Gunsmoke - Season 8

CBS (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • 6/1/63
    Matt couldn't convince a jury Dave Engels didn't kill Lucy Furth. Matt is writing a letter to the govenor. Owen Pardee is telling Leroy he's gonna draw against Matt and tell him he killed Lucy to throw him off. Matt outdraws him. Leroy tells Matt Asa Janin killed Lucy and he's in Valada, Texas. Matt sends a telegram to the govenor. Matt heads for Texas. Ward Macklin is following him. Ward rides into Matt's camp. He's a sheriff from Colorado. They bed down. In the morning they head south together. They come upon a wagon where two adults died of smallpox. They find a baby, who doesn't have the pox. They take the baby to the sheriff in Bromley, Texas Hank Colridge. Hank tells Matt don't wear your badge into Valada. Matt rides out alone. Matt gets in a tussle at the cantina with a Scotsman. Ward has followed Matt and helps out. Ward tells Manalo, the bartender, to tell Asa Janin two friends of Owen and Leroy are here. Asa sits down. Matt has a gun on him under the table. The three exit the bar. The Scotsman draws on Matt and loses. Matt has Hank send telegrams to the govenor and the warden. Ward tells Matt Asa killed his wife and son, and I'm going to kill him. Ward is ready to shoot Asa. Matt shoots Ward. Ward shoots Matt in the leg. Matt gets Asa to Hays City. Dave was killed trying to escape.moreless
  • Jeb
    Episode 37
    A buffalo hunter is executed by Indians for abusing a squaw and his unique Appaloosa horse is scared off. Matt and Quint find the buffalo hunter and bury him. Jeb, on his oddessy to see the world after leaving the farm, finds the horse and rides it to Dodge. There he meets and sells the horse to his new friend Eb. A friend of the dead buffalo hunter accuses Eb of stealing the horse; a knife fight takes place and Eb is killed. When the killer finds that his buffalo hunter friend is dead and that Jeb sold the horse to Eb, he accuses Jeb of stealing it and goes after him. Matt places Jeb in Quint's hands while he goes to get the truth from the Indians. After the killer stabs Quint in the shoulder Jeb has to defend himself with deadly force.moreless
  • 5/18/63
    Aaron Locker proposes to Leah Brunson. Coley Fletcher, a buffalo hunter, who was bothering Leah at the Long Branch, busts Aaron's skull. Moss tells Matt, Coley left an hour ago. Coley's horse pulls up lame. He meets Jubal Tanner. He shoots him and takes his horse. Matt finds Jubal and takes him to Doc. Aaron died two hours after Matt left. Hobie, Aaron's brother, blames Leah for his death. Hobie tells Leah there is something at the farm Aaron got her. Hobie invites Leah in. Leah asks what did Aaron have for me. She says there isn't anything is there. Leah tries to leave she slaps him. Jubal was a guard at Andersonville. Hobie tells Leah he's gonna shoot her. Jubal comes up behind him and tells him to put the gun down. He doesn't, Jubal kills him. Jubal and Leah walk off together. Matt got Fletcher. Matt tells Tanner he's in the clear. Jubal's leaving to look at some homestead land. He tells Leah if you are still around when I get back I'd like to tell you about it. Leah says she'd like that.moreless
  • Daddy Went Away
    Episode 35
    Mrs. Lucy Damon , a dressmaker, is looking for a place for herself, her daughter and horse, Rainy. Chester finds a building for them, but it is in rough shape. Chester offers to fix it up. Lucy makes a shirt for Chester. Chester dances with Lucy. Jonas wants to know if they are ready to announce their engagement. Chester walks Lucy home. Chester isn't ready for an engagement, but they have an understanding. Chester never had much family except his brother Magnus and Uncle Sunday. Jessica misses her Daddy. Lucy starts trying to run Chester's life. Jessica suggests Chester go fishin' like her Daddy used to do up on the Snake River. Chester finds a drunk fisherman. It's Jess Damon. He says to tell Jessica hello and Lucy good-bye. Chester tells Lucy you lied by saying Jess was dead. Jess and Chester are fishin'. Jess is drunk, Chester's pouring his out on the ground. Chester tells Jess, Jessica is getting like Lucy. Jess says he's going to save that little girl. Jess tells Lucy he got homesick. They embrace. Chester walks down the street feeling good about himself.moreless
  • Old York
    Episode 34
    Redwater, Texas 1858, Sage and his men plan on robbing a bank. Sage kills a young man in his band who looked scared. They take a hostage and Sage tells Dan York to kill him. York kills Sage, and tells them to let the hostage, Matt Dillon, go. Seventeen years later Dan and his partner, Baca, rob the bank in Dodge. Matt can shoot Dan riding off, but he doesn't. Matt checks the hotel register at the Dodge House. Baca first signed in as being from Taloga, then crossed it out. Matt resigns. Matt finds Dan and Baca in Taloga. Matt tells Dan he wants a cut. Dan figures Matt wants to join them. They take him to their camp. Matt says it cost him his job, he wants a cut of the Dodge money. Dan and Baca disagree and shoot each other. Dan tells Matt where the money is. Matt returns the money and pins his badge back on.moreless
  • Quint-Cident
    Episode 33
