Gunsmoke - Season 4

CBS (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • Cheyennes
    Episode 39
    Matt and Chester come across a family murdered by renegade Cheyennes. The Cavalry arrests Matt by mistake then let him go. Matt goes after the gunrunners who sold the guns to the Indians.
  • Blue Horse
    Blue Horse
    Episode 38
    Matt and Chester are taking a prisoner across the prarie when Matt's horse goes down and breaks Matt's leg. Chester rides for Dodge to get Doc leaving Matt alone with the prisoner. When the prisoner overpowers Matt, Blue Horse comes to Matt's rescue.
  • The Constable
    The Constable
    Episode 37
    The businessmen of Dodge tell the Marshall to stay out of the town affairs while Texas cowboys come to town and hire a constable to deal with things.
  • Print Asper
    Print Asper
    Episode 36
    Lawyer Jay Rabb tries to cheat Print Asper out of his ranch. Print threatens to kill him unless he makes it right. When Rabb is shot he tells the Marshall that Print did it.
  • There Never Was a Horse
    Gunman Kin Creed comes to Dodge and tries everything to get Matt into a gunfight.
  • The Choice
    The Choice
    Episode 34
    Andy Hill comes to Dodge looking for a job. Matt finds out he's wanted for robbery but decides to take a chance on him.
  • Buffalo Hunter
    Buffalo Hunter
    Episode 33
    When a Buffalo hunter dies from injuries from burning lead, Matt and Doc think that their boss (Jim Gatluf) might have had something to do with the man's dying. After Matt speaks with one of Gatluf's employees about the killing of the Buffalo skinner, Matt is convinced that Gatluf murdered the man. Soon after, Chester informs Matt that another Buffalo skinner had been murdered. Since Matt is now convinced without any doubt that Gatluf committed these murders, Matt and Chester set off to bring Gatluf in for murder. While Matt and Chester are searching for Gatluf out on the prairie, they run into a buying agent who tells Matt that he had recently done business with Gatluf. The agent also informs Matt where Gatluf is. When Matt and Chester ride into Gatluf's camp, they discover another one of Gatluf's men who has been attacked by Gatluf with a knife. Matt and Chester finally find Gatluf's camp, but soon discover some more troubling information about this case.moreless
  • Change of Heart
    Change of Heart
    Episode 32
    Bella Grant is brought to Dodge by Brisco Cass (Ken Curtis) to get Jerry Cass away from his ranch so his brother, Brisco, can claim the ranch as his own.
  • Murder Warrant
    Murder Warrant
    Episode 31
    Lee Prentice is shot by Jake Harbin who has a dead or alive bogus murder warrant for him. Matt has to try and figure a way to keep him and Sherriff Ben Goddard from taking Lee back.
  • Renegade White
    Renegade White
    Episode 30
    Matt goes after Ord Spencer for murder. He gets thrown by his horse and hits his head then gets kidnapped by the Cheyene.
  • Fawn
    Episode 29
    Matt rescues a white woman (who was let go by the Cheyene) and a child from buffalo hunters then has to protect her from her Boston husband.
  • Wind
    Episode 28
    Men at the Long Branch believe one of the "saloon girls" brings them luck at Blackjack. Matt's suspicious and tries to run her and the dealer out of Dodge when men start killing each other over her.
  • The F.U. (aka Al Clovis)
    When Onie Becker is shot down on the streets of Dodge after quarreling with Al Clovis in a poker game, everyone thinks Al Clovis committed the shooting. The plot thickens after Matt and Chester pursue Clovis on a train headed out of Dodge.
  • The Coward
    The Coward
    Episode 26
    Gambler Ed Eby has a grudge against the Marshall and starts talking about how "big" someone would be if they were to kill Matt.
  • The Bear
    The Bear
    Episode 25
    Joe Plummer is mad and jealous because his boss Mike Blocker is marrying Tilda. So he tries to frame Blocker for murder.
  • Doc Quits
    Doc Quits
    Episode 24

    When another doctor shows up in Dodge promising lower doctor's fees and miracle cures, Doc gets angry and many Dodge citizens think Doc Adams has quit as Dodge's doctor.

    When Doc comes up missing, Matt looks for Doc and finds him fishing outside of Dodge. Doc tells Matt that he thinks the new doctor is nothing but a quack.

    Doc's beliefs are later proven to be true when the new doctor's medical treatments amost kill a young boy.

