Gunsmoke - Season 9

CBS (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • Journey for Three
    Journey for Three
    Episode 36
    Adam, Cyrus and Boyd, of Jefferson City, Missouri are on the way to California. They are broke and headed to Dodge to make some money. They meet a girl. Boyd throws a rock to spook her horse. She is thrown and twists her ankle. Adam goes to look for her horse. Boyd puts her in their wagon. He tries for a kiss and gets a slap. Boyd tells Adam he took her home. Matt gets a telegram Bart Randall's daughter's been murdered. Quint's going hunting. Boyd let's slip the girl's dead. She hit her head when Boyd was tussling with her. Adam tells Cyrus we've got to get away from Boyd. Cyrus says no. Quint rides up and asks for a cup of coffee. Quint gives them a couple of rabbits. He offers to show Adam how to skin them. Boyd tells Quint to get on out of here. Boyd clunks Quint with a rifle butt. Adam stops Boyd from killing him. Boyd almost kills Adam. Cyrus ties up Quint. Boyd chases Quint's horse away. Matt finds Quint's horse, then Quint tied up. Matt and Quint hear shots. Boyd is shooting at a target. Matt tells them to throw down their guns. Cyrus runs off. Adam jumps Boyd. They struggle over a rifle. Adam kills Boyd. Matt takes Quint to Doc. Adam tells Matt about the girl. Louie asks Matt for a bunk. Quint tries to sneak out. Doc checks him out and says go on. Cyrus comes to the jail window. Adam tells him Boyd is dead. Quint's spending the night at Doc'c, you can sleep at Quint's. Adam tells Matt to go arrest Cyrus at Quint's. Cyrus is looking in a store window at guns. Matt kicks in Quint's door and finds Quint. Cyrus pulls a gun on Louie at Matt's office. Adam tells Cyrus to put the gun down. Matt enters and tells Cyrus to put the gun down. Adam grabs Cyrus. Cyrus is locked up. Adam is free to go. Adam tells Cyrus we both done wrong going along with Boyd. Cyrus says if I get out can we go back home.moreless
  • The Other Half
    The Other Half
    Episode 35
    Jess and Jay Bartell, twins, have run the family feed and fuel business since Pa took sick. Nancy and Festus stop by the office, but Jess is busy with a guy in a tweed jacket who smokes a pipe. Later, Jess is working at the desk. The door opens. He's shot. The cashbox is ransacked. Sam Bartell has lost his wife, his health and now his son. Nancy is crying and runs to hug Jay. Jay tells Nancy I know you were going to marry Jess. Jay tells George Hoover no more credit. Sam tells Jay he's fought with three customers today. Jay is tired of being compared to Jess. Sam and Nancy tell Jay to forget about revenge. Jay says they just have to find the man. Jay's drinking regularly and heavily at the Long Branch. Jay's drunk and attacks Barney Cogswell. He's wearing a tweed jacket and smoking a pipe. Sam says Jess was the strong one and covered for Jay. Matt asks Sam if Jay knows anything about the stranger. Jess asked if he could buy a ranch and leave. The stranger returns. He's Angus MacIntosh, a Hays City lawyer. He says he's found a farm for Jess. Jay tells Angus Jess is dead. Jay says he'll buy the farm. He tells Sam he wants the $4000 down payment. Festus meets Angus. He goes to get Matt. Jay buys the farm. Angus has relatives in Spearville he's been staying with. Matt and Festus stop Angus as he's leaving town. Jay tells Nan he's bought a farm, her dream place. Jay asks Nan to wed. She says I can't decide yet. Angus saw Jay go into the office the night Jess was shot. Jay tries to get Matt to kill him. Matt arrests him. Nan walks away from him. Sam hugs him. Matt takes him away.moreless
  • Homecoming
    Episode 34
    Hector gets out of bed with his wife Edna, and sees some bum using his pump. The bum is Orval Bass, Edna's ex-husband. Seven years ago he killed the man Edna took up with. He's just got out of prison. Orval's son has taken Hector's last name. This was Orval's farm and he had a harness shop in town. Edna tells Matt Orval's out. Orval signed papers that gave everything to Edna, but he can't read. Orval meets Ethan his son. Edna tells Ethan they have to get Hector and Orval into a gunfight. She tells Ethan to make up with Orval. Ethan tells Orval, Hector is planning to kill him. Ethan tries to give Orval a gun he won't take it. Joe Frisbie is looking for a woman to make happy. He spots Edna. He knows she's married. Joe tells her he's lonely. She agrees to meet him at 8:00 in the grove. Joe wants Edna forever. Edna works on Hector. Hector picks up a pitchfork. Ethan throws Orval a gun. He throws it back. Hector says next time I'll be wearing a gun, you better be doing the same. Orval is to talk to the judge tomorrow. Edna tells Joe it will take a little time but I'll come with you. Orval and Hector are ready to face off. Edna sees Joe running out on her. Orval and Hector hear all her plans with Joe, and how she's try to fix it so they would shoot it out. Orval says the judge said it's all Edna's. Orval says he's headed west. Hector asks if he could use a partner. Ethan says mom you were going to leave me. Now he's leavingmoreless
  • The Warden
    The Warden
    Episode 33
