife's death.
  • Circus Trick
    Circus Trick
    Episode 20
    A circus family uses their variety show as a cover for robbing banks and businesses.
  • Chief Joseph
    Chief Joseph
    Episode 19
    When three Nez Perce Indians show up in Dodge City, the entire town is thrown into an outraged uproar.
  • One Killer on Ice
    One Killer on Ice
    Episode 18
    Anderson has Festus stable his horse. Anderson sees Doc for a nick on his arm. Anderson chases two guys out of the Long Branch that's bothering Kitty and Festus. Anderson is a would be bounty hunter who's come down from Timberline. His partner is with Sturney, who has $5000 on his head. Anderson wants Matt to help bring him out. They stop at the Rock Creek Stage Station run by Owney Dales. His daughter Helena rides off to go to her Billy. She tells him Anderson is back with Matt Dillon. Billy and the boys are going to take care of Matt and Anderson that night. Anderson's from South Carolina and wants to get back and buy his daddy's farm. A coyote causes Helena to check on the stock. It's Billy. Billy shoots at Anderson. Billy and one his guys is killed. The other runs off. Helena says Billy was Sturney's brother. They reach Morgan's trading post. Sturney and Anderson's partner are dead and stored in the ice house. An authorized person had to identify the body. Matt slugs Anderson and tells him to get back to Dodge. Matt buries the two bodies. Helena leaves Owney. Matt needs a written statement from Anderson. Matt gives him a bank draft for $5000. Someone is shooting at Matt. It's Helena. She says all Billy wanted was to kill Anderson. She says Sturney didn't kill Anderson's partner. Matt checks two revolvers. Matt tells Anderson he's under arrest for murdering his partner. There were six bullets in Sturney's gun. Anderson draws on Matt. Matt plugs him.moreless
  • Deputy Festus
    Deputy Festus
    Episode 17
    Three trappers are partying down at the Long Branch when one of them decides to drink an entire bottle of whiskey without drawing a breath. The celebrating gets out of hand when a fight ensues between a trapper and local Dave Carson. Matt breaks the fight up and jails the trappers for busting up the saloon. Needing to go to Hayes City, Matt asks Festus to watch the jail and let the trappers out in the morning. As it turns out, one of the trappers is Festus' cousin Claudius Haggen. Claudius convinces Festus to let them out of jail with the promise to get their horses and immediately leave Dodge. While Festus is releasing the trappers Dave Carson, while working for Moss Grimmick, gets into an argument with local resident Halligan over a broken bridal. Halligan pushes Dave and he falls and hits his head on a wagonwheel. As the trappers approach to get their horses they find Dave and decide to run, for fear of being accused because of the earlier fight Claudius had with Dave. Mr. Halligan goes to Festus and tells him he saw the trappers kill Dave. Festus takes off after the trappers and brings them back to Dodge. As they ride up to the jail Matt tells Festus that Dave didn't die, but couldn't remember exactly what happened the night before. After letting the trappers go Festus puts it together that Halligan lied to him about seeing what happened. When he goes to arrest Halligan he opens fire on Festus. Matt then shows up and Halligan surrenders to him.moreless
  • Run, Sheep, Run
    Run, Sheep, Run
    Episode 16
    Doc tries to examine Dan Braden. Matt stops at Tom and Mary Stocker's wagon. Tom sold his ranch to Dan Braden. Braden doesn't have the $1200. Dan postdated the IOU by a year. Dan offers Tom $600. Kitty tells Tom it's getting kind of late. Tom goes to Dan's. Dan shoots at Tom. Tom returns fire. A lantern is knocked over. Tom and Mary light out on horseback. Dan's body is badly burned. Matt asks Louie to stand guard. Lem Hubley rides up and invites himself to dinner. Tom tells Mary to get rid of Lem. Doc tells Matt Dan was shot. Tom tells Mary he shot Dan with a .36 Colt Navy, a rare caliber. Tom and Mary ride up to Bill and Beth Miller's. Bill figures they're on the run. Tom pulls a gun and clunks Bill when he