Gunsmoke - Season 7

CBS (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • The Boys
    Episode 34
    Proffessor Eliot and his three boys, Park, Hug and Nate are hawking his elixir. Mollie Farnum and her father are waiting for the stage to Pueblo. The boys attack that stage dressed as Indians. The driver and Molly are killed. Farnum sees a scar on Hug's right hand. The boys are drinking at the Long Branch. Farnum comes in and sees the scar. Outside Farnum gets clunked on the head. Eliot is stirring the town against the Indians. Hug says he and the boys will take care of the Indians for $600. The town offers $300. They go looking for Indians. They shoot three and bring them into town. The boys rob a train of $10,000 in gold. Farnum tells Matt the stage was robbed by white men, as he dies. Matt looks in Eliot's wagon. Matt tries to turn Hug against Eliot. Hug wounds Nate. Nate kills Hug. Park says he's leaving. Eliot's wagon returns to Dodge. Eliot goes to dig the gold up. Matt catches him.moreless
  • The Prisoner
    The Prisoner
    Episode 33
    Billy Joe escapes from an army disciplinary barracks work detail killing Sergeant Jellicoe in the process. The Major, his two sons, Seth and Ham, and his daughter-in-law, Sarah come to town for supplies. Billy Joe gets in a fight at the Long Branch. Matt tells him to get outta Dodge. Matt gets a wanted poster on William Joseph Arlen, and heads out looking for Billy Joe. Billy Joe's horse threw him. Matt finds him. the Major and Seth ride up and say, Billy Joe killed Ham and attacked Sarah. They'll bring proof. Matt locks up Billy Joe. Doc says Sarah sits like she is frozen. The Major brings Sarah to identify Billy Joe. She states he was there. He says he just had coffee and left. The Major won't let him be returned to the army to face federal charges first. Sarah overhears Doc and Kitty of the Major's plans. She tells the Major he didn't kill Ham. Seth shoots Billy Joe. Matt shoots Seth. Seth shot Ham so he could marry Sarah.moreless
  • Chester's Indian
    Episode 32
    Chester is leaving to visit his cousin Thurlow. In Kalvesta, Simeon brings a Cheyene Indian tied up into Adam's general store. Later it is heard the Indian escaped. Callie goes to get water. The Indian appears and asks for help. Callie tells him to hide till morning. Adam and his son Frank go to town. Callie gathers some things and goes looking for the Indian. Chester stops by for water and grain. He shoots the Indian who was trying to steal a horse and escape. Callie tells Chester he has to help him. He digs the bullet out. Callie finds them. She tells Chester we can't let him die. They see Pa coming, Callie and the Indian hide. She sends Chester to town for medical supplies. Chester takes the Indian to a nearby shack. Callie says she wants to stay with the Indian always. The Indian pulls a rifle on them and takes Chester's horse. Callie pleads to go with him. He rides off. Chester goes to catch a stage.moreless
  • Cale
    Episode 31
    Cale rides up to a farm, no one is around. He puts his horse in the barn and goes to sleep in the hay. Sterret, the fired hired hand returns to steal Nick's, the owner, horses. Nick and Sterret trade bullets. Nick is hit and falls into the barn. He thinks Cale is with Sterret and shoots him. Cale follows Sterret who shoots him. Matt runs across Cale and takes him to Doc. Nick's son. Will dug the bullet out of Nick. Cale leaves Doc's. Hank Miller finds him in the hayloft of the livery stable. Sterret brings his horse into the livery. Cale recognizes him, and straps on his gun. Will and Nick come to see Matt. Matt finds Hank tied up. Hank says he took his horse and rode off with Sterret. Cale takes Sterret to Nick's barn. Cale is going to shoot Sterret to avenge Nick who he thinks is dead. Nick comes in, Sterret tries to get his rifle. Cale shoots Sterret.moreless
  • The Dreamers
    Episode 30