    Warden Stark buys Cool Dawn from Bull Foot, her father. She jumps out of his wagon and asks Festus to save her. Festus tells Stark to move on. Festus tells Matt she stole his mule. Matt and Festus goes to Bull Foot's. Ruth is there. Cool Dawn hides at Bull Foot's urging. Bull Foot says Ruth ran away with Cool Dawn. He says Stark abducted her. Stark returns and shoots through the window. Matt takes Stark and Trainey, the boy traveling with him, in. Cool Dawn's upset Bull Foot sold her. Matt has nothing on Stark to hold him. Stark tells Trainey he's gonna deal with Bull Foot. Stark saved Trainey from a mob. Mel brings a telegram to Matt. Stark sneaks in to take Cool Dawn and shoots Bull Foot. Stark reminds Trainey, he Trainey killed 32 people. Festus finds Bull Foot and takes him to Doc. Festus gets Matt. Bull Foot says Stark and Trainey did it. Stark was the warden of a boys reformatory. Due to his negligence 30 boys, his wife and son died. Trainey says Cool Dawn looks like Stark's wife. Trainey tries to unshackle Cool Dawn. It's not the right key, just like at the reformatory Stark didn't trust him. Stark pulls a gun. Matt and Festus ride up. Stark grabs Cool Dawn and shoots Trainey. Matt plugs Stark. Cool Dawn comes to Doc's to visit Bull Foot and Trainey. Trainey and Cool Dawn are to wed.moreless
  • Scot Free
    Scot Free
    Episode 32
    Festus and Matt find a guy shot in the back. They bury him. Someone's moved into the old Whitaker place, Nora Brand, a widow. Matt talks to Nora then he and Festus leave. A guy comes out of the bedroom. Matt checks the wanted posters. He doesn't find the murder victim. Millie Scott and her six boys come to town. She asks Matt if he's seen her husband Rob. He's been gone a month. Matt asks Gert when she last saw Rob. She says over two weeks. Gert has had this cowboy who has staked a claim to her for two weeks. Nora visits the grave of the victim. She tells Rob (the bedroom guy) you should've buried him. The victim was Nora's husband. Matt asks Jim, the stagedriver, if Rob has ridden with him. He says not in over a year. Doc's taking a load of food to Millie. Doc tells Festus he's giving up doctoring and going to the gold fields. Festus plays along and says he's passed the hat and got him a grubstake. He hands Doc a bag of coins. Matt's making his rounds. Gert's in an alley. She tells Matt, Rob with a woman and they're not in Dodge. She says Rob wants to own a woman, till he does, then he moves on. Harper Pruitt tells Matt Rob has been working as a hired hand for him. Rob knocked Harper out and took $500 and a Appaloosa horse. Matt and Festus noticed the horse at Nora's. Harper says Nora and her husband looked at stock at his place. His description of her husband fits the victim. Nora meets another guy out on the prairie. They kiss. Nora pulls away from Rob. She tells him to clear out. Nora tells Matt Rob killed her husband. Matt tells Nora she better come to Dodge for her safety. Gert sees Rob come into the Long Branch. She leaves her cowboy to go to him. He tells her he's just there for whiskey. Her cowboy shoots Rob. Matt asks Rob who killed Nora's husband. Rob says she done it. Matt tells Nora Rob's dead. He tells her, he said you killed your husband. Rob figured there was was another man all along. Nora muses I didn't think he was that smart. Matt arrests Nora. Matt tells Millie to remember the good times. She says she got better than that, as she looks at her six boys.moreless
  • Trip West
    Trip West
    Episode 31
    Festus is looking for Professor Ramsay who's been selling his elixir. Doc says Matt ran him out of town. In North Fork, Kansas, Ramsay diagnoses Elwood Hardacre with calcification of the liver. He gives him three months to live and prescribes a dozen bottle of his elixir. The sheriff runs Ramsay out of town. Elwood has one bottle and it gets broken. Elwood asks to go home sick from his bank job. Arbuckle, the owner, says no. Elwood calls him a warthog and quits. Elwood goes to the bar and orders a whiskey. Frank, Lucille and others make fun of him. Annie Gilroy rescues him. She orders a bottle. Elwood tells Annie she's beautiful. He says he never liked the name Elwood. She asks his middle name. James, she'll call him Jim. Meade Agate throws Jim out. Annie is his girl. Annie tells Meade off. Elwood withdraws his $1523.40. He wants to go to California. He takes the next stage to Dodge as is Annie. At three springs relay station, Annie says it wouldn't be good for them to see one another. Elwood flashes a big wad. Matt says don't do that. Annie is working for Kitty. Meade arrives on the stage. Elwood is walking with Annie and Kitty. Annie sees Meade. Kitty tells Annie to let Matt handle it. Annie asks Jim to leave. He offers her the $1500. Jim tells Meade his presence is not welcomed, and to clear out of Dodge. Meade tells Jim he better get a gun. Matt sees Jim looking at guns. Kitty says Annie is going back to Meade. Annie gives Jim the brushoff. Jim tells Meade to turn around. Meade shoots the unarmed Jim. Annie asks Kitty to say goodbye to Jim. Jim tells Doc he only has three months to live. Doc tells him he doesn't have a calcified liver. Kitty says Annie's gone she has to be free. Jim says he didn't begin living until he thought he was dyingmoreless
  • The Promoter
    The Promoter
    Episode 30
    After fifteen years Henry Huckaby is tired of farming. A cavalry Lieutenant tells Henry they're looking for gunrunners. He says he has a crack squad including Johnnie Towers who can track and he's a boxer. Henry checks out the livery stable and blacksmith to make his fortune at. At the Long Branch he notices a gambler, Shell, who Matt has told to get out of town. Shell cheats, and demonstrates. Henry ask Shell to show him one trick. Henry gets winged by a gambler, Price. Jake a buffalo hunter picks a fight with Otto Gundlach, not knowing he's a prize fighter. Henry asks Otto if he can be his promoter. Henry aks the lieutenant if Johnnie Towers wants to fight Otto. The purse is $100. Price offers Otto $200 to throw the fight. Price takes all bets. Henry Obie is refereeing. Matt gets back and asks where is everyone. Kitty says at the fight. Matt says there's a law against prize fighting. Matt stops the fight in round 43. Obie declares the fight a draw. Matt fines Henry $50. Obie get $15. The door guys get paid. Henry splits the purse $50 each. Price tells Otto you cost me over $1000, and he wants his $200 back. Otto splits the $200 with Johnnie. Price tries to shoot Otto. Matt wings him. Henry returns to Daisy with $5. Henry says he's not going away no more.moreless