rushes him. Matt and Festus find out from Lem where Tom is. Tom's horses run off in the night. Matt talks to the Millers. Tom hijacks two horses from a stage. Mary needs to eat and lie down. Barney Cox isn't too friendly until Mary says she's with child. Matt talks to Crane the horseless stage driver. Cox tells Tom he's a liar and he's evil. He says he wants the bounty on him. Tom shoots a bucket out of his hand. As he speeds off he fires backwards. Mary wants Tom to go back to Dodge and give himself up. Mary says we go back together or I go alone. Mary heads for Dodge, Tom follows. Matt and Festus come out of Cox's shack. Festus tells Matt they're heading for Dodge. Louie tells Matt, Tom and Mary are waiting at their wagon. Louie gives Matt a Colt .44 found next to Dan's body. Doc shows Matt the bullet he dug out of Dan. Tom tells Festus he never should've put Mary through that. Matt rides up. The bullet that killed Dan was a .44. Matt and Festus found Cox dead. Mary walks Tom to jail.moreless
  • Double Entry
    Double Entry
    Episode 15
    Matt's old friend, Brad McClain, comes to Dodge and is immediately mugged by Yuma Joe. Getting the upper hand, McClain relieves Joe of his gun and sends him on his way. McClain tells Matt he wants to buy a business in Dodge and settle there. Matt introduces him to Jake Bookly, owner of a local stage line that frequently hauls gold from the local mines to Mr. Bodkin's bank. After gathering all of the information he can about the gold shipments, McClain enacts a plan to use Joe as a holdup man during a stage run, thereby killing Joe and setting himself up as a hero. He tells Jake Bookly he'll buy the stage line and is going to drive the stage to Dodge with the large $100,000 gold shippment coming in from the mines. Matt is suspicious of McClain because he has a paper that indicates McClain was involved in a bank robbery a few years earlier and shows up unexpectedly to ride shotgun for McClain. Pretending not to be able to control the horses pulling the stage, McClain knocks Matt out and dumps him on the road. McClain proceeds to an abandoned mine to bury the gold, not knowing Matt has regained consciousness and is trailing him to the mine. A fight ensues between the two and, in the end, McClain is killed.moreless
  • Hammerhead
    Episode 14
    Big Jim Ponder's coming to town to buy Fitch Tallman's Morgans. Carrie, Jim's daughter, and Big Jim stop in to say hi to Matt. Fitch has paid Shills to grease the rails. Festus runs Fitch's stock down. He says Morgans ain't nothin' compared to Wohaw's quarter horses. Carrie wants a quarterhorse. Tom tells Fitch, Festus is showing Big Jim horses. Fitch bets Carrie $100 her horse versus his pick. Fitch tells Festus any distance. He says Dodge to Cheyenne. Big Jim bets on Hammerhead, Carrie's horse. Big Jim will buy all the stock of the winner. It'll start 6:00 am Monday and end 6:00 am Saturday. Deggers wants to enter a third horse. Deggers bets Jim $10,000. There's over $50,000 bet. Including five from Doc and five from Matt. Some say Festus is riding to lose for the gamblers. Wohaw and Fitch bet each other their stables. Carrie's riding the buckboard, that will accompany Festus, with Squatty. Someone cut Festus' saddle strap. The Morgans have a ten minute lead on Festus. A horse gets away from Squatty when changing teams. Carrie doesn't trust Squatty. Squatty sabotages the wagon. Carrie finds out and tells Festus. Fitch gave Squatty $100 and offered him a better job. Matt takes the train to Cheyenne and gets a horse. Carrie is kidnapped. Feeney says he passed Carrie's wagon and there was no one with it. Feeney and his partner beat Festus up. Matt rides up. Carrie is being held at a line shack. Matt's going to get her. Festus is twenty miles from Cheyenne. Rattlesnake Joe, the other Morgan, has five minutes on Festus. Festus wins. Matt arrives with Carrie. Matt, Festus and Wohaw are getting on the stage. Matt asks Festus are you sure you want to leave?moreless
  • Aunt Thede
    Aunt Thede
    Episode 13
    Festus's Aunt Theadore comes to Dodge looking for a Haggen to marry but winds up marrying Ivy & George.
