Gunsmoke - Season 6

CBS (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • Colorado Sheriff
    Colorado Sheriff
    Episode 38
    Matt and Chester find Rod Ellison out on the prairie with bullet in his back. When Ben Whitter shows up with a bullet in his shoulder, Matt thinks it might be the man shooting at them out on the prairie. Whitter says he’s a deputy from Colorado and he’s been trailing Ellison.moreless
  • Melinda Miles
    Melinda Miles
    Episode 37
    Tom Potter is courting Melinda Miles. When Roy Tayloe is killed Melinda’s dad thinks Tom did it but Melinda gives Tom an alibi.
  • The Love of Money
    The Love of Money
    Episode 36
    Nate Tatum, an ex-U.S. Marshal, stops in Dodge to say hi to Matt. Nate is killed, shot in the back and Matt thinks Bonnie, the new girl at the Long Branch might have something to do with it.
  • Chester's Dilemma
    Chester's Dilemma
    Episode 35
    Edna Walsh comes to Dodge. Chester gets her a job at Jonas’s store. Edna steals a letter meant for the Marshal. Chester has to make a decision on how to handle it.
  • The Imposter
    The Imposter
    Episode 34
    Sheriff Ab Stringer from Miami, TX. sends Matt a telegram asking for help with a prisoner. Turns out he’s looking for Rob Curtain who isn’t who he says he is but neither is the Sheriff.
  • Hard Virtue
    Hard Virtue
    Episode 33
    Hot tempered Andy Coe and his wife want to sell their wagon to Moss but can’t when Ed Fallon’s team spooks and crashes into their wagon. Fallon pays for the broken wagon and gives Andy a job. Fallon is sweet on Andy’s wife.
  • Long Hours, Short Pay
    Matt is on the trail of a gunrunner and catches him. However the Indians catch Matt and take him prisoner and release the gunrunner.
  • Bless Me Till I Die
    Bless Me Till I Die
    Episode 31
    Cole Treadwell and his wife get into Dodge and Nate Bush tries to run them out of town. Cole is studying to become a doctor. Bush continues to bother the Treadwells and threatens everyone who helps them. Cole is hiding a secret.
  • Minnie
    Episode 30
    Rough and rowdy Minnie comes to Dodge City and sets her designs on Doc Adams much to the delight of Matt, Chester and Kitty.

    Trouble comes though when Minnie's husband comes to Dodge and finds out that his Minnie is sweet on Doc.
  • Stolen Horses
    Stolen Horses
    Episode 29

    Jim is murdered and his horses stolen. After burying Jim, Matt and Chester go looking for Tebow, the man who did it. The trail they pick-up leads to a Kiowa camp where they find the stolen horses.