    Matt's bringing Ben Crown in for murder. They meet Quint who's been hunting. They ride up to Willa Devlin's whose buried four family members. Her dead husband Luther is on the porch. She faints, Quint carries her in. Willa takes a shine to Quint. Ben keeps telling Matt he's got the wrong man. Matt takes Willa an antelope but says he can't stay for supper. Willa comes onto Quint. Crown's not guilty someone else confessed. Ben asks Matt to send a telegram to the sheriff in Hays City saying he's not wanted. He has the chance to buy into the Nations Saloon there. Ben goes to Willa's and forces his way in. Nally, Willa's neighbor, tells Matt Quint roughed Willa up. Matt asks Willa who did it. At first she says Quint but then Crown. Matt goes to Hays City and tells Crown he's under arrest. They tussle. Ben's locked up. Matt tells Quint he got Crown.moreless
  • Tell Chester
    Episode 32
    Chester is mooning over Polly Donahue. She's sweet on Wade Stringer. Polly tells Chester I love you as a friend. Wade is married to Wendy who is really sick. Wade marries Polly. Chester is out hunting and notices someone has moved into the old Whitfield place. Tao, Wendy's indian caretaker, tells Chester Wendy need's help. She's burning up with fever. Wendy tells Chester to get her husband Wade Stringer from Dodge. Wade rides up as Chester is leaving the cabin. Wade goes for Doc. Tao tells Chester to come inside. Wendy's died. Wade watches Chester bury Wendy from a distance. Chester tells Wade as long as you treat Polly right, I won't tell anyone about Wendy. Wade hires Nace Porter to gun Chester for $200. He shoots Chester twice. Matt kills Porter. Chester is going to be alright. Chester tells Wade, "I don't care for catching bullets from killers hired by you". Chester tells Wade he's going to tell Matt the whole story. They struggle over a gun and Wade is shot. Wade tells Matt he hired Porter. Wade dies before he can tell Matt why he was trying to kill Chester. Chester keeps his word and won't tell.moreless
  • Panacea Sykes
    Panacea Sykes
    Episode 31
    Panacea, an elderly lady, is waiting to board the stage for Dodge. She pickpockets a watch off Shelby Little. She doesn't have the fare, but says Kitty is her daughter. The driver. Alvy, says she's good for it. In Dodge Alvy gets the $1.75 from Kitty. Pan tells Kitty many a time you said I was like a mother to you. Kitty's dad was a gambler. When Kitty's mom died Pan took her in. Pan steals money and jewelry from Kitty. Appleton Foote suggests Shelby offer a reward for his watch. Pan says doctors set me on edge. Pan reminds Kitty she took her in for two years. Sam says there is a whole case of whiskey missing. Pan has a poker game in her room selling the whiskey. Kitty breaks it up. Foote tells Pan he knows why she left New Orleans. Foote details Pan's lighthandedness in various cities. In New Orleans jewels were stolen and a gambling house owner was knifed. Foote wants to be Pan's partner. Pan says she will give her answer that evening. Pan sends a telegram to the Chief of Police of New Orleans inquiring into the whereabouts of Panacea. The return telegram says she is wanted for stealing some jewelry. Pan tries to frame Foote for stealing the watch. Foote's been telling Matt of Pan's actions. Matt locks up Foote. Pan is sick. She falls out going to the Long Branch. Doc tells Pan you are very sick, and have been for a long time. She gives Kitty her jewelry and money back. Pan had her gambling house stolen from her. She gives Matt the New Orleans jewelry back, and says she didn't knife him. Doc tells Pan to get some sleep. Pan gets dressed. She hitches a ride with Raleigh and Ethel Webb heading to Pueblo. Pan tells them her baby daughter is in Pueblo.moreless
  • The Far Places
    Episode 30
    Jeff Newcom's been calling on Millie Smith for over a year. Millie proposes to Jeff. He isn't ready. Millie agrees to go to the dance with Colley Carter. Carrie, Jeff's Ma, wants to send Jeff to Chicago to work for his uncle. Millie says she won't wait for him. Matt wants Chester to go out and help the widow Newcom. Millie and Colley are in the Long Branch. Jeff's back from Chicago and gets in a fight with Colley. Millie tells Jeff you have no claim on me. Jeff tells Carrie I'm home to stay. Carrie's selling the ranch. Jeff chases Mr Humphrey, the land agent, and his client off. Humphrey returns with Matt. Matt has a warrant for Jeff for disturbing the peace. Millie sees Jeff ride in. Millie says Colley doesn't mean anything to me. Jeff asks Millie to marry him. Jeff tells Ma he's marrying Millie. Carrie's seeing Doc and he says she doesn't have long. Carrie sends for Millie and offers her $2000 to leave town. She won't. Carrie shoots(wings) Millie and collapses. Uncle Wip's worried about Millie. Matt asks Millie about the shooting. Carrie tells Jeff Millie is a good girl and succumbs.moreless
  • With a Smile
    Episode 29