  • Kitty Cornered
    Kitty Cornered
    Episode 29
    Stell Damon checks out the Oasis Saloon and isn't impressed. She likes the Long Branch and wants to buy it. Kitty says it's not for sale. Stella tells Matt she's opening a saloon. She asks Matt what's his cut. None. Stella hires Festus to find some men to rehab her building. Festus clears the Long Branch getting workers. Stella interviews girls. Kitty shows Eddie, the liquor drummer, her storerorm is full. Eddie tells Kitty, Stella had a place in Pueblo. It burned to the ground and she lost her husband. Stella's palace is packed. The Long Branch's empty. Stella's giving away free drinks. Kitty even comes. Eddie tells stella you didn't have to cut up Kitty like you did. Eddie asks Stella where she got the money to build Stella's Palace. Stella apologizes to Kitty. Eddie walks Stella back. Stella shoots Eddie and sets the Palace on fire. Matt rescues Stella and Eddie. Matt tells Stella you don't have very good luck with fires. Earlier she asked if this town was big enough for both of them. Stella says not when you're trying to hide.moreless
  • Bently
    Episode 28
    Ned Wright is on his death bed. His wife Clara goes to town to get Doc. Mrs. Crown tells Matt she doesn't want a murderer's wife in town. The Calvins watch the angry mob around Clara. Ned was tried for killing David Bently but was acquitted. Ned admits to killing Bently to Doc and Clara, then dies. Emily Calvin asks her husband Albert if Clara could stay with them. Quint tells Chester he doesn't think Ned did it. Fletcher, a gunman, comes into the Long Branch. Calvin was Bently's best friend. Chester asks him if Bently had any enemies. Calvin hires Fletcher to kill Chester. Fletcher agrees on $500 then takes notice of the house and upd it to $1000. Emily asks why did you give that man so much money. Calvin accuses Emily of fooling around with Bently. Calvin says he killed Bently. Fletcher tells Chester he's been hired to kill him. Fletcher says he's never killed anyone. Chester gives him $18, but he won't tell who hired him. Chester figures it's Calvin. Chester tells Calvin someone stole $18 from him. Albert's going to kill Chester. He locks Emily up and leaves with a shotgun. Emily climbs out of the window and runs to tell Chester, Albert's gonna kill you. Chester sees Albert outside and yells duck to Emily. Albert fires. Emily is killed. Albert returns home and can't find Emily. Chester brings Emily's body to Albert. Clara says goodbye to Albert. He tells her he killed Bently. Ned confessed so people would take pity of Clara. Albert killed and Ned and Clara suffered.moreless
  • Owney Tupper Had a Daughter
    Widower Owney and his daughter Amity scare a fox from the chickens by banging pots. Matt reminds Owney there's a custody hearing about Amity in town this afternoon. The judge awards custody to Mr. and Mrs. Makepeace, her aunt, until Owney makes his home proper. Owney tells Amity at harvest time we'll be together again. Owney's working day and night at the farm and in town to get money for seed and whitewash. Jay Kimble's boy, Mal, is back from cowboying. Mal's probably going to be upset, his girl Ellen married Clay. Mal asks Ellen to leave with him. She says no. Mal is upset, Ellen said she'd wait for him. Returning from Dodge in a windstorm with the seed, Owney loses it while crossing some water when the wagon loses a wheel. Mal kills Ellen then Clay. Mal's to be hung in Dodge within twenty-four hours. The judge wants Matt to find a hangman in Dodge. Owney sees the notice for an executioner. Jay Kimble says you ain't gonna hang my son this way. Jay Kimble says he'll kill Tupper. Mal Kimble hangs. Hank gives Owney a shotgun. Owney buys more seed. Kimble call Owney out. Owney kills him. Owney got a good crop. Amity arrives on the stage. Amity asks why is everything different. Owney says he's tired, and he did something others thought was bad. Amity's upset Owney set a trap and killed the fox. Owney says the judge was right to take you away from me. Owney tells Amity if you would be happy, go back to your aunt. Owney promises to come running whenever Amity needs him. Owney puts Amity to bed. He goes out on the porch and ruminates, why didn't they just leave us alone.moreless
  • Caleb
    Episode 26
    Caleb and Dorcas take the years meager harvest to Mr. Jonas. He offers only $20. Caleb reluctantly takes it. Matt is taking Chad Follett to Hays City to hang. Chad's brother Lige tells Matt you ain't gonna hang my brother. Matt beats Lige up and throws him in jail for a couple of days. Matt and Chad head for Hays. Dorcas and Caleb are not happily married. Caleb wants something else out of life. Caleb goes to Dodge and wonders around. He bumps into Julie, and she drops her packages. He apologizes. Caleb hits the Long Branch free lunch counter hard. Caleb talks to Julie about a man meaning something if only to himself. Lige tries to muscle in on Julie. Caleb stands up to him. The next day Julie warns Caleb, Lige is coming. She tells him don't let him force you into anything. Don't wear a gun. Caleb says he was wrong to say the things he did. Julie tells him he did the right thing. Caleb asks Jonas for a job. He's told to move on your blocking the sidewalk. Caleb's dog come looking for him. Lige is lying in wait when Matt returns. Matt is holding his saddle. Lige gives him to a count of three. Calec steps in front of the bullet when Lige shoots. Caleb asks Julie it counted for something didn't it.moreless