  • Little Girl
    Little Girl
    Episode 28
    Matt & Chester come upon a burning house. A man is dead but his step daughter is alive and now orphaned.
  • Big Man
    Big Man
    Episode 27
    Pat Swarmer gives Kitty a hard time at the Long Branch. Matt comes in and hits Pat and makes him leave but Swarmer says he’ll be back and get Kitty. When Pat is beaten to death Jud, who was drunk at the time, thinks he saw the Marshal do it. Matt has to prove it wasn’t him that did it.moreless
  • Old Faces
    Old Faces
    Episode 26
    Tilda and Tom Cook come to Dodge. Ed Ivers and Varden start trouble with Tom at the Long Branch. Tom is going to face Ivers in a gunfight until Tilda tells Tom the truth about her past. Ivers eggs Tom into a fight anyway.
  • Potshot
    Episode 25
    Hutch Dawkins sets off firecrackers in front of the Long Branch. Chester gets shot by a man hiding in the alley. Matt thinks its bank robbers trying to get him. Matt gets the robbers but they didn’t shoot Chester. Kitty thinks Hutch might have shot Chester.
  • Harriet
    Episode 24
    Harriet’s father is murdered out on the prairie and she walks 40 miles to Dodge. She lies to the Marshal about what happened out on the prairie then gets a job at the Long Branch to look for the men who murdered her dad.
  • About Chester
    About Chester
    Episode 23
    Matt and Chester go looking for Doc who’s missing. Chester’s horse comes up lame and when he comes upon a small ranch he gets taken prisoner.
  • Kitty Shot
    Kitty Shot
    Episode 22
    Kitty is shot by a man named Bayloe. Matt goes after Bayloe and catches him but while trying to bring him back to Dodge, they keep getting shot at.
  • Bad Seed
    Bad Seed
    Episode 21
    Trudy Trainer sneaks into Matt’s camp and tries to steal some meat. Trudy ran away from home and Matt tells her he’s bringing her back in the morning. Matt decides to bring Trudy to Dodge then the trouble begins.
  • Love Thy Neighbor
    Love Thy Neighbor
    Episode 20
    12 yr old Pete Scooper dies after tearing his leg on barbed wire and getting blood poisoning. Leroy Galloway and his son chased Pete thinking he stole a sack of potatoes. Ben Scooper and his other son Harley come gunning for the Galloways. A bloody feud ensues with no winners.
  • Tall Trapper
    Tall Trapper
    Episode 19
    Marv Rowley and his wife Tassie stop for the night and camp with a trapper named Ben. Marv comes into Dodge for a doctor saying his wife is sick but when Doc gets there he discovers she was beaten to death. Rowley accuses Ben. When Matt gets to the wagon her body is gone.moreless
  • Unloaded Gun
    Unloaded Gun
    Episode 18

    When 2 outlaws shoot and kill a storekeeper and his young employee, Matt sets out on to the prairie to find the killers.

    When one of the killers (Red Lime) dies from a gunshot wound from Marshall Dillon's gun, the other outlaw (Joe Lime) vows revenge onhim for killing his brother

    When Matt returns back to Dodge without the men and with a fever, Doc giveshim something to help him rest and fight the fever.

    While Matt is resting, Chester cleans Matt's gun. Chester removes all of the bullets from the chambers, but beforehe can put the bullets back intothe gun,he gets a message that Doc wants to seehim inhis office

    While Chester is up in Doc's office, the other killer rides back into Dodge wanting revenge for Matt killing his brother. He tells Carl the stable man that he plans to kill Matt.

    Carl the stable man tells Miss Kitty that the outlaw Joe Lime was now in Dodge and is gunning for Matt. Miss Kitty awakens Matt from a state of fever to warn him that Joe Lime is after him.

    Matt finally finds Joe Lime hiding in the horse stables.

    A fevered Matt and the outlaw have a shootout at the stables, but a strange twist of fate occurs. While Matt is suffering from the ill effects of the fever, Joe Lime grabs Matt's gun. He attempts to fire several shots at Matt, but since Chester had removed the bullets from Matt's gun and did not place the bullets back into Matt's gun, the gun does not fire.

    Chester hears the shooting and takes Joe Lime into custody.