    Dal Creed get's Pat Kane fired off his father's ranch. A cowpoke tries to get more than water from Lottie Foy. Her Pa runs him off. The cowpoke comes back and shoots Pa. Quint hears the shot and rides up. The cowpoke says he was just target shooting. Lottie forces her way out of the barn and says he murdered my Pa. Quint whups him. Lottie goes to work for Kitty. Pat Kane and Lottie strike up a friendship. Dal gets fresh with Lottie. Pat tells Dal to keep away from her. The next day Dal's bothering Lottie. Pat and Dal scuffle. Matt tells Dal to stay away from Pat. Lottie is shot and dies. Matt tells the Major his son did it. Chester was a witness. At the trial Dal's found guilty. Pat's leaving town. Matt locks Dal up. The Major tires to get a retrial or a pardon from the govenor, no luck. Matt takes Dal to Hayes. Dal has been a sniveling coward. The major says he won't let his son die like a coward. Ben Carver the sheriff in Hayes tells Dal the Major has fixed it so it only looks like he gets hung. They really hang him. The plan was just to have Dal die with a smile.moreless
  • I Call Him Wonder
    Episode 28
    Jud Sorrell has left a trail drive and has won big at poker. The losers, Docker, Holt and Keogh, beat him up and take the money. While Jud sleeps a ten year old indian boy tries to steal some bread. The boy's village has been burned. He keeps repeating one word wonda. Jud calls him Wonder. Chester brings land office papers to Enoch Miller. Enoch says send anyone looking for work his way. Jud tells Enoch he's looking for a job. Enoch tells him to get rid of the Indian and then come back. Delmonico's won't serve Wonder in the restaurant, but tell Jud to go to the kitchen door. The cook purposely drops Wonder's food. Jud whoops him. Matt arrests Jud, Wonder goes with him. Matt takes Wonder out to Fort Dodge to the Indian scouts. Wonder is Arapaho. Matt leaves with Charlie the scout. Wonda means help. The cook doesn't press charges. Wonder is waiting on Matt's doorstep. Jud doesn't have the money to get his horse from Moss. Jud sells his watch to Kitty. Judge plays poker with the same three that beat him up. He wins and buys his watch back. Docker's gonna steal Wonder to get back at Jud. Jud fights Docker and shoots Holt. Docker and Keogh hang Jud by his feet. Matt enters arrests Docker and Keogh. Jud rides off with Wonder.moreless
  • Two of a Kind
    Episode 27
    Tim Finnegan and Sean O'Ryan have been feuding over Kathleen, a girl back in Ireland Tim's building a fence. Sean shoots Tim's hat off and says he is on his land. Sean sends Tim's wagon down the hill. Tim takes a few potshots at Sean. There is a salt mine on their property. Clay Bealton is scheming to get it. At the Long Branch Tim shoots Sean's beer out of his hand and says go for your rifle. Kitty shoots off a shotgun and Sam gets their rifles. Clay tells Elton Harris the land office guy to go home. Clay buys Sean a bottle. Clay goes to Tim and tells him Sean said Kathleen isn't the type of girl a man wants to marry. They brawl and it spills out onto the street. Clay's men each throw Tim and Sean a gun. Tim accidentily wounds Harris. Up in front of Judge Brookins Tim and Sean get $564 in fines and damages and are told they are responsible for each others lives. Sean fallen into a hole. Tim throws him a rope after first riding off. Harris brings Clay the land claim paper for Tim and Sean's land. Matt has a letter for Tim and gets Doc to ride out with him to deliver it. Clay, Anson and Wills shoot at Tim at the mine. Sean hears the gunfire and runs to help. They run out of bullets. Tim puts a wick in a keg of powder. Tim and Sean let Clay go by, they throw the keg. The mine caves in. Matt tells Tim and Sean to put their land back together. Matt knows Harris was in on the whole deal. Matt gives Tim the letter. Kathleen married Squire McVaney, three times as old as her.moreless
  • Anybody Can Kill a Marshal
    While making his rounds Matt is shot at by a rider. Cleed tells Lucas he killed Matt. In Dodge they see Matt. Painter overhears Lucas and Cleed and says he'll kill Matt for $200. Painter buys a suit, gun, cigars and an envelope. Matt breaks up a fight. Painter tells him he handled it real well and asks if he has any family. In the Bull's Head Painter shares a bottle with Molly. He has her address an envelope to Miss Betsy Burgess Pretty Prairie Kansas. Painter shoots Matt twice in the leg. Matt shoots Painter off his horse. Then he is run over by a wagon. He dies in Doc's office. Doc finds the envelope. Cleed tells Lucas isn't about your time. Lucas says he'll kill Matt tomorrow. Matt rides out and gives Betsy the money. Painter sent it so Betsy could have her leg fixed. Matt asks Molly about Painter. While making rounds Cleed calls out "why can't you die". He draws on Matt and is killed. Cleed tells Matt to find Old Lucas and tell him I was right. I guess a lot of men want me dead, one of them is named Lucas. Matt walks off down the street in the rain.moreless
  • Quint's Indian
    Episode 25