  • Now That April's Here
    Argus Asher offers $60 for Festus'pelts, he feel are worth $120. They settle on $75 minus $2 for the use of the tub Festus is bathing in. Festus asks Quint what's been going on between him and Festus' girl April. Old man Gripholder gave April a rocking Chair. Festus busts it to pieces. April runs from Festus. She hides down an alley. She looks in a window and sees Grody and Bender putting their boss Asher in a barrell. He has a knife in his back. April goes looking for Matt, who's out of town. Quint, April and Festus go to check on her story. There's nobody in the barrell just pelts. April stays in the jail for safety. Matt returns and April tells him about the murder. Bender tells Matt Asher left last night to trade with the indians. Grody left before dawn with the wagon. Matt tells Bender Asher better make it back for his sake. Festus is wrestling a bear inside. He figures you can't figure women out and you can't trust them. Matt says if you ship pelts in a barrell they'll get moldy. Bender sneaks into April's room with a knife. Matt's there and Quint's under the covers. They find Grody. Matt tells him he's under arrest. He pulls a gun, Festus kills him. Festus brings April a chair. April calls it a bear trap.moreless
  • Father's Love
    Father's Love
    Episode 24
    Cora Prells's first job as a saloon girl is short lived. At the Golden Horn Saloon in Wichita,she refuses to drink with Jesse Price and others and quits. Cora's working at Mr. Ross' general store. Jesse asks her for a drink, she refuses. Joe Simms tries to manhandle Kitty. Quint intervenes. Joe wings Quint. Sam knocks the gun out of Simms' hand. Quint cleans Simms' clock. Tom King gets a date with Cora. They marry. Tom introduces Cora to his uncle, Jesse Price. Jesse sent Tom in to meet Cora. Simms tells Cora was a saloon girl. Simms wants to tell that to Tom. Jesse says you better not. Sam overhears this. Jesse feigns being sick and says he's going home. Jesse shoots Simms in the back. Jesse tells Cora he wants her to be his. Matt asks Sam what he overheard. Two yahoos say Quint said he'd kill Simms. Jesse tells Matt Tom is going to kill Simms. Matt tells Cora. Cora tells Tom when he rides up. Tom knew about Cora's past. Cora told Tom Jesse was after her. Jesse pulls a gun and shoots at Cora. Tom shields her and is winged. Matt kills Jesse.moreless
  • Comanches Is Soft
    Comanches Is Soft
    Episode 23
    Festus is full of beans. Quint out indian wrestles him, but throws Festus on the bellows and they're ruined. Quint heads out to Wichita, thinking he's leaving without Festus. He's under the back of the wagon. Festus and Quint get snockered, start a barroom brawl, and crawl out to watch it from the door. Quint told Liz they'd take her to Dodge to work for Kitty. Liz's Pa left her in saloon. She was raised by saloon girls. Liz butters up Quint and Festus separately. They stop for water and wind up fighting with the two brothers over Liz. A rider comes in to camp. It's Big Hardy, he's come for Liz. Hardy subdues Festus and Quint. Liz kisses Hardy. Hardy says you're the best she run off with yet. Festus shows Quint the Aunt George Slew Foot indian wrestling move. The bellows are ruined again.moreless
  • The Kite
    The Kite
    Episode 22
    Joe Bryan and Ed Polk split up after a bank heist. They plan to meet in Dodge later. Rod Cassidy rides off to look for land with water. He leaves his wife Clara and daughter Letty to look after the homestead. Ed is riding in. Clara tells Letty to hide. Ed demands whiskey. Clara grabs a rifle. Ed kills her. Letty runs until she's lost. Festus finds her and takes her home. They bury her Ma, then go to Dodge. Ed hears Rod say Letty saw the man and she is at Ma Smalley's. Ed tries to kidnap Letty, but she snuck out to see Festus. Ed tells Rod he should kidnap his daughter. Rod knocks out Festus. Ed takes a poker and beats the lump in Letty's bed, but she at Festus' again. Rod kills Bryan. Bryan wounds Rod. Ed tells Rod he killed his wife. Rod dies. Letty runs in front of Ed's horse with her kite. He's thrown and breaks his leg. Letty says that's him, he's the man who killed my Ma. Ed tries to shoot her. Matt shoots Ed. Ed tells Matt he killed Rod as he dies.moreless
  • The Bassops
    The Bassops
    Episode 21
    Matt goes to Tascosa to bring back a murderer, Kelby, to hang. On the way back Kelby knocks Matt off his horse. Matt is dragged by his horse. Kelby rolls down the hill and is knocked out. Matt stumbles down the hill and handcuffs himself to Kelby. Matt passes out. Deke and Mellie and their son Tommy find them. Kelby comes to first and says he's the marshall. Matt wakes and says he's the marshall. Deke must decide which is telling the truth.moreless
  • May Blossom
    May Blossom
    Episode 20
    Festus' cousin Mayblossom arrives from Texas to marry Festus
  • No Hands
    No Hands
    Episode 19
    The Ginnis family causes trouble for Doc Adams, because they hate waiting. Will Timble gets hurt at The Long Branch. Doc has to remove Will's hand, which causes Will to leave Dodge because he can't carve wood anymore.