  • Innocence
    Episode 12
    Elsa Poe arrives on the stage and asks Doc to escort her to the Long Branch. Bob Sullins and Art McLane argue over who gets served first by Quint. Charlie Ross and Joe Rogers run a freight business. At the Long Branch, Sullins, a trail boss, sits with Elsa. McLane has designs on Elsa also. At Delmonico's McLane invites himself to Elsa's table. Elsa tells him she's waiting for someone. Charlie walks in Elsa calls to him. She invites him to sit down. He buys her dinner. McLane fights Sullins over Elsa. Charlie breaks it up. Matt asks Elsa about McLane and Sullins, and asks her not to encourage them. No problem she replies. Doc asks Sullins how's the eye. Charlie comes to see Elsa. McLane sees Charlie and Elsa riding off for a picnic. Ross loaned Quint the money to get started. Charlie asks Elsa to marry. McLane bothers Elsa. Matt congratulates Elsa and Charlie on their impending nuptials, the day after tomorrow. Matt warns McLane. Sullins wants Elsa to come away with him. No not ever, even if there was no Charlie. McLane grabs Elsa coming out of her room. He says he just wants to wish her happiness. She figures he's still trying to find out how to keep her from marrying Charlie. Kitty throws a party for the couple. After the party, someone grabs Elsa in her room. He knocks her out, kills Charlie and goes out the window. Matt goes to Sullins room in the Dodge House. He's checked out. Joe Rogers and two friends are after McLane. Matt and Quint go after them. They catch up to Sullins. He has no alibi. He's after McLane. They're taking Sullins back to Dodge, when they run into Joe, holding a necktie party for McLane. Matt stops it and takes McLane back also. Elsa is talking but is still out of it. She keeps calling for Charlie. Joe incites the mob that heads for the jail. Matt secretly turns McLane and Sullins free. When Elsa comes to he'll know which one to go after. Someone climbs in Elsa's window and pulls a knife. Matt plugs him. Elsa died a few hours ago.moreless
  • Chicken
    Episode 11
    A man gets an undeserved reputation as a gunman when he's found at a way station with four dead outlaws at his feet.
  • Big Man, Big Target
    Big Man, Big Target
    Episode 10
    A lover's triangle involving a ranch couple and an outlaw results in tragedy. The husband is mistaken for Matt and is killed. Matt pursues the outlaw even after being wounded.
  • Jonah Hutchinson
    Jonah Hutchinson
    Episode 9
    After spending thirty years in prison for his part in a range war, Jonah Hutchinson returns to Dodge and begins rebuilding his empire at the expense of fellow ranchers.
  • Hung High
    Hung High
    Episode 8
    Matt finds himself at odds with a grudge carrying sergeant in the cavalry after he's ambushed while taking a prisoner to Hayes for hanging.
  • Help Me Kitty
    Help Me Kitty
    Episode 7
    Hope tells Ed she wants to look around town. Quint's carrying a crate and accidently runs into Ed. Ed socks him. Quint socks Ed. Hope tells Kitty she's Nettie Farmer's daughter. Hope ran off with Ed a year ago. He promised to marry her. He hasn't. Kitty asks Hope to stay with her. Hope is coming down the stairs, and feels so weak. Doc says she's pregnant. Hope knew it. Hope asks Kitty to take her home. Hope doesn't want to see Ed again. Nettie worked for Kitty. Quint and Festus are hasseling Carl as he loads the stage. Kitty tells Matt she'll be gone long enough for him to miss her. Kitty tells the obnoxious male passenger, to sit back and shut up. Spector and Furnas shoots the driver and the male. Furnas says the women are dead too. Kitty peeks a look. Kitty puts a gun in her handbag and they hoof it. Kitty gives Hope some whiskey for her pain. They reach a relay station. Spector runs it. Hope lies down. Kitty sees Furnas ride up. Kitty doesn't let on she recognizes him. The west bound stage comes in. Spector tells Furnas to keep Kitty quiet. Furnas rides off. Spector will let Kitty go, not Hope. Kitty asks Hope if she can ride. Kitty takes the gun out of her handbag. She tells Spector she wants two horses. He moves towards her. She shoots him. Kitty gets Hope to Nettie. Matt meets Kitty coming out of Nettie's. Matt says he's proud of her. Kitty falls into his arms sobbing and says I guess you can do what you have to.moreless