  • Bad Sheriff
    Bad Sheriff
    Episode 17
    Ed Gance shoots his partner thinking he’s trying to back shoot him. James Hark and Bill Turloe catch Gance and pretend to bring him in for the reward. Matt and Chester meet them on the prairie and tell them they’ll all ride back to Dodge together.
  • Brother Love
    Brother Love
    Episode 16
    Gus Blake is killed when Jonas’s store is robbed by one of the Cumber’s brothers. Matt has to figure out which brother it was Nate or Frank.
  • Old Fool
    Old Fool
    Episode 15
    A scheming woman (Else Hedgepath), who is after the money and wealth of Hannibal Bass, makes a play for Hannibal, but runs into some serious, SERIOUS trouble though when she tangles with *MRS* Bass!
  • The Cook
    The Cook
    Episode 14
    Sandy Keane takes over as the cook at Delmonico’s and suddenly the place is loaded with customers. One customer complains about his eggs and hits Sandy in the head with a plate. Sandy hits the man back and kills him. Matt and Chester go after him. Sandy stops at a farm and sweet talks Effie. Her father catches them kissing and almost kills them till Matt shows up and takes Sandy back to Dodge.moreless
  • The Wake
    The Wake
    Episode 13
    Gus Mather comes into Dodge and throws a big wake for a man named Orson Boggs Doc and Chester are suspicious of this whole wake situation, but Chester and Doc attend the wake nonetheless and partake of the free drinks. When Matt comes back to Dodge from his business trip, Chester informs Matt on what has been going on . Matt also thinks something strange is going on as well. Matt and Chester are so suspicious of Gus Mather's story about Orson Boggs, they decide to do an investigation on all of this. While Matt and Chester are doing an investigation, they run into a man on the prairie. He tells them that he knows of a Orson Boggs, but has never heard of Gus Mather. He tells Matt that Orson Boggs lived in the Red Bank area of the prairie. Matt and Chester find Orson Bogg's farm. They discover Bogg's wife at the farm. Mrs. Boggs tells Matt that her husband is certainly not dead and that this story that Gus Mather is telling in Dodge about Orson being dead is false. Mrs Boggs come to Dodge to get to the bottom of this situation. When she goes into Miss Kitty's saloon to look around, she makes a strange discovery. Determined to find out the true facts of this Orson Boggs situation, Matt, Chester and Doc dig up the grave of Orson Boggs. What they find at the grave makes them even more puzzled about this case. Mrs. Boggs finally catches up to Gus Mather and the truth of all of this is finally made know.moreless
  • No Chip
    No Chip
    Episode 12
    Hutch Dolan and his brothers cause trouble by putting their cattle on Jeff Mossman’s land. They cause more trouble but pouring flour onto Pete, Jeff’s son. When Jeff confronts the Dolan’s with a gun, Hutch shoots him. With Jeff in town at Doc's the Dolan's ride back to Mossman's ranch.
  • Ben Tolliver's Stud
    Ben Tolliver's Stud
    Episode 11
    Ben Tolliver quits working Jake Creed. Ben’s in love with Jake’s daughter Nancy. Jake accuses Ben of stealing one of his stud horses. Ben tells Matt he took the horse because Jake didn’t pay him his wages. Matt and Chester go to see Jake. Nancy defends Ben to Matt. Matt tells Jake to stay away from Ben. Ben and Nancy meet behind the Marshal’s office and Ben decides to sell the stud so he and Nancy can get married. Jake hurts the horse and Ben goes after him.moreless
  • Distant Drummer
    Distant Drummer
    Episode 10
    Raffie Bligh comes to Dodge with his drum. Grade makes Raffie play his drum. Sloate & Grade corner Raffie in the stable and make him crawl on a rafter to get his drum. When Grade is found dead everyone thinks Raffie did it.
  • The Badge
    The Badge
    Episode 9
    While Marshall Matt Dillon is riding alone on a prairie road, he is shot and taken captive by two outlaws who at first wanted his horse. Once they discover he is a marshall they decide to use him to escape to Texas. After they discover he is a marshall Rack rides off to find another horse. Matt is weak from being shot so Rack decides to take the bullet out. All Augie wants is to kill Matt and wear his badge. One thing that Matt notices right off is how abusive one of the outlaws is to the other. Rack abuses and humiliates Augie. After Matt sees how Rack abuses Augie, Matt tries to play on Augie's anger at Rack in the hopes that Augie might help Matt in this predicament. After Matt works on Augie's hatred towards Rack, Matt waits for an opportunity to strike back.moreless