    Mark Feeney and Jim Stope find out Quint's half indian. Stope won't pay a lousy redskin the two dollars he owes Quint for shoeing his horse. Quint goes out to the river for a swim. He gets and without his shirt on he throws a lasso over a bay horse. A boy fishing watches. Will Grissom tells Bob Houser he saw his boy Jimmy and the horse down by the river. Jimmy saw a half-naked indian steal the horse. Feeney and Stope tell Matt Quint has the horse. Jimmy identfies Quint. Quint says someone told him to get the horse and shoe and he'd pay him double. Houser takes his horse. Quint says he may start wearing a gun. At Delmonico's Bettis tells Joe if you seerve Qunit all us whites are leaving. At a bar he's told they don't serve horestealing half-breeds. Louie's looking for Matt eight guys are heading for Quint's. Matt finds him and says they hit him with everything they had. Quint says he doesn't belong here. Grissom says he's shy three horses and blames Quint. Matt goes out looking and meets Jake Sooner and three soldiers looking for about six injuns who left the Darlington Agency. Matt sees the seven indians. Buck whinnies, the indians find him. They're peaceful and let him go. Matt finds Grissom's horses Stope has them. Stope says he got Gus Siker to have Quint pick up Houser's horse. Feeney returns and draws on Matt. Matt wings him. Matt tells Siker he feels sorry for him. He ain't gonna get paid by Stope. Bettis is there, Matt says tell everyone Quint is in the clear. Matt goes looking for Quint and runs accross the same indians. They accuse Matt of telling the soldiers they were going to Walnut Creek. Four were killed. They clunk Matt. Quint tells Matt they want to kill you. Quint convinces them Matt didn't tell the cavalry. Matt tells Quint he is in the clear.moreless
  • Blind Man's Bluff
    Episode 24
    Bud Hayes cleans Walker out playing poker. Outside Walker kills Bud and robs him. Billy Poe sees him and tries to help. Bud asks his name. Bud says you're swing for this Billy Poe. As he dies he tells Matt Billy did it. A cowpoke tells Matt Poe is in Elkader. Matt enters a saloon in Elkader. Canby, Wells and Dano (CWD) don't like the law, and give Matt a hard time. Davey the town drunk leads Matt into a CWD trap. He's knocked unconcious. Dano kills Davey. Matt wakes, his sight is badly blurred. Matt tells a guy on the street (Billy) he had too much to drink and needs to get a room and lay down. CWD see Billy helping Matt. Billy brings Matt something to eat. Billy sees Matt's badge. Billy tells Matt it's a gloomy day out. Matt agrees. The sun is streaming in the window. Later the maid comments on the sunny day. Matt asks the maid to have boy have his horse saddled and brought to the hotel. CWD let slip to Billy they clunked Matt. They're ready to kill Billy for helping Matt. Billy says he's wanted for murder and want's Matt dead. The maid takes Matt to his horse. Matt asks the boy to take him to the edge of town. CWD and Billy catch up to Matt. One of CWD lassoes Matt and jerks him off his feet. He hits his head. Billy pulls a gun on CWD. Matt beats up CWD. When Matt hit his head his sight cleared up. Billy turns his gun over to Matt. Quint locks up CWD. Billy tells Matt what happened to Bud. Billy tells Matt I helped you, you oughta help me. Matt sees Walker and says he thinks he killed Hayes. Walker confesses. Billy's set free.moreless
  • Ash
    Episode 23
    Ben Galt a buffalo hunter and Ash Farior get into a fight over Tilly, one of Kitty's girls. Matt breaks it up. Tilly's fiancee, Emmett Hall, tell Ben and Ash hands off his girl. Ash and Ben go into the freight business. Hawkins can't pay what he owes, Ben says no problem, open an account. A cowpoke gets rough with Tilly. Ben and Ash throws him out. While unloading a wagon, a barrel hits Ben on the head. Doc tells Matt Ben's concious. Ben tells Ash to beat it. Doc says a blow to the head can completely change a man. Ben comes home, Ash has made him some coffee. Ben says the office is sure a mess, the whole place is a bunch of junk. Ben tells Ash he's well. Hawkins still can't pay. Ben calls him a rotten nester. Ben goes for a drink and starts bothering Tilly. He punches Ash and heads for Kitty. Matt enters and throws him in jail for the night. Ben goes to Tilly's room and proposes. Tilly says she's going to marry Emmett. Tilly calls him a dirty buffalo hunter. He slaps her and leaves. Ben gets his rifle. Ash gets Matt. Matt warns Ben Emmett is pretty handy with a gun. Tilly tells Ash Ben came to her room. Tilly says she is at fault tell Ben to shoot me not Emmett. Ash tells Ben he isn't gonna let him kill Emmett Ash shoots Ben. Matt locks Ash up. Ben tells Ash what you did took real guts, I'm beholdin' to you. Ben tells Matt Ash shot in self-defense. Ash tells Matt Ben didn't tell the whole truth. Matt says as far as the law is concerned, he did.moreless
  • Shona
    Episode 22
    A boy sees a squaw working on a buffalo. He meets Les and Rud Torbert and Joe Riser. They meet Matt and Quint. Pa Torbert was killed by indians six months ago. Tracks lead to Gib Dawson and his indian wife Shona, a friend of Quint's. Les is trying to get guys to go Indian hunting. Shona cut her hand and it is infected. Gib takes her to see Doc, who says she needs to stay in town for treatment. Les tries to throw Gib and Shona out of town. Matt and Quint break it up. Gib checks into the Dodge House until Dobie,the clerk sees Shona. Quint takes them to Ma she refuses. Kitty has Shona stay with her. Les sees Kitty take Shona in. The town boycotts Kitty and Quint. Les stirs up the mob. He plans to take Shona twenty miles out, rough her up and leave her. Joe and a guy are picked to go kidnap Shona. She's gone. Rud comes out of a place when everyone is searching for Shona, and tells Quint she's not in there. Quint sees Rudd go back in. Shona is tied up. Rud plans on taking Shona to Pueblo. Quint jumps him, shots are fired. Les asks Shona if Quint was bringing her in, as Rud said. No. She says Rud took her from Kitty's and wants to take her to Colorado. Les shoots Rud. Matt's back in town. Les draws on Matt. Matt shoots Les.moreless