  • Take Her, She's Cheap
    Ma Carp tells her son Rainey, somebody ought to fix the wheel on the wagon. It's been broke for a week. Matt sees five boys. He follows them to Ma. Matt wakes Rainey to help fix the wheel. Pa wakes and comes in. Pa whines about his lack of luck. Matt meets their daughter, Allie. Matt stays for dinner. Pa offers Allie to Matt. Allie tells Matt he speaks so nice and smiles so pretty. Mel Billings shoots up Matt's office. Then goes to the Long Branch and tears it up. Matt beats up Mel and takes money for the Long Branch repair. Then throws him and his brother Loren out of town. Allie is lost on her way to Dodge and comes into the Billings' camp. She tells Mel she's going to the Marshall. Mel says he figures the Marshall owes him something. Allie reaches Matt's. She tells him it was terrible. Matt takes her to Doc. Allie didn't tell her folks she was leaving. Allie says her attacker knew Matt and was repaying a debt. Matt wakes Quint to get his horse. Matt takes Aliie to identify Mel. They find Loren's body. Matt and Allie come up on a cabin. Matt wakes Mel. They fight. Mel grabs a rifle. Matt plugs him. Matt tells Allie he's taking her back to her folks. Allie says she can please him. Allie wants him, Matt doesn't feel that way. Rainey straps on a gun. Matt tells him let's see you do something with it. Matt tells Ma, Allie is a good girl and rides off. Ma tells Allie about Ma's nice Pa and brother. With Matt that's three nice men. That can't be all there is. Aliie notices a smile on Ma. They agree to be cheerful and smile at each other.moreless
  • Doctor's Wife
    Doctor's Wife
    Episode 5
    Doc Adams welcomes Dr. Wesley May & his wife into town, trouble begins when gossip about Doc Adams may soon not have a job. Doc takes Mrs. May to see a patient who Mrs. May believes to be 50 years but is only 33 years old. Doc tells Mr. Boake he will need to amputate his leg, but before Doc does Mrs. May gets her husband because she thinks he can save it. Later Mr. Boak dies she trusted her husband & not the advice Doc gave.moreless
  • The Violators
    The Violators
    Episode 4
    Willy Scroggs is stabbed to death. It looks like Indians did it, but Matt doesn't think so. Harve Foster thinks it was Quint. Quint says he saw old Caleb Nash in town. Matt tells Caleb, Willy was scalped. George tells Mrs. Bell it had to be an Indian. Festus beats Talbot up to keep him from Old Charlie Roan Horse. The colonel tells Matt to settle this quickly. He says a white man was killed in the Indian Nations. George tells Harv, Buffalo Calf saw us. George says you did the killing. The Wilcox's dog is into George's chickens. He goes out to check. Caleb kills him. Mrs. Hewitt says Harv, George and Willy went hunting last month for four days. Matt asks Foster what happened in the Indian Nations. They had a run in with Buffalo Calf. Matt goes to talk to Buffalo Calf, and takes Caleb with him. Caleb says we cross that line he'll find us. They make camp. Buffalo Calf comes with four others. Buffalo Calf says the third one will die. Willy, George and Harv killed an Indian girl and another girl saw it. Buffalo Calf won't say who else saw it. Matt tells Caleb he killed George and Willy. The girl killed was Little Elk Woman, Caleb's only daughter. Matt says you should've let me handle it. Matt tells Buffalo Calf must go back to Dodge. Caleb turns to shoot Matt. Buffalo Calf shoots Caleb. Matt rides into Dodge with Buffalo Calf, an Indian maiden, and some braves. Buffalo Calf identifies Foster. So does the maiden. Matt arrests Foster. Foster says it was only an Injun. They're not even human.moreless
  • Old Man
    Old Man
    Episode 3