  • Once a Haggen
    Once a Haggen
    Episode 18
    Festus Haggen, Bucko Taos, and 2 other card players lose to a player's hand of a full house (3Qs-2As). Broke, Slim asks Kitty to extend credit to him and Festus, she turns them down. As Festus and Slim walk out the door they joke about robbing a bank, a stagecoach and even robbing the winner of the poker game for drink money. Later at the Dodge house Matt, Doc, and Chester find the winning poker player dead from being stabbed 3 times. Matt finds one of Bucko's buttons made out of a Mexican dollar. Matt arrests Bucko on suspicion of the murder. Matt asks Festus where he and Bucko were at during the time of the murder. Festus says they were both at Pop Schiller's place. As Matt starts to take Festus over to Pop's place to verify that fact, April Clomley walks in and tells the marshal that Festus didn't have anything to do with the crime and he was with her. Pop claims that Festus was there all alone by himself. Pop shows Matt the inventory book which read nothing about Bucko Taos. Matt says Bucko will have to go at his murder trial alone. Sentence is passed. Later Matt discusses the case with Kitty. Matt figures it's possible that either Festus or Pop was lying about whether or not Bucko was at Pop Schiller's place. Kitty doubts that Pop would lie. Matt thinks it's possible that Festus and and Pop were both were lying, that Festus wasn't there at all either. Festus goes over to Bucko's shack to get his harmonica and finds April has followed him. Festus explains to her that he's has to help his friend he knows is innocent. April agrees a man's gotta be loyal to his friend and she asks him to be careful. Meanwhile at the Marshal's office, Matt moves Bucko to the front cell of the jail. Bucko explains to Matt that he told the court everything he knew but could not remember all. But suddenly Bucko remembers and tells Matt that it seemed that somebody called Pop outside. Festus arrives to visit Bucko and give him a newspaper and his harmonica. Bucko starts playing and Festus sings, keeping Matt entertained for about 3 hours. Meanwhile April visits Pop Schiller at his place and does some detective work. She flatters Pop by telling him he seems real young and he offers her a cup of coffee but she would rather have a shot of red-eye instead. Pop decides to have a nip along with her. As Pop drinks his shot and not looking at April, she dumps her drink in the spittoon then pretends to drink from the glass when Pop does look. She asks for another shot of red-eye. Pop pours her and himself another and again when Pop's not looking, April dumps hers in the spittoon and pretends to drink. Meanwhile back at the Marshal's office Doc Adams comes over as Festus and Bucko are really rocking it with the music. Festus is tired and goes home to go to bed. Bucko asks Doc, when a man hangs does he die quick? Doc says yes. Bucko is relieved to hear that. Chester arrives and begins to play cribbage with Doc. Matt leaves to go to Pop's to ask him more questions. Meanwhile at Pop's April continues to "drink" with him. She tells Pop that he seems hardly any older than Festus is. Pop says Festus is a young whipper- snapper compared to himself. April says Festus don't act like it and that he always leaves her alone and hardly ever takes her dancing. She invites Pop to dance with her. Pop hesitates and says you need music to dance. April makes music by singing "La, la, la, la, la,...", they dance. And as they dance she says he's a much better dancer than Festus. She tells him Festus doesn't act like he's in his prime, and that he's always leaving her and that he won't even attempt dancing even when celebrating. Then April tells Pop that she bets Festus was celebrating there with Bucko during that night of the murder. She states, "I bet him and Bucko could hardly walk when they came through that door over there." Pop replies laughing, "Walk through? They couldn't hardly stagger through. You should've seen them, holding each other up and singing at the top of their lungs and..." suddenly Pop realizes that he just spilled the beans that Bucko WAS there on that night of the murder. April tells Pop, she's gotta be going, but Pop won't let her leave and Matt walks in and April tells the marshal that Festus was right, Bucko was there that night of the murder. Pop tells Matt not to pay her no mind, she's drunk. April says, "I ain't drunk but I bet that spittoon of yours sure is!" Back at the office, Festus comes to spring Bucko out of jail and at gunpoint locks Chester in the cell. As the two go for their horses they are ambushed by a dozen men with guns led by the Curly, the real killer. Chester sees that from the back jail window. Matt is convinced that Bucko was there on the night of the murder thanks to April. Pop says he can't tell the truth or else he'll be killed. Matt persuades Pop to tell all exactly as it was. Back at the jail Chester attempts to fish for the jail keys on the rack but to no avail. April