    Henry Cairn has bought the Lady Gay and is selling whiskey for ten cents. Ten cents cheaper than Kitty. Kitty's business is on the rocks. The banker won't loan her any money. Henry's partner Fogle calls Kitty the witch woman, because she's ruining their plans to buy a Mississippi river boat. Henry tells Kitty he's sorry it had to be this way, and the sooner they are married the better. Kitty starts flinging whatever is in reach at him. Fogle tells Kitty the only thing to do is kill her. Cairn comes in and kills Fogle to save Kitty.moreless
  • The Summons
    Episode 29
    Loy Bishop kills his buddy Jake Mosely and takes him to Matt for the bounty. Matt has no wanted poster on Jake and arrests Loy. The wanted poster shows up. Loy is set free. Matt says he'll find him when the money comes in. Loy keeps trying to get Chester to drink with him at the Long Branch. Chester says he doesn't drink with a backshooter. The Dodge House won't give Loy a room. Matt won't let Loy sleep in the jail. A telegraph says the reward has been withdrawn. Matt tells Loy to git. Loy returns to his farm and Rose Ellen, Dawkins and Cape. Loy tells them they are going to take a town. Loy has a fake telegram sent to have Matt come to Ashland. Matt finds out from the telegrapher he was forced to send the telegram. Matt tries to find Sheriff Hale. Rose Ellen throws a beer in Matt's face. That night Rose Ellen tells Matt she knows where Hale is. She says to meet behind the saloon. Dawkins, Cape and the bartender subdue Matt. Loy drags Rose Ellen in saying you weren't supposed to be here. Matt wakes up shackled at the farm. Hale is buried outside. Loy tells Matt he swings at dawn. Rose Ellen tells Matt I tried to warn you. She unlocks him and gives him a gun. Matt clunks Dawkins, kills Cape and wounds Loy. Rose Ellen is under the mistaken impression the Matt wants her to come to Dodge to be her woman. Matt leaves with Loy and Dawkins. Rose Ellen stays on the farm.moreless
  • The Dealer
    Episode 28
    Lily asks her Pa, Billy Baskin where he's been. They have a good crowd for Faro in Joseph City, Missouri. Johnny Cole tries to get Lily to sit with him. She won't. Cole catches Billy cheating, Cole kills Billy in self defense, while Lily is upstair. She is told Johnny Cole killed her father. The sheriff tells Cole to get out of town. Lily goes to Dodge and asks Kitty if she can deal Faro for her. Kitty agrees. Lily runs a cheater off. Drunken Champ Larkin, an aging bare knuckle fighter, says Lily is her girl. Matt tells him to go home and sober up. He comes back later to apologize. Cole addresses Lily saying they met about a year ago. Champ warns Cole to stay away from Lily. Cole asks Lily to go on a picnic. Lily has Sam take a note to Champ. Cole tells Lily he loves her and he wants to make it up to her, for killing her Pa. Champ shows up to fight. He knocks Cole out. Champ comes at Lily. She kills him and lays Cole's gun near Champ. Matt comes. Cole says he killed Champ. Matt tells him don't cover for Lily. Lily tells Matt she shot Champ. Matt sets Cole free. He's leaving and asks Matt to give Lily an envelope full of money after he's gone. Cole comes by and Lily tells him to go away. Matt tells her she is a fool and gives her the envelope. She goes after Cole.moreless
  • Wagon Girls
    Episode 27