  • The Worm
    The Worm
    Episode 8
    A buffalo hunter (Spadden) and his partner Ritchie come to Dodge City causing trouble. Spadden has the reputation for bullying other people and bullying his buffalo skinner, Ritchie. When Jim Cornet's friend is killed in a fight by Spadden, Spadden and Cornet have angry words. Later that evening, Matt and Chester discover Jim Cornet's body lying dead in an alley. They also discover Spadden lying drunk in the alley just a few feet away from Jim Cornet's body. Since Matt and Cornet had been arguing earlier, Matt thinks that Spadden might have murdered Cornet. Spadden is tried for murder, but the Judge is of the opinion that there is just not enough evidence to convict Spadden. Spadden is acquitted from the charge of murder. Matt thinks that there are some unusual circumstances in this case and launches an investigation. Matt discovers Ritchie's body in the stable. Spadden admits he beat Ritchie to death. As the investigation unfolds, Matt finally gets to the true facts of who killed Jim Cornett.moreless
  • Don Matteo
    Don Matteo
    Episode 7
    Garth Tabor makes threats after Bill Pence throws him out of the Long Branch for being rough with the ladies. Estaban Garcia (Matt’s old friend comes into Dodge looking for Matt and Tabor. Estaban wants to kill a man. Matt tells Estaban that he’ll have to come after him if he kills anyone. Bert Grimes gets shot in the leg about a days ride from Dodge. He tells Matt that Tabor was at his place looking for water and that a Mexican came up and started shooting. Matt and Chester go out there and find Estaban.moreless
  • The Peace Officer
    The Peace Officer
    Episode 6
    Stella (played by Susan Cummings) leaves Tascosa to escape her bad boyfriend Clegg Rawlins. Stella is shot when she tries to help Matt. Matt takes her to a rancher's cabin and takes care of her wound. Then brings her back to Dodge.
  • Shooting Stopover
    Shooting Stopover
    Episode 5
    While Matt and Chester are transporting a prisoner on a stage coach to Wichita, Matt learns that the stage is also carrying gold. Matt fears that outlaws might attack the stage for the gold. While at a stagecoach stopover, the outlaws attack the station. Matt, Chester, the stagecoach driver along with a traveling preacher and a young woman, attempt to fight off the outlaws the best they can.moreless
  • Say Uncle
    Say Uncle
    Episode 4
    Martin Nagel is a hard working store owner that has plans to build up his business and eventually leave the business to his son, Lee Nagel. When Martin Nagel is killed in a freak accident, Lee Nagel thinks that his Uncle (Hutch) did the killing. Lee is highly suspicious of his Uncle Hutch and attempts to convince Marshall Dillon that his Uncle killed his Father to claim the family business.moreless
  • Small Water
    Small Water
    Episode 3
    Matt & Chester are bringing in Leroy Finn to face murder charges. Leroy gets the drop on Chester during the night and Matt kills him. Matt & Chester go to Leroy's home to tell his father about what happened and to tell him to keep the rest of his sons out of Dodge. While there Matt tells Chester Mr Finn looks like a man on a wanted poster so they try to bring him in but Finn's sons follow and make the going tough.moreless
  • The Blacksmith
    The Blacksmith
    Episode 2
    German immigrant and town blacksmith, Emil Wolhter and his German mail order bride, Gretchen Mueller, are to be married. Matt, Doc and Chester along with Emil meet Gretchen at the stage station. Emil and Gretchen throw a big wedding party for all their friends in Dodge;however, not everyone in Dodge is friendly to Emil and Gretchen. Town troublemaker Tolman has it in for Emil because Tolman thinks that Emil cheated him in a blacksmith deal. Tolman and his gang scheme up a plan to get Emil Wolhter out of his house. While Emil is out of his house one evening, Tolman and his gang of troublemakers burn Emil's house to the ground. When Matt offers to help Emil find the men who did this, Emil rejects Matt's offer and pursues these men by himself. Emil administers his own brand of justice to the men.moreless
  • Friend's Pay-Off
    Friend's Pay-Off
    Episode 1
    Matt’s good friend Ab Butler sends a note to him saying he’s laying out near Cotton Well with a bullet in his back. Matt and Chester go to find him and bring him back to Dodge. Ab tells Matt he’s got to stay hid but won’t tell him who it was that shot him. All he’ll tell Matt is that he didn’t do anything wrong. When the man who shot Ab comes to Dadge looking for him, Matt gets a surprise.moreless