walks in the office and lets Chester out. He tells April that the outlaw gang are taking Festus and Bucko to the west end of town to hang them. Chester goes to tell the marshall, as Matt still over at Pop's boarding house searches for the stolen money and finds it hidden at the bottom of the furnace. As the gang attempts to hang Festus and Bucko, Festus works his hands free of the rope. April runs in saying "Stop it, Bunko aint guilty the marshall found it out." As Curly spooks the horses away, Festus quickly jumps and grabs the bar holding both nooses, climbs up and grabs Bucko by the collar so he doesn't hang. The marshal arrives and throws Festus a knife to cut Bucko loose. Matt tells Fickett and Curly that he found out the truth from Pop and that he found the money in Curly's room. Curly attempts to shoot Pop but Matt is faster and shoots and kills Curly. Matt tells the gang I want you all to appear in court tomorrow morning. Pop apologizes to Bucko for lying and jeopardizing him. Matt asks April to take Festus and Buck home and keep them out of trouble. Festus asks Matt what he plans to do with Pop. Undecided he lets Pop go with Festus and tells Pop to be in his office next morning. Chester tells Matt he's too soft-heated to be a law man. Matt tells Chester, "I doubt that Curly would agree with you there."moreless
  • Friend
    Episode 17
    Judd Nellis stops by Dodge to see Matt. Judd brings a man along, who might be dead. Judd goes by The Long Branch to have a drink, and asks to wash up before having a drink. Matt finds blood on Frank Gore's horse, which strikes him as strange. Matt begins to wonder if Judd is really his friend, when Frank tells Matt he remembers hearing voices. Matt gets a letter saying Judd died three weeks after leaving Dodge. Father Tom takes Matt to Judo's grave but no one knows how he died. Matt goes to see Runt who is scared to tell Matt what he saw.moreless
  • Prairie Wolfer
    Prairie Wolfer
    Episode 16
    A 'wolfer,' hired to destroy the wolves which are killing local cattle herds, is suspected of slaughtering the cattle himself.
  • Prairie Wolfer
    Prairie Wolfer
    Episode 16
    Raleigh Wendt and Nate Guthrie are loading cattle carcasses onto a wagon. They don't notice a wolfer, Festus, watching them, right away. Festus stops by to see Sarah, Nate's daughter' then heads for Dodge. Charlie of the cattleman's association wants to hire Festus to clear the wolves out. Festus helps Sarah get the clothesline off the roof. Festus says he's going to camp down by the water. Nate tells Sarah if Festus comes by again lock yourself in the house. Nate tells Matt to get rid of Festus. Matt has a talk with Festus. Matt notices that Festus doesn't have many wolf skins compared to the number of missing cattle. Matt asks Nate where do you think all the meat is being sold. Wendt tells Sarah she's promised to him. Wendt forces his intentions on her. Festus intervenes, and fights with Wendt. Nate enters with a rifle. Nate plants cowhides by Festus' camp. Festus shoots a wolf. Sarah says you're so mean. She came to talk. Nate brings Matt to the hides he put at Festus' camp. Festus notices his pelts are gone. Festus tries to hide Sarah. She runs out to meet her Pa. Matt arrests Festus. Chester's gone to the fort to check on their meat purchases. Wendt has been buying it from the Argosy Meat Company. Wendt tells Nate they have been asking questions out the fort. In the Long Branch, Wendt yells that wolfer ought to be strung up. Matt gets Sarah's side of the story and agrees to go to town and repeat it. Sarah tells Matt about Mr. Wendt helping with the slaughtering. Wendt is stirring up the masses. Nate gonna come clean. Wendt shoots him. Nate tells Sarah to tell the truth. Matt releases Festus. Sarah's going to live with her aunt in Garden City.moreless
  • Dry Well
    Dry Well
    Episode 15
    As soon as Dave takes the buckboard to town, Web Vickers rides up to Dave's two timing wife, Yuma, and kisses her. Web leaves and Jeff Daley rides up and kisses her. Dave returns to see a guy ride off. Dave asks what was Web doing here. Yuma says you just thought you saw him. Dave warns Web. Web tells Jeff Dave saw you ride out. Web tells Jeff to stay away from Yuma. Quint sees a guy shoot Dave. Ira clunks Quint with a log. Web tells Ira he didn't kill Dave. Ira wants Quint to sign an affadavit saying Jeff killed Dave. He won't. They tie him up without food or water. Yuma brings Dave in to be buried on Boot Hill. Ira and Web throw Quint down a dry well. Jeff comes to see Yuma, Matt is there. Yuma tries her feminine wiles on Matt to no avail. Web comes to see Yuma. She gives him the brush off. Matt has supper and goes to sleep in the barn. In the morning, Ira shoots at Matt. Matt disarms him. Matt and Ira ride up to Ira's place. Web shoots at Matt. Matt returns fire. Ira threatens to drop a bucket of rocks on Quint. Web staggers out of the house, he's been shot. Matt gets Quint out. Ira tells Matt Web shot Dave. Quint says no he didn't, as Dave died, he told me Jeff did.moreless