    Lee and Harv come into the Long Branch at closing and raise heck. Matt clobbers them and puts the in jail. In the morning Matt gives them 15 minutes to get out of Dodge. Chester reads an in two month old paper for brides for rich Colorado miners. Lee and Harve rob Jonas' general store. Matt rides out to find them. He finds Polly Mims, who ran away from a wagon train. The wagonmaster is Carl Feester, with eight women heading to the Colorado miners. Florida, who's in charge of the women tells Feester he can get $100 ahead. Matt and Polly reach the train. They have heard the Arapaho are the warpath. Matt says he will ride with them to Fort Wallace. Feester and Bowman his helper says they'll kill Matt later. Two Indians come up to the train. They need water for an injured boy. Matt obliges. They circle the wagons for the evening. Matt tells Florida he knows the women are to be dance hall girls. Carl wakes Polly to take a walk, she refuses. Matt cleans his clock. Matt hears indians. About a dozen Indians ride up. Matt goes out to talk. Chief Red Knife says your water saved my son, we no burn your wagons. At Fort Wallace Matt asks the Captain if there is anyway to keep the women from going to Colorado. They have a dance. The women all pair off with troopers. Grant tells Feester life of a trooper's wife is rough but better than a dance hall. Feister and Bowman are escorted out. The two guys that Matt was after were deserters. Now caught, they are doing two years hard labor.moreless
  • Durham Bull
    Episode 26
    In a stage hold up by four men, Downey shoots the driver, against the plans of Silva who watches from a hill. Silva says they're heading 200 miles south to Dodge. Silva leaves Downey out in the middle of no where with no boots, gun or horse. Henry Squires and his grandson Little Bit are going to St. Joe to pick a prize hereford and two heifers. On the train ride back to Dodge, two of holdup guys, Kearny and Wade get into the car with Henry and the cattle. In a gunfight Henry kills Kearny and wings Wade who jumps off. Silva sees the cattle in town and talks to Henry, who tells him they're leaving at first light. Silva and Dodd are going to hold up the Dodge House. Polk and Wade are to steal the cattle. Polk figures he's been double crossed. Wade shoots at Little Bit. Little Bit shoots at the hooves of Wade's horse. Wade is thrown and hits his head on a rock. Henry tells Matt he remembers Wade saying there are others in Dodge that have bigger things to do. Silva and Rudd rob the Dodge House. Polk shoots Rudd, Matt shoots Polk. Silva goes into the stables. Henry follows. They get into a gunfight. Matt enters and shoots Silva. Henry, Little Bit and the cattle head for Texas in the morning.moreless
  • The Widow
    Episode 25
    Mattie Arthur arrives on the stagecoach. She is the wife of Captain Frank Arthur, killed by the Kiowa four months ago. Corporal Johnny Jennings was the only survivor of the battle. She has come to find her husband, who she thinks may be a prisoner. She wants him or his body. Colonel Ebert can't help due to the treaty. Matt tells her he agrees with the colonel. She offers a reward to anyone bringing her husband back dead or alive. Jennings says the captain was run through with a lance. A wolfer, Emil Peck, agrees to take her to Lands Creek, the site of the battle. The Hotel clerk tells Matt, Mattie skipped out. Colonel Ebert won't send troopers. Matt asks for Jennings who goes. Peck is ready to ax Mattie. Matt saves the day. She pulls a "gun" on Matt. A large number of Kiowa appear. Little Bear takes them to Lands Creek. The Kiowa have given Arthur an indian burial wrapped in a chief's blanket. All Mattie has wanted all along is proof of his death for the will and insurance.moreless
  • Coventry
    Episode 24
    The official summary is Matt persuades Dodge City to ignore a criminal. He never actually talks to the town about ignoring the criminal, they just all do it.
  • Reprisal
    Episode 23
    Married Oren Conrad is seeing bar girl Pearl. Hank Ives wants some of Pearl's time. Oren draws his gun, Matt shoots him. Oren's wife Cornelia vows revenge. She tries to hire Pete Wellman to Kill Matt. He declines, but knows who might. Jim BLake also says no. She says she will exact an eye for an eye herself. She tries to shoot Matt's woman, Kitty, but Matt stops her. Ben Hardin has a score to settle with Matt. Ben sparks Cornelia. She tells Ben she must punish Matt to be free. She tells Ben she loves him. Ben says he'll set her free. Matt goes to meet Ben at Indian Wells. Cornelia realizes she really is in love, and rides out to stop Ben. Ben gets the drop on Matt. Matt convinces him to holster his gun and make it a fair fight. Matt kills him, he dies in Cornelia's arms.moreless