  • The Cousin
    Episode 21
    Chance Hopper got caught and did two years for bank robbery. He meets with his partners Cheevers and Moran. Chance is going to see Matt. They were raised by the same folks. Chance beats up three guys brawling. Kitty asks Chance if he and Matt are friends. Not exactly. Chester asks Matt if Chance is a friend of his. I don't know. Chance stops a runaway wagon and breaks his leg in the process. Doc plasters it up. Matt offers Chance the extra cot in his office. Chance is a week late meeting his partners. Hallie brings food and info she pumped from the stage driver to Cheevers and Moran. Hallie goes to Dodge to look for Chance. A drunken Gates wants a showdown Matt reasons with him. Chance tells Matt he just got out of prison. Chance rides out to meet his partners. They want Chance to keep Matt busy while they hit the stage with the gold shipment. Chance asks Matt to go with him to the Gilmore Ranch to look at a horse. Matt says he needs to be back by noon to meet the stage. Chance tries to slow Matt down. Cheevers and Moran are in the bushes. Chance clunks Matt with his cane. Chance tells Cheevers the holdup is off. Chance tells Matt he has a lot of explaining to do.moreless
  • The Bad One
    Episode 20
    Willie Jett holds up the stage, Jenny pulls down his bandana. He kisses her and rides off. The stage arrives at Dodge, Gant Parker meets his daughter Jenny. The stage driver and guy riding shotgun can't agree on a description of Willie. Jenny has been back east for twelve years in a convent since her mother died. She's about 19. Willie Jett comes into the Long Branch. Matt and Kitty thinks he may be the holdup man. Matt takes Willie out to Jenny to identify him. She says she's never seen him. Gant asks Matt to stay for supper, he has a need to talk to him. Gant trying to marry Jenny off to Matt. Matt says it just wouldn't work. Jenny's outside kissing Willie. Willie hears Kitty calling Quint an indian. Willie calls Quint a dirty half-breed. Quint slugs him. Matt tells Willie get out of Dodge. Willie gets to the Parkers just as Gant leaves. Willie asks Jenny why she didn't identify him. Willie brought Jenny two garters. She won't put them on. She says she's scared the way he mixes her up. She asks what hurt you so bad. Gant sees Willie ride by him. Gant catches Jenny putting on the garters. The Parkers ride into Dodge. Jenny tries to tell Matt something. Willie's talking to Jenny. Gant calls him out. Willie says I don't want to kill you. He does. Jenny tells Matt he was the one who held up the stage. Mr. Jonas says it wasn't Willie's fault. Willie's hiding in the livery. Matt talks him out and takes him to jail.moreless
  • Cotter's Girl
    Episode 19
    Cotter goads Mackel into giving him a severe beating. Cotter gives Matt money and a letter for his girl, Clarey. Cotter wants Matt to see that she gets to his sister Flo in Harrisburg. Cotter drinks his last slug of whiskey and dies. Matt rides up to get Clarey expecting a ten year old. She's a might older (upper teens). Matt reads her the letter and gives her the money. Clarey bites Matt as he sleeps and says she likes him. They stay in the town of Shallow Water for the night. Matt tries to buy her new clothes, but she objects to the corset. Matt says forget it. In Dodge she puts on Doc's shoes, and Kitty brings her a dress. She keeps hugging Matt. Matt and Chester try to teach her table manners. Matt gets her settled at Ma Smalley's. In the morning Ma tells Matt she's gone. Chester and Dillon find her for her morning constitutional at the stream. Chester's helping learn to read and write. Clarey's all gussied up when she comes into the Long Branch. Matt sees her off on the stage. She looks admiringly at a tall fellow passenger as he boards.moreless
  • The Renegades
    Episode 18
    The Comanches bring a white woman, a wagon and horses to sell to Brice, a white renegade. Colonel Pate wants Quint as a scout. He says when you go after the white renegades instead of the Comanches he would. The colonel's daughter Lavinia does not like Quint,even less when she hears he's half Comanche. Chester gets a letter from his brother Magnus. Quint agrees to ride shotgun for Sam Gordon, the driver on the morning stage. Lavinia's heading home to Dallas on it. Brice, Poole and McIver are going to hit the stage. Sam and two cowpokes are killed. Once dark Quint saddles two horses. Quint takes the two extra horses to draw fire. Livinia rides off. Quint catches up to her. Brice and McIver report back to Trask. All the renegades mount up. Chester tells Matt the stage never made it Oklahoma City. Quint trades the horses for indian ponies and the equipment for clothes and food. Colonel Pate is at the stage when Matt gets there. Quint and Lavinia are dresses as indians when they meet Trask and his bunch. McIver takes a liking to the squaw. He follow Quint, who kills him. The cavalry is ready to attack the Comanches. Matt goes and gets the two indians, Quint and Lavinia. Pate wipes out the renegade whites. Lavinia is going to live at Fort Dodge. She invites Quint to supper.moreless
  • Louis Pheeters
    Louis Pheeters