  • The Glory and the Mud
    Sam Beal tells Matt he'll work for free to get experience as a deputy. Coyote Falls is looking for a experienced sheriff. Matt suggests he goes back to cowboying. Jack Dakota who had a wild west show arrives on the stage. Jack used to be a peace officer. Jack asks about Mrs. Sarah Carr a widow woman. Kitty tells Sarah Jack is in town. Jack asks permission to come courting. Sarah wasn't in love with Mr. Carr. Jack and Sarah were in love twenty years ago but he left her. Sarah told Jack when you're ready to settle down, I'll marry you. Beal is itching for a gunfight with Jack. Matt warns Jack. Jack says he's getting married. Dim witted Cloudy asks Jack to fix his five shot Patterson Colt B. Beal tries to pick fight with Jack. Jack takes Beal's gun and fires six shots into the floor. Jack's not doing well at poker. Cloudy supposed to warn Jack if he sees Beal. Qunit sees Cloudy soaked and tells him to go home. Beal steps out of an alley and tells Jack to draw. Jack kills Beal. Matt says Jack needed the flash from Beal's gun to see where to shoot. Jack tells Sarah he's leaving. He was wrong to think things could be as they once were. Jack lost the last of his money at poker.moreless
  • Pa Hack's Brood
    Pa Hack's Brood
    Episode 13
    Quint gives Pa Hack some used horseshoes. Pa helps himself to some nails and a hammer. Pa drains his whiskey bottle. Pa tells his daughter Maybelle five guys beat him up and took the money for the new horseshoes. Lonnie, his son comes back with two chickens. Annie Montgomery's Ma has died. Mr. Willis promised to look after her. Mr Willis and his son Jeb meet Pa and his brood. Pa begs some coffee and flour, and camps nearby. Pa's looking to fix Jeb up with Maybelle to get his part of the Willis farm. Matt stops to water his horse at the Willis'. He spends the night. Pa sends his other son, Orville, to get Jeb to come see Maybelle. Jeb tells him Hack can come here. Jeb tells his Pa I think I know where two of our chickens got to. Pa tells Lonnie to kidnap Annie and leave her ten or twenty miles out on the prairie. Lonny grabs Annie. She screams. Pa Willis comes running. Lonny kills him. Matt kills Lonnie. Matt takes Lonnie to Pa, who says he was a bad seed. Matt asks Pa what did Orville want at the Willis'. Matt tells them to clear out. Orville tells Pa he's rotten clear through, and leaves for good. Maybelle's afraid to leave. Matt and Jeb go to make sure Pa is gone. Maybelle tells Annie Pa's plan. She says Annie has got to leave or more will die. Matt and Jeb return. Pa sent Maybelle to run Annie off. Pa enters and tells Maybelle we've got to move on like I promised the marshall. Pa pulls a gun and holds Maybelle. She struggles over the gun and Pa is shot. Poor Pa coldn't even be honest when dying. Now Pa will have a piece of ground to call all his own. Maybelle rides off to Californey.moreless
  • The Magician
    The Magician
    Episode 12
    Jeremiah Dark and his Daughter, Alice, are hawking his elixir. Doc says it has a good bit of alcohol in it. He seems harmless enough, but that may be his greatest illusion. Aaron Wells drags Dark into a poker game with his son Tom, and his foreman Sy. Alice gets Quint to fix the wheel. Dark's winning and wants to quit, saying the others are too drunk to play. Ned an onlooker says Dark cheats. Tom roughs Dark up and throws him out of the bar. Dark tells Alice he didn't cheat. Aaron goes home and Tom stays behind. Tom attacks Alice. Matt and Quint find Dark holding Alice. Dark says he can't help Matt with any information. Matt rides out to Wells'. Tom says he and Aaron rode back together. Matt asks Alice to identify Tom. She says he's not the man. Aaron wonders what they're up to. Dark says evil will eat itself up. Aaron apologizes and offers Dark $300 to get out of town by noon. He ups it to $500. Dark picks up the money. Aaron tells Tom to get out of his sight. Red tells Aaron you can't keep covering for Tom. Matt asks Dark for the truth. Is Aaron trying to buy you off or are you trrying to blackmail him. Dark replys evil kills itself. Dark doesn't leave by noon. Tom says he'll shoot Dark and Alice. Aaron slaps him. Aaron tells Tom he's evil clean through. Tom has Dark in his sights. A shot, the sound of justice, the sound of evil busting. Aaron shot Tom. Matt tells Aaron Dark was leaving and told Matt to give Aaron the $500. Dark tells Alice "and all we wanted was to bring them laughter."moreless
  • Extradition (2)
    Extradition (2)
    Episode 11