  • The Gallows
    Episode 22
    Pruitt Dover is owed $100 by Ax Parsons. They struggle over a knife after drinking heavily. Pruitt wakes up. Parson is dead with the knife in his chest. Louie Pheeters sees Pruitt ride off. The Elkader sheriff has Pruitt in jail. Matt goes and picks him up. On the way back, a crazy old man shoots Matt. Pruitt kills the guy in a struggle over his knife. Pruitt digs the bullet out. He takes Matt's gun and rides off as he sleeps. He returns, he has been hunting. Back in Dodge he is locked up. Judge Brooking Matt's friend is sick and Judge Henry is in town. Matt speaks up for Pruitt. Henry finds him guilty and sentences him to hang. Matt heads to Hays City with Pruitt for the hanging. Matt tells Pruitt to get on his horse and escape. He does but changes his mind and catches up to Matt. They reach Hays and Pruitt is hung.moreless
  • 2/24/62
    Chester is taken prisoner by Comancheros. He shot one and is to die at dawn. Kisla, the leader's wife, helps Chester and Chavela, her rival to escape. Solis kills Garver and takes over, and tells his men to split up to find Chester. One, Ab Rankin catches up to them. Chester strangles him, but gets clunked on the head in the process. Solis and four of his men find them. Chavela has taken Chester's gun and gets the drop on Solis. Chavela acts like she wants Chester to die, and agrees to marry Solis. They forgot about Rankins's horse. Chester falls off the horse. Matt finds him. Matt convinces Chester Chavela was helping him. She slipped her good luck medal into his shirt pocket.moreless
  • Half Straight
    Episode 20
    Grant Hatcher hires Lute Willis to kill Matt. Lute meets Fanny Fields and sets his hat for her. Lute takes a bottle of whiskey up to Hank Browder, another professional gunman. Lute meets Fanny at the store again and they arrange to meet that night. They meet and kiss, Lute says he is in love with her. Fanny senses something is wrong. Lute wants her to go away with him. Lute tells Fanny he is a hired killer, but he will do it no more. Lute tries to get Browder to kill Matt. Browder says he will do it. Browder shoots thru the office window and wings Chester. Hatcher rides in. Matt gets him to tell that he hired Lute. Matt says you're going to jail. Hatcher draws Matt plugs him. Matt arrests Lute and Browder sees it. Browder comes to the jail window. Lute tells him to tell Fanny she has to be his alibi. Browder follows Fanny out of town and kills her. Doc and Kitty see Fanny's buggy. Browder tells Lute that Fanny agrees. Matt finds Fanny. Matt tells Lute that Fanny was killed and lets him go. Lute goes lookin for Browder. He finds him at the Lady Gay. Lute tells Browder he has to kill Matt if he wants the $250. Lute tells Browder to wait in the alley. Lute warns Matt, who kills Browder. Matt has figured out, Lute set Browder up. Matt tells Lute that Fanny would still be alive if you didn't go half-straight.moreless
  • Catawomper
    Episode 19
    At the square dance Miss Kate Tassel gives up waiting for Bud Bones and goes dancing with Hank. Bud shows up and gets in a fight with Hank. Matt breaks it up. Bud tells Kate if I can't come callin' no one can. Billy Joe comes callin'. Bud throws Billy Joe and Kate in the trough. George Wannamaker comes callin'. Bud ties him up and sends him into town on an old cow. Kate tells Matt she is through with Bud. Bud spanks Kate in the middle of town. Matt tells them to stay away from one another until they cool off. She invites Matt to dinner he declines. She invites Chester to dinner and to teach her to play the guitar. Kate says she is going to San Francisco to play guitar in public. Bud tells her she shouldn't go, she tosses him out. Bud joins the army. In a fight with Indians he tells the lieutenant to give him 50 cartridges. He puts the powder in a canteen. He gets shot, but throws the canteen. It explodes, the soldiers charge and win. Kate tells Chester she is going to San Francisco. The army comes thru town. Kate goes over to Bud. Bud tells her he loves her and wants to marry. Kate follows him to Fort Dodge to take care of her man.moreless