    Episode 17
    Matt rides up on a peddler, Tom Wiggins, talks awhile and rides on. Bart and his wife Clara are very unhappy together. Bart's riding out to the east spring. He meets his buddy Murph. They plan to meet at 8 at the Long Branch. Clara's cheating with Murph and wants Murph to kill Bart. Tom rolls up and tries to sell Clara somethig. She gets rid of him. Tom meets Bart on the prairie. Tom tells Bart Clara said he was in the barn. Bart sees the whiskey bottle and two glasses. Clara says Tom forced his way in and made her have a drink. Louie Pheeters sees Bart drown Tom, and tells Matt and Doc he had a dream. Gus Thompson brings in Tom's wagon. Matt and Gus look for Tom. Matt asks Bart about Tom. Louie sees Bart in the Long Branch and tells him he saw him drown Tom. Bart wants to kill him, Murph says drown him. They get Louie good and drunk. Murph gut shoots Bart and puts the gun in Louie's hand. Doc's trying to sober Louie up. Louie tells Matt he told Bart he saw him drown Tom. Matt takes Louie to where Tom was killed. Matt finds Tom's body. Matt locks Louie up. Louie says the man Bart was drinking with was in the alley too. Murph and Clara are celebrating. Matt knocks. Murph hides. Matt asks if Bart went to town with anyone. Murph goes out the window. Matt gives chase. Murph wings Matt. Matt kills Murph. Louie tells Matt he's ready to hang. Clara told Matt Murph killed Bart. Matt gives Louie a job as long as he doesn't drink.moreless
  • Old Comrade
    Episode 16
    At Sherman Barracks Department of the Platte Omaha, retired Colonel Gabe Wilson comes to see retired General Kip Marston. The general's son, Billy, by an indian is living near Dodge. Kip asks Gabe to bring his son to him. Lem calls Billy Squawman, to rile Billy. In the fray a window and chair is broken. Mr. Green brings charges. Gabe bails Billy out. Gabe tells Billy we're going to Omaha. Billy goes out a window. Matt tells Gabe Green dropped the charges. Billy's back home. Gabe comes and tells Billy he's a wanted man. Come with me to Omaha and everything will be fine. Kip's coming to Dodge. Bill's wife Missy tells Matt Billy left with Gabe. Billy gets Gabe's gun, and tells him to git. Gabe says you will have to shoot me. Matt shows up. Kip asks forgiveness for abandoning Billy and his mother. Nothing to forgive says Billy. Missy tells Kip he's not Billy's father.moreless
  • False Front
    Episode 15
    In Kansas City Senator McGovern wants to do away with marshals west of the Mississippi. Matt tells him to come to Dodge to judge for himself. A journalist, Paul Hill says if a guy bluffs well enough no one will mess with him. Clay Tatum has never touched a gun. Hill bets Nick Heber $1000, Tatum can go to Dodge and pose as a gunfighter for two weeks and not get killed. Hill comes to Dodge and starts talking up the reputation of Clay. Clay comes into the Long Branch. Clay has been teaching himself how to shoot. Dan Binney says he hasn't seen any proof of Clay's abilities. Clay puts on a demonstration. Matt asks Hill what's your interest in Clay. Heber is thinking of calling off the bet. A guy tries to draw on Clay. Clay takes his gun and slugs him. The senator arrives in town. Heber pays $100 to a guy to goad Clay into a fight and kill him. The guy draws on Clay and a wild bullet hits the senator. Clay kills Heber's guy. Matt tells Clay to get out by morning. Matt goes to talk to Hill, Heber's there. Matt reads a page of Hill's article to find out what's been going on. Hill says Clay is going to stay till noon to see the bet out. Heber kills Clay. Hill tells Matt Heber wants to kill him cause he won't pay off and Heber killed Clay. Heber tries to shoot Matt. Matt says Hill's going to jail too. The senator tells Matt maybe we can save money some other way.moreless
  • Uncle Sunday
    Episode 14
    Chester gets a letter and asks for a raise. Chester goes to work for Quint. The letter's from Uncle Sunday Meechum from Waxahatchie, Texas. Chester wants money to send him to California. Chester catches Quint's place on fire. Quint says he can't afford him. Chester next job is with Mr. Jonas then Dan Binney. Burt Curry offers Chester easy money until he finds that he works for Matt. Sunday arrives and introduces his niece Ellie. Chester asks his uncle what's he doing here. Just visiting. Burt wants to meet Ellie at midnight. After dinner Chester asks to meet Ellie later. Burt and Chester are both waiting for Ellie. When she comes Burt leaves. Chester leaves and sees Burt go to Ellie. Chester hears Sunday and Ellie are going to rob the bank. She's dumping Sunday for Burt. Chester tries to get Sunday out of town for the night. He won't go. Chester tells Sunday that Ellie has thrown in with Burt. Botkin lets Sunday and Ellie into the bank. Sunday pulls a gun. Ellie takes the money. While Sunday is tying Botkin up, Ellie meets Burt. She gives him the money. He rides off leaving her. Chester takes Ellie to jail. Matt's waiting for Burt. Sunday was helping his nephew.moreless
  • Us Haggens
    Episode 13
    When a boy witnesses his grandfather's murder, it sends Matt looking for a new found companion's uncle. Festus Haggen is tracking his uncle for killing his twin brother Fergus. Matt is wary but learns to trust Festus when he's shot and in bad shape.