  • Sky
    Episode 23
    While Chester is teaching Miss Kitty guitar playing and singing technics, the cowpokes at the Long Branch are making quite a fuss over Frog mouth Kate. Kate has a fondness for a younger man almost half her age (Billy Daunt). Billy does not share the same feelings for Kate and runs away much to the delight to the Long Branch barflies. Late that night, Chester wakes Matt in the middle of the night to tell Matt that Kate had been shot at Ma Torvet's boarding house. Ma Torvet tells Matt that Billy was the one who shot Kate. Ma also believes that Billy shot Kate because Kate kept some money stashed away under her bed. Matt and Chester search the countryside for Billy Daunt. While Matt and Chester are conducting their search, they discover the wife of a destitute farmer who claims Billy killed her husband and tortured a very old man. Matt and Chester finally overtake a desperate Billy Daunt and transport Billy back to Dodge. Shortly after their arrival in Dodge, Matt finds out some more troubling news about this casemoreless
  • Kitty's Rebellion
    Kitty's Rebellion
    Episode 22
    An old friend of the family comes to Dodge looking for Kitty, but when he finds out she's a saloon owner, he's dismayed. Intent on defending her honor wherever she is insulted, he nearly gets himself killed. Kitty finally tells him that she has no honor, and he keeps making a fool out of himself thinking otherwise. It sends him away and saves his life at the same time.moreless
  • Jayhawkers
    Episode 21
    Dolph Quince (Jack Elam) sends Phil Jacks (Ken Curtis) into Dodge to bring Marshall Dillon out to their herd to help with Jayhawkers.
  • Love of a Good Woman
    Doc's nurse from the war, Abbie, comes to Dodge. So does Coney who's out to kill Matt for putting him in jail for 5 years. Coney gets sick and Abbie takes care of him.
  • Passive Resistance
    Passive Resistance
    Episode 19
    Joe Kell and Hank Voyles kill all Gideon Seek's sheep and burn his house but Gideon won't tell the Marshall who did it.
  • Marshal Proudfoot
    Marshal Proudfoot
    Episode 18
    Matt goes along with a hoax when Chester's aging Uncle Wesley arrives for a visit. Wesley thinks Chester is the marshal and Dillion is his assistant.
  • Young Love
    Young Love
    Episode 17
    Rod Allison and Jim Box work for Jesse Wheat. Jim kills Jesse. Rod is in love with Jesse's widow Anna. Jim starts selling Anna's cattle and shoots Rod.
  • Gypsum Hills Feud
    Gypsum Hills Feud
    Episode 16
    Matt & Chester are hunting when Matt gets shot at. This puts him in the middle of a feud.
  • Snakebite
    Episode 15
    When two town troublemakers kill Poney Thompson's dog , Poney goes after the two men. When one of the men who shot and killed Poney's Dog is found dead, Matt and Chester suspect that Poney killed the man. Matt is forced to arrest Poney, but as Chester is taking Poney to jail, Poney escapes from Chester Matt, Chester and one of the men who killed Poney's dog (Jed Hakes), go after Poney. Along the trail, Matt and Chester discover Poney dead in a cave from a snakebite wound. Jed Hakes later makes a fatal slip of the tongue and reveals that he killed his partner (Walt Moorman).moreless
  • Robber Bridegroom
    Robber Bridegroom
    Episode 14
    Jack Fitch, a down on his luck rancher, robs the stage and kidnaps Laura. They fall in love but Laura's fiance wants Jack killed.
  • The Cast
    The Cast
    Episode 13
    Shell Tucker is normally a friendly and peaceful sort of a man. When Shell Tucker's wife swallows a nail, Shell's son (Rufe Tucker) sends for Doc Adams; however, Doc is unable to save Mrs. Tucker from this illness. Since Matt knows that Shell Tucker dislikes Doctors, Matt thinks Shell might try and take the death of his wife out on Doc Adams.. When Doc is shot at on the streets of Dodge, Matt, Chester and Doc ride out to Shell Tucker's farm to talk with Shell. Upon their arrival, they all notice that Shell's horse appears to have a broken leg. Doc believes that it is just a small fracture in the horse's leg and with the placement of a cast, the horse can be saved from being destroyed. Matt tells Shell that he will be arrested for attempted murder unless he agrees to let Doc treat the horse. Several weeks pass when Shell rides into Dodge and confronts Chester. Chester tells Matt and Doc that Shell might be out to get Doc Adams, but when Matt finally confronts Shell Tucker, he finds out the true reason on Shell's visit to Dodge.moreless
  • Grass
    Episode 12