  • Old Dan
    Episode 18
    Luke is raising heck at the bar. Matt locks him up. Doc finds a drunk, Dan Witter, by the side of the road. He takes him to his office and feeds him. Doc tells the bars in town not to serve him. Doc gets Dan a job with Mr. Jonas. Luke's dad, Lem, comes to get him out. Luke says he's taking off. Jonas asks Dan to lock up for him. Dan drinks all the vanilla extract. They find him passed out on the floor. He is taken to Doc's office. Lem tells he needs help on his farm. Dan goes to work for Lem and works very hard. Luke retuns with whiskey and offers it to Dan. Dan wants to leave but Lem talks him into staying. Luke tries to get Dan to drink, and starts beating Lem with a piece of firewood. Dan comes to get Matt. They go to Lem's. Luke's dead. Lem's bad off and tries to say he killed Luke, but Dan says he did it. Dan says "As long as I can remember someone's always been willing to give me another chance, I just won't give myself one.moreless
  • Cody's Code
    Episode 17
    Sam Dukes arrives on the stage with Mr. Koger. Sam takes a fancy to Cody Durham's fiancee, Rose, who works at the Long Branch. Sam gets drunk and tries to force Rose to drink. Brack is ready to slap leather with Sam, but Matt stops it and takes Sam's gun. Dukes in a dark alley and tells Brack to draw. He shoots him not knowing he doesn't have a gun. Brack is wounded as the town looks for him. Brack goes to Cody's house. Cody digs the bullet out, and hides him. Rose comes to Cody's house and tells Brack she loves him. Thay plan to leave on the 6:00 train. Cody finds them at the station and kills Brack.moreless
  • Lacey
    Episode 16
    Lacey Parcher sneaks out into the barn to meet Jess. Her father tells Jess don't come around here no more. He comes back to talk and gets run off again. Mrs. Parcher and Lacey come see Matt. Lacey says she killed Cyrus because he wouldn't let her marry Jess. Jess takes up with Bessie an old flame. Lacey's is being held at Ma Smalley's. Lacey gets Ma's revolver and makes her tell about Jess and Bessie. She ties Ma up and goes after Jess. She goes up to Bessie's room, Jess is there, he tells her I had to kill your father he came at me with a pitchfork. We agreed you would take the blame, because they don't hang women. She kills Jess. Matt comes, Lacey asks "you never really saw them hang a woman?"moreless
  • The Do-Badder
    Episode 15
    Harvey Easter tries to reform Dodge. He convinces two saddle tramps, Kelly and Bunch to take up farming, Mary to quit working at the Long Branch to be independent and take in wash, gets Charlie Fess to quit riding shotgun on the stage and guts the oasis bar with fire by throwing a lamp after unsuccessfully trying to get Harry Obie and two cowpokes to reform. Kelly and Bunch are tired of farming and decide to rob a stage, it doesn't work out. The townspeople decide to teach Harvey a lesson. They put him in a canvas bag and dunk him in the water tower. The pole breaks and Harvey drowns before they can get him out.moreless
  • A Man a Day
    Episode 14
    Outlaws want Matt to leave Dodge so they can steal from the bank or they will kill a man per day.
  • Marry Me
    Episode 13
    Orkey Cathcart is looking for a wife and sets his sites on Miss Kitty. Orkey, his brother Sweet Billy and their Pa kidnap Kitty and bring her out to their shanty to learn her about wiving.