  • The Way It Is
    Episode 12
    Matt has to go to Topeka. The problem, Kitty was counting on him for the Ford County Sociable. When he can't take her she heads to some friends to visit. On the way, she finds Ad Bellum, injured and needing help. While she nurses him back to health, they find themselves growing attracted to each other. Kitty goes back to Dodge and Ad follows asking her to the dance. The only problem, Ad has a violent streak when Kitty won't do precisely what he says.moreless
  • Abe Blocker
    Episode 11
    Abe Blocker, an aging mountain man, tells Bud and Mary Groves to get off their homestead or die. Bud tells Matt. He goes looking. Abe shoots at Buck's hooves. Abe's wife and child died in childbirth. Matt tells Bud he talked to Abe to no avail. Joe tells Matt the Groves have been scalped. Matt finds big moccasin prints, and starts trailing Abe. He sees him thrice but he disappears. Matt gives up and returns to Dodge. Quint says he's killed again, Jim Kelly and Pete Brice. Emmet's forming a posse. Gant says Joe Clark has been killed. Abe appears to the posse, and starts picking them off. Gant hits Abe. Matt tells Quint if he's hit that bad no need to track him. Matt finds Abe in the cave near where his wife and child are buried. He dies trying to kill Matt.moreless
  • The Hunger
    Episode 10
    Miss Dorf asks Doc to come out tomorrow. Clem Dorf's in the Long Branch abusing one of Kitty's girl. Matt tosses him out. Claude, Clem's dad, tells Matt he'll handle his son. Jack, a whiskey salesman, brings in magic rings. Buy a shot, you get a chance at the rings and you could win a wedding ring. Matt and Doc go to the Dorfs. Clem meets them with a rifle. Mrs. Dorf asks Clem to get some wood. She says her daughter, Althea, is locked in the cellar, please take her away. Matt breaks into the cellar. Doc says she's been beaten. Claude and Clem try to stop Matt from taking her. Matt takes Althea to Ma Smalley's. Althea wakes. Doc says he'll bring her books to read. Matt says she's about 21. Claude comes to visit Matt says git. Doc says she is a lot better. Kitty tells Doc to get some sleep, she'll sit with Althea. Althea want's to marry Doc. Dooley's trying to do the rings. Doc tells Kitty he has kind of a problem, Kitty already knows what it is. Kitty says she a woman and a little girl that's the problem. Kitty brings Althea a dress. Claude and Clem break in. Claude slugs Doc. They take her. Doc goes to get Matt. Claude puts Althea in the cellar. Matt and Doc gets to the Dorfs. Clem shoots at Matt. Matt plugs him. Mrs. Dorf shoots Claude. Doc lets Althea out, says she'll be fine. Doc does the rings, and wins the ring.moreless
  • Phoebe Strunk
    Episode 9
    Annie tells Mom and Dad she's going fishin'. Phoebe Strunk and her four sons, Oliver, Casper, Hulett and Simsie ride up. They rob them and put them in their wagon and burn it. Matt and Quint are returning from hunting, and find the wagon and skeletons. Annie looks on then runs off. Annie gets to Sam's and Rosie's place. Ma and the missing links come to Dodge. The boys take notice of Annie. Sam and Rosie want to adopt Annie. The boys try to kidnap Annie. Matt tells them to get outta Dodge and stay out. Oliver follows Sam and finds out where they live. Ma and they boys come to Sam's. Ma rides off with Annie. The boys stay behind with Sam and Rose. Simsie takes Annie fishin'. Matt and Quint ride up to Ma's camp. Matt notices Annie's purse. Ma says one of her boys took it. Matt and Quint ride off. Matt tells Quint somethings not right we better ride by Sam's place. Matt finds Sam and Rose's bodies. Matt returns to Ma's camp. They're gone. Matt figures Ma's traveling in the rain, he and Quint do likewise. They hog tie Annie. Matt and Quint rush them. Casper accidently shoots Ma. Annie doesn't know if she's alright or ever will be.moreless
  • The Trappers
    Episode 8
    Luke won $1000, Idaho Slate is trying to cheat him out of it. Matt warns Luke and he leaves. Irma Watkins sits with Slate. Kitty tells Matt she tried to break up those two trappers, Tug Marsh and Billy Logan. Tug tells Billy I'm glad we didn't split up. An Indian jumps Tug while hunting. Billy kills the Indian. Billy thinks Tug is minutes from dying and leaves to get away from the other Indians before dawn. Billy buys a suit and goes to see Irma. Slate is in another room listening. Billy says his furs will go for $6000-$7000. Billy and Irma have a date. Tug is found down by the river. Matt tells Tug Billy said he was dead. Matt tells Billy Tug's alive. Matt tells Billy he better get out of town. Billy says he needs to talk to Tug. Billy tells Irma Tug's alive. Irma goes to Tug. He says he isn't interested in her any more. Slate tries to sell "diamonds" to Billy with Irma's help. Kitty tells Billy they are glass and Irma is in with Slate. Billy pulls Slate off the stage. Tug yells at Billy. Slates clunks him. Matt gets the $6000 back. Tug overhears Billy telling Matt he couldn't slit Tug's gullet as he asked. Billy senses Tug's out there. Matt calls him in. Tug says a trapper needs a partner.moreless
  • The Ditch
    Episode 7
    At the Moon Bar Ranch Doc tells Susan Bart her father just died. She says she is going ahead with her Daddy's plan to divert water from the homesteaders. Trent Hawkins tries to rally the homesteaders, but they're willing to sit and wait. Matt is at the ditch talking to Susan. Two shots are fired into the nearby wagon. Matt tracks the horse to Trent's. Matt tells him Susan has hired guns. Susan meets her hired gun, Leif Crider at the Long Branch. Matt tells Crider to get out of Dodge. The homesteaders vote to stand and fight. Trent reports 200 pounds of dynamite is missing. Matt warns Susan. The explosion rocks her house. Crider says they need to a scare in to Trent by shooting his mother. Matt tells Trent it can be settled without blood shed, if the homesteaders file claims. Matt, Chester and trent go out to the Moon Bay. Matt tells Susan if she diverts the creek she will lose ten square miles to the new claims. Crider shoots Susan. Matt shoots Crider. Susan says she is not going to complete the ditch.moreless