    Joe Carter and Earl Brant try scaring Harry Pope pretending to be Indians. Pope defends himself killing Carter so their boss Ned Curry wants revenge.
  • How to Kill a Friend
    Ben Corden and Harry Duggan try to bribe Matt so they can run a crooked game. When the Marshall refuses they hire an old friend of Matt's (Toque Morlan) to kill him.
  • Lynching Man
    Lynching Man
    Episode 10
    Bob Gringle and Ed Shelby lynch Hank Blenis and take his horse. Charlie Drain doesn't think Matt is doing a good enough job trying to find the lynchers and decides to do it himself.
  • Land Deal
    Land Deal
    Episode 9
    A man tries to swindle a group of immigrants with the promise of railroad land and then tries to run off with the wife of one the immigrants.
  • Lost Rifle
    Lost Rifle
    Episode 8
    Andy Spangler finds the body of Will Gibbs and suspects Ben Tiple of the murder. But Tiple is a good friend of Matt's and Ben denies murdering Gibbs. Matt tries to help Ben out.
  • Stage Hold-Up
    Stage Hold-Up
    Episode 7
    Three men hold up the stage Marshall Dillon and Chester are riding on. One of the men kills a passenger. In Dodge the Marshall recognizes the voice of one of the robbers.
  • Thoroughbreds
    Episode 6
    Jack Portis comes to Dodge City and Matt is suspicious of him. Kitty sees him in a gunfight and claims she saw him draw first against two cowboys.
  • Letter of the Law
    Letter of the Law
    Episode 5
    When Matt is forced to serve an eviction notice on farmer Brandon Teek, Matt tries every way he can to help the farmer. Matt tries to speak with Judge Rambeau in the hope the Judge will stop the eviction process in the proper legal manner. When the Judge refuses to stop the court order eviction of Brandon Teek, Matt refuses to serve the eviction. The Judge hires another man to evict Teek, but the man finds the job of evicting Brandon Teek harder than he ever thought it would be. The man hired to evict Brandon Teek meets resistance from Brandon Teek and a scuffle ensues. Brandon's pregnant wife, Sarah Teek, is injured in the scuffle and loses her child because of the injuries suffered.moreless
  • Monopoly
    Episode 4
    A stranger by the name of Ivy comes to Dodge and proceeds to buy up all the local freight lines. Old Joe Trimble refuses to sell and soon afterwards his home is set on fire. Trimble's wife dies in the fire.
  • Gunsmuggler
    Episode 3
    When renegade Pawnee Indians attack some local ranchers, Matt and Major Evans think that white gunrunners supplied the Renegades the rifles. Matt, Chester and Indian scout Tobeel, go the scene of the massacre to pick up the trail of the renegades in the hopes that the Indians will lead them to the camp of the gunrunners. One thing that the gunrunners were not counting on was that the riffles that were sold to the renegades were an outdated Henry 44. Matt thinks that once the Indian renegades find out that they have been cheated and have purchased outdated rifles that no longer have the ammunition in supply, the Indians will go after the gunsmugglers. The Indians do take out revenge on one of the Gunsmugglers, but the other man tries to flee. With the information supplied by a cowboy on the prairie, Matt finally arrives in the camp of the remaining gumsmuggler to confront the man.moreless
  • The Patsy
    The Patsy
    Episode 2
    After a young man is shot in the back, people think it was young Fly Hoyt. Holly Fanshaw was the only person who saw the murder happen and she tells Matt that Fly Hoyt committed the murder The Older Brother (Joe Thorp)vows revenge for the murder of his Brother. After Holly gives this information to Matt, Matt and Chester set off to bring in Fly Hoyt for murder. After Matt talks to Fly Hoyt, Matt thinks that Fly did not commit the murder and attempts to prove Fly's innocence. Fly gets into this deeper when Holly is shot. Hoyt claims someone shot Holly and the person who shot Holly also knocked Hoyt in the head from behind. Kitty thinks Hoyt is the murderer and can not understand why Matt is supportive of Hoyt. Matt's lawman's instincts and experience determine that Hoyt did not commit these murders. Matt's investigation finally brings him back to Joe Thorp again.moreless
  • Matt for Murder
    Matt for Murder
    Episode 1
    Matt resigns as Marshall after Tom Samples accuses Matt of killing an innocent man. However Doc, Matt and Matt's old friend Wild Bill Hickock come up with a plan that might clear Matt of this erroneous charge of murder.