  • Nina's Revenge
    Episode 12
    Nina Sharkey has been miserable everyday she's been married to Lee, who only married her to get her father's money. They have received none of it. Lee says he is leaving for two weeks and has hired Jim Garza to look after the place. Lee has paid him $250, so when Lee gets back, Jim will say he and Nina have been fooling around. Then Lee will go to Nina's father and demand money to prevent a scandal. However, Jim falls in love with Nina and they want to marry, once she is divorced. Lee hires Harry Blucher to kill Jim. He does. Matt kills Harry. Nina kills Lee. Matt tells Nina she needs to come into Dodge with him. She says she can't, she has too many things to pack before Jim comes to pick her up.moreless
  • Apprentice Doc
    Episode 11
    Doc is awakened in the middle of the night, chlorophormed, kidnapped and taken to an outlaw camp. Clint and Augie are bank robbers who have recently hooked up with Pitt Campbell and his friend Randy. Their plans for an upcoming bank job are foiled when Randy breaks a leg. Before Doc wakes up the next morning Pitt tells Clint and Augie to go on with their plans and to forget about him and Randy. Clint's not happy about it, but agrees and instructs Pitt to "take care of Doc" when he's done with him. When Doc awakens he finds a rather professional job of setting and splinting Randy's leg has been performed by Pitt. Doc gives Pitt some final instructions on caring for Randy and then heads back for Dodge. The following day Clint and Augie rob the bank in Meade, Kansas, killing three people. After getting Randy back home for proper care, Pitt goes to Dodge and asks Doc if he'll teach him medicine. After some debate Doc agrees. Soon they are spending day and night "reading medicine" together and Pitt's training is coming along famously. Then one evening Pitt stops into the Long Branch and sees Clint and Augie at the bar. Clint then catches Pitt in an alley and pistol-whips him for not killing Doc when he was told to. Clint and Augie then take Pitt to their hideout. Clint then sends Augie into town to fetch Doc. He plans to kill them both!moreless
  • Indian Ford
    Episode 10
    Mountain man Gabe Trumbull reports to Matt that he saw a young, "fair," white woman squawing for an Indian buck on the prairie. The description matches local girl Mary Tabor, carried off a year earlier during an attack on a stagecoach. When Matt finds that Army Captain Benter, a real Indian hater, is put in charge of the trading party to get Mary back, he decides to go along. Once contact is made with the tribe Matt interviews Mary to find that she's not so anxious to return to her father. Spotted Wolf, the Indian who purchased Mary from the Cheyenne war party that attacked the stage, does not wish to trade her away, either. Captain Benter then ups the stakes by offering Chief Lone Eagle 20 rifles and ammunition for hunting if he'll turn over the girl. Mary then heads for home with Matt and the Cavalry detachment. Spotted Wolf, however, is not content to let the woman he loves go.moreless
  • Milly
    Episode 9

    To escape her poverty and abusive, drunken father, 17 year old Milly Glover decides to look for a husband. After three humiliating attempts, she decides to pay back the men. One, she lets his horses loose and burns his haystack. Another, she cuts his harnesses and burns his chair. Each man blames the other and they shoot each other. Her father goes to the third man to convince him to marry Milly. They fight and he mortally wounds him. Milly and her little brother are going to be adopted by the widow Hawkins. Milly tells Matt she has some things to own up to after while.

  • Chesterland
    Episode 8
    Chester smitten by love takes up farming, to provide for his betrothed. His soil is miserable and the shack he lives in collapses. He builds a dugout that Daisy, his intended, hates. Chester awakens to two feet of water in the dugout. Chester and Daisy go into the water selling business. Chester needs a new pump. He goes to the bank to get money from their account. He is told Daisy drew out all the money. Doc tells Chester he saw Daisy getting on the stage last night.moreless
  • The Squaw
    The Squaw
    Episode 7
    Widower Hardy Tate lost his wife over a year earlier and feels he's got a "lot of livin' to do yet." But his son, Cully, is having trouble getting over it and reluctantly reconciles to the fact that his dad is considering remarrying. When Hardy returns from doing business down in the Indian nations and comes back with Natacea, a young, and incredibly beautiful, Indian bride Cully has a difficult time accepting it. Many of Cully's acquaintances in town can't accept it either, resulting in a bully named Bill Craig beating him up. Matt tries to reason with Cully and deter him from wearing a gun and squaring things with Craig. Matt talks Hardy into marrying his new bride in a church in Dodge to allay some of the hostility, but Cully refuses to attend. Hardy tells Cully he can't tolerate his attitude any longer and invites him to get out on his own. Soon the underlying truth comes out; Cully wants Natacea to run off with him. Hardy catches Cully forcing himself on her, a struggle ensues between the two and Cully's gun goes off! Cully tells Matt Natacea killed his father, and then tried to kill him. Matt's smarter than that.moreless
  • Long, Long Trail
    Episode 6
    Sarah Drew arrives in Dodge City hoping to find someone to escort her to Ft. Wallace so she can marry her fiancée. But everyone she talks to tells her the distance is much too far and the prairie is much too dangerous and inhospitable, especially with Indians on the warpath. She's told she'll have to wait until the situation improves. When she learns that Matt needs to cross the prairie on business she follows him in a buckboard. Matt can lose no time returning her to Dodge and reluctantly agrees to let her come along. During the journey they are set upon by a raging prairie fire and lose their horses and supplies. Then, Matt gets hit with an arrow during an Indian attack. As if that isn't enough, when Sarah goes for help the man she brings back turns on her with the intention of molesting her and killing Matt!moreless
  • All That
    Episode 5

    Shanks is evicted from his rented ranch, loses his cattle and wife to another man. He goes to Colorado to pan for gold. He meets up with Print Quimby andconvinces him to return to Dodge with him.