  • Collie's Free
    Episode 6
    Collie stole cattle and shot Davis Henry's leg half off. He's returning home from eight years in prison. Matt tells his wife Francie it's gonna take a lot of patience. Matt tells Rob his Pa is coming home. Matt asks Davis to go easy on Collie. Collie says the marshall gonna pay. Nort tells Collie Rob and Francie work for Davis. Collie gets a gun and rides over to Davis'. Francie goes to get Matt. Matt and Francie meet Rob on his way to get Matt. Matt heads for Davis'. Nort is gonna shoot Davis. Collie tries to stop him, and is shot. Davis kills Nort. As he dies Collie tells Francie it's better this way I was just in the way.moreless
  • Jenny
    Episode 5
    Al Flack and Zel Meyers are dividing the money from their latest bank heist and agree to meet in Pueblo in two weeks for a gold robbery. Zel and his girl go to Dodge. Zel tells Jenny to get a job at the Long Branch. Zel loses $1500, to Chuck Eaton, playing poker. Zel holds up Chuck outside, but he doesn't have the money. Zel slugs him. Two guys see it and chase Zel. Matt goes to the Dodge House to arrest Zel, Chuck died. Zel tells Jenny they have to get to Pueblo. Jenny tells Matt to come to her room. She tells him Zel wants her to work on Matt. She told Zel she wouldn't, but she loves Matt. Matt returns to his room and Jenny is there. Matt throws a blanket over her and takes her up to Kitty. Flack arrives with $1000 for Zel's bail. Jenny tells Zel she's staying with Matt. Matt tells Zel not to leave town. Louie Pheeters hears Zel say he's going to kill Matt tonight. Louie tells Matt. Zel's looking in Matt's window. Matt is outside and confronts him. In the morning Flack opens the office door and shoots at Matt, he misses. Flack, Zel and Jenny ride off. Matt and Quint ride out after them. Zel tells Jenny he's going to kill her. Flack tells Zel he'll take her. Zel says she my girl and I'll do what I want. Flack asks Jenny to go with him. She agrees. Quint rides up to Flack and Zel. Matt rides up from behind. Jenny sees Matt but doesn't warn Flack and Zel. When Matt's gets there Zel tries to shoot him. Jenny hits Zel's arm. Zel and Flack are killed. Jenny says she is going to St. Louis.moreless
  • Root Down
    Episode 4
    Aggie Dutton wants to go to town to meet a boy. Pa tells Grudie to take her and check for a letter from Uncle Solon. Aggie asks Doc if Chester is married. Grudie and his brass knuckles get in a fight. Matt tells him to get out of Dodge. Aggie invites Chester out to their camp. Aggie tells Pa somehow she's staying in Dodge. She rides into Dodge and tells him Pa invited him out to fish. She tells Pa she was with Chester all night, and he has come to do the right thing and married her. Grudie knocks Chester out with his brass knuckles. Pa goes to town to check on the letter. Aggie tells Chester she is sorry but she is going to stick to her story. Pa got the letter. Moss tells Matt he's seen the horse Grudie was riding. Pa's ready to leave for Colorado, with Chester tied up in the wagon. Matt stops them. Chester is freed. Aggie tells Pa she storied him. Chester tells Aggie she'll find a place to root down. Pa throws the brass knuckles away and tells Aggie he'll get her a home.moreless
  • Quint Asper Comes Home
    Half breed Quint kills the two white men that shot his Pa. Pa tells Quint to take his Ma, Topsanah, back to the Comanches, then he dies. Quint hates white men and want to join the Comanche. Three years later the Comanches are on the warpath. Matt warns three buffalo hunters. The Indians attack them and Quint is injured. Matt takes him to Doc. Quint won't talk. Matt turns his back and Quint takes his gun. He tries to shoot Matt, no bullets. Quint "white man trick me". Matt escorts Quint out of town once he's well. As soon as Matt leaves he changes into Indian garb. Quint returns to Running Horse's tribe. He tells Quint to kill a white prisoner, Quint doesn't. Running Horse strips him of his stripes and has him doing squaw work. Quint releases the prisoner. They ride off then split up. Matt gets a letter from the sheriff in Winona saying Jim Grant was saved by some half breed. A dozen men from Dodge head out to find the lone Comanche hiding out. Quint knocks one out and takes his clothes. Quint and Matt return to Dodge.moreless
  • Call Me Dodie
    Episode 2
    Seventeen year old Dodie flees the brutality of Floyd and Addie Bag at the Pleasant Valley Orphanage. In a struggle for the keys, Dodie knocks Addie out. Doc's returning from delivering a baby. Dodie hitches a ride. In Dodge Whip Puckett comes on to Dodie. Ky gets in a fight to stop him. She goes into the Oasis saloon and tells the bartender she would like to taste whiskey. Two cowpokes oblige, but wind up in a fist fight over her. Dodie runs up a 45 cent tab at Delmonico's. Ky blessing says he pay it. Dodie asks Kitty for some work. Kitty gives her a dress and notices the sores on her back when she puts it on. Ky, whose wife is expecting their first baby, is down by the river giving kissing lessons, to Dodie. He tells Dodie he's married. Kitty throws Dodie's old dress out and notices the orphanage tag. Matt gets a telegram, that says Addie was hurt bad. Matt takes Dodie back. Addie's fine. Matt looks around, sees the little girls in the sewing sweat shop. Lady shows Matt her bruised back. Matt takes Floyd and Addie to the county seat for cruelty, child neglect and filth. Dodie is going to look after the orphanage until Matt gets back.moreless
  • The Search
    Episode 1
    A young man named Cale may have earned Marshal Dillon's respect, but Tate Gifford says Cale has just ridden off on a stolen horse - Tate's horse.