    Joe Silva stops for a drink. Harve Litton rides up. Joe repeatedly insults him. Harve steals his horse. A rattler spooks Harve's horse. He's thrown. They have a knock down drag out fight. Silva rides on. Danny Adams runs down a horse and looks for its owner. He finds an old man in pretty bad shape. Danny takes him to see Doc. Danny and the old man want to go to Colorado. They're eating at Delmonico's. Silva objects to the old man's table manners and smell. Silva bugs Litton in the Long Branch and tells the old man he sounds like a hog. The old man spits whiskey on Silva. Danny and the old man move on to the Lady Gay and get snockered. Litton sees this. Litton stabs Silva when he comes back to his room. Litton carries the old man to Silva's room and puts the knife in his hand. The clerk comments to Matt, Silva still has his hat on. The old man says he didn't do it. The judge finds him guilty and sentences him to hang. Danny gives the old man a gun through the jail window. Matt tells the old man the judge didn't change his mind. He pulls the gun on Matt. Matt won't let him out. Matt sees Danny waiting across the street. Matt says he's taking the old man to Hays City in the morning. He asks Danny if he want's to go. He's hung. Matt and Danny return to Dodge. Danny tells Matt you only done what you had to. Litton tells Sam he did real well at the trial. Litton says the old man was something stabbing him, so fast and easy his hat was still on his head. Litton says the score is settled. Matt says only three people could know about the hat. One being the murderer Matt pummels Litton and locks him up. Matt tells Danny he locked up Silva's murderer. He tells him to get on his horse and don't look back, there's nothing you can do.moreless
  • Crooked Mile
    Crooked Mile
    Episode 2
    Quint has been seeing Susan Deglar for about a month. Cyrus, Susan's father comes in and bullwhips Quint. Festus stops him. Cyrus tells Matt he wants Quint to stay away from Susan. Her mom died twelve years ago. Quint meets Susan. Creed sees them and tells Cyrus. Cyrus is going to strike her with a buggy whip. She grabs the rifle from over the mantle. He leaves. Cyrus has sent for cousin Praylie to kill Quint. Matt suggests Praylie leaves town. Quint and Susan are going to elope, to Kansas City. Praylie tries to shoot Quint but can't get a clear shot. There's a keg of gun powder with a fuse into the hearth at Quint's shop. Festus smells the fuse. They see the keg and run. Quint and Festus come into the Long Branch. Praylie pulls a gun. Matt gets the drop on him. Matt tells him to be on the stage leaving in ten minutes. Susan's packing her bag. Praylie tells Cyrus he's leaving and that Quint bought to tickets to Kansas City. Praylie shoots the lock off of Cyrus' strongbox and takes every cent he has in the world. Praylie sees Matt, Quint and Festus riding up. Susan pulls a rifle on Praylie. He shoots her. Cyrus shoots Praylie.moreless
  • Blue Heaven
    Blue Heaven
    Episode 1
    Kip's on the run. He meets a runaway, Packy Kerlin. Packy's going to Dodge to find his mom and live with her. They argree to travel together, to avoid suspicion. Festus sees, Kip takes his wanted poster down. Kip knows Festus' second cousin once removed, Catfish. Festus tacks the wanted poster for grand larceny and murder back up. Kip looks for Elena Kerlin. Kitty says she's living in rathole alley. She's a mess. Kip tries to get her to clean up her act. Kip leaves Elena's. Tabe and Sykes tell Matt thy're after Kip. Matt sends a telegram to Carter County, Texas to check out Kip. Festus warns Kip. Kip asks Packy to ask Doc to come to Elena's. Kip throws Elena's company out. Kip tells Elena he's her husband Slim. Doc gives her asedative, and says she needs food. Doc is going to send a woman over to clean her up. Matt tells Sykes and Tabe to leave Gilman to the law. Elena is cleaned up and glad to see Packy. Sykes setup Kip. Sykes and Duster pump the stableman for info on Kip. Sykes knocks on Elena's door. They're ready to force their way in. The neighbors converge to dissaude them. Matt shows Tabe the telegram from Texas. The stableman comes to Matt. A rock comes thru Elena's window with Packy's knife tied to it. Kip goes out and calls for Sykes to come out. Festus shoots Duster. Matt shoots Sykes. Matt tells Kip he's in the clear. Some of Sykes friends in Texas told the truth. Kip puts his arms ariund Elena and Packy and says lets go home.moreless