    They come into town with three heavy sacks of "gold", actually
    sand. They deposit them in the bank. Those that took his ranch
    and cattle fall all over themselves to return them. Shanks tries
    to throw them out of his house, but he has a heart attack and dies. Shanks willed everything to Quimby. He doesn't want it, and signs it over to Matt, and tells him to give it all back after they have learned their lesson.

  • Harper's Blood (AKA: Harper)
    Sarah Cooley, dying of a heart attack, confesses to her husband, Gip Cooley, that her father changed his last name from Harper to Harris long before they were married. Harper was known for killing over 100 men, and Sarah wanted Gip to know about this so that he can raise his sons accordingly. She's convinced the bad blood has been passed on. Gip promises to be strict with them and Sarah passes on. Years later, with the boys, Kyle and Jeff, in their mid-twenties, Jeff accuses neighbor Carr of selling him a horse that's blind in one eye, but Carr won't buy it back. Kyle falls in love with saloon girl Jenny, but she marries Carr instead because he has his own ranch. She soon realizes it's a mistake and starts meeting Kyle on the sly. A plan is engineered to kill Carr and set Jeff up to take the fall for it!moreless
  • Miss Kitty
    Episode 3
    Kitty is the mystery woman of the day. She rides off in the night undercover and picks up a young boy. She doesn't want to tell Matt or Doc who he is and why she takes off in the night. When she leaves for a few days with a wagon filled with enough supplies for a whole family, the guys start wondering who that boy really was...moreless
  • Old Yellow Boots
    Episode 2
    Frank Cassidy is a thief and murderer that stops at Beulah Parker's farm for water. When he finds that she's unmarried and owns the farm he begins to work his way into her good graces. When her brother, Leroy, shows up and Cassidy realizes that she's not the sole owner of the farm he leaves and goes into Dodge. When Beulah goes into Dodge, Jake Welch and Henry Head, two drifters, get into a scuffle with her on the street, which Matt breaks up. Believing that Cassidy would have married her if Leroy hadn't ruined it, Beulah hires Jake and Henry to murder her brother. After they do, Cassidy once again shows interest in Beulah and they decide to marry. Matt realizes that Cassidy only wants to marry Beulah so he can sell her farm and run off. Trying to reason with Beulah about it is fruitless; therefore, Matt gets a court injunction to stop (or at least postpone) the wedding. Beulah then hires Jake and Henry to murder Matt. Not a good idea.moreless
  • Perce
    Episode 1
    Matt runs into Perce McCall on the prairie and they decide to camp together. Three outlaws, who think Matt's been tracking them, show up and try to kill him. Even though Perce knows them, he sides with Matt and all three outlaws are killed. Matt is beholdin' to Perce for saving his life. Perce explains that he knew the outlaws from the past when he used to rob stages. He got caught, paid the price, and is now heading to Dodge to do a little gambling and have some fun. The trouble starts when Perce meets Ida Poe, one of Kitty's girls, and decides to go after her. Hank Seeber, who considers Ida his girl, takes exception. Ida's dark side appears when she tells Perce she needs a man that can "make his own luck," (cheat at cards) and provide a financially secure future for her. She's unimpressed with his job at the stock pens and shames him into searching for a better way. Soon after Perce leaves Dodge it's reported that the stage was held up on the road to Wichita. Upon his return Matt questions him and is told that he went to Wichita to try to do a cattle buying deal that didn't materialize. Seeber then starts spreading the rumor that Perce robbed the stage. That, coupled with the rivalry over Ida, leads to a shooting!moreless