    Doc and Kitty ask Chester if Matt went after Hacker. Doc says if I know Matt he's got his man and is in his way back this very minute. In Chupadero, Mexico, the guard brings Matt and Hacker food. Hacker offers Chavez $5000 to kill Matt. Chavez offered Diaz part of the $2000 reward to get his help. Chavez says Diaz wants to fine Matt for beating him and his men up. Matt pays up. Matt and Hacker ride out. Francisco's brother watches. He rides to the bandit leader El Pinon. Chavez catches up to Matt but his girl wouldn't come with him. Hacker reminds Chavez of the $5000. Matt sees riders. Matt etc. hide in the rocks. Chavez says they're bandits. Matt tells two to disarm and walk up. They want Hacker to avenge Francisco's death. Francisco's brother wounds Hacker in the leg. Matt kills the brother. Matt etc. ride off. The bandits don't shoot. Hacker falls off his horse. They tie him to his horse. El Pinon and three of his men follow. Hacker offers the $5000 again. Matt picks a nightcamp they can defend. El Pinon etc. move in. Matt plugs one. Chavez gives Hacker a pistol. Matt gets #2. Hacker points the gun at Matt. Hacker shoots #3 coming up behind Matt. Chavez shoots Hacker thinking he was about to shoot Matt. Hacker tells Matt to ask Chavez about the $5000. Matt and Chavez don't believe it exists. Chavez is going back to his girl. Matt takes Hacker's body back to his ranch at Cedar Tank.moreless
  • Extradition (1)
    Extradition (1)
    Episode 10
    Willie Kerns tells Matt Charlie Hacker lives two miles due south of the Cedar Tank Relay Station in Texas. Charlie did a big mail robbery five years back, and killed Johnny Willis, a friend of Matt's. Matt wants the $2000 on Hacker's head for Johnny's widow. Matt takes the stage to Cedar Tank and buys a horse. Matt tells Hacker he's under arrest. Hacker busts Matt with a chair and a poker and rides off running the other horses off. Matt catches a horse. Matt trails him to the Mexican border. He's charged $20 to cross and $2 a day for a military escort, Lt. Julio Chavez. Hacker's horse goes lame. He dismounts and sends it on it's way. Hacker tries to diguise his tracks in the water. Chavez picks up a girl. Chavez and Matt figured out Hacker's ploy. Chavez asks how much of a reward is there. Two bandits get the drop on Hacker. He kills Francisco, takes a horse and runs the other horse off. Hacker stops at a cantina. Matt arrests Hacker, and tells Chavez he's heading for the border. Chavez's cousin Captain Diaz tells Matt he can't leave. Matt says he is. Half the Mexican army subdues him. Matt and Hacker are locked up.moreless
  • Ex-Con
    Episode 9
    Leo Pitts and Lily return to his ranch. Leo did five years in prison for robbery. Leo says to Lily you don't love me. She won't answer,but says I made a deal. Leo removes a stone from the fireplace and pulls out a metal box of gold. Leo says he earned that gold the hardest way there is to earn it. Leo takes the gold to banker Botkin to open an account. Leo buys a gun and tells Lily he's gonna kill Matt. There's no mark on the gold and Leo did his time. Leo tries to bushwhack Matt. Matt lets him go, but tells him I never want to see around Dodge again. Matt going sixty miles to ask Judge Brookin about Leo's right to the gold. Leo's following Matt. Matt's been feverish. Matt stops at a shack to rest. He wakes after two days to find Leo dead with no gun. Clabe rides up Matt asks him to get Doc. Clabe sees Leo and says he's gonna get the marshall. Matt has two empty shells in his gun, Leo two bullet holes. The judge says the gold belongs to Lily. Lily proposes to Matt. He declines. Sam Pitts wants to revenge Leo's death at the hands of that evil woman. Sam beats up Lily. Lily took Leo's gun from the shack. She was trying to get even with Matt for Leo. In a shootout Matt plugs Sam. Lily dies. Her dying words to Matt, I'll not be bothering no more.moreless
  • Carter Caper
    Carter Caper
    Episode 8
    Joe Stark takes a pet chicken from an old man. Billy Hargis rides up as Sally, the chicken, cooks. Joe likes Billy's horse. That night Stark is fixin' to steal the horse. Hargis whups Joe. Stark goes to see Doc. He pulls four teeth. Bob Smith slugs Barclay Mims, for looking like he wanted a handout. Billy steps in a rescues Mims. At the Long Branch a cowboy is bothering Cara Miles, Billy steps in. Slate tells Billy "I'm going to get you". Billy and Cara are getting married. Slate is spreading the word around town that Billy killed the gunfighter, Bo Carter. Dan Slate wants to go up against Billy. Billy has promised Cara not to wear a gun. Mims gets thrown out of Delmonico's for trying to steal a dinner. Billy pays for his meal. Flack goads Billy but he won't put on a gun. Sam brings Cara to Kitty. She was beat up by Flack. Kitty goes looking for Matt. Billy looks for Cara. He finds Cara's hat on the floor of the Long Branch and goes up to Cara. Billy's looking for Flack. Flack steps out of an alley an draws, killing Billy. Flack's celebrating at the Long Branch. A stranger enters and goes to the end of the bar. Mims tells Flack to draw. Mims plugs him. The stranger is Bo Carter, who tells Matt Flack drew first.moreless
  • Quint's Trail
    Quint's Trail
    Episode 7
    A man pays $3000 to a con artist with the intent of getting his family to Oregon. When he reports the theft, Chester volunteers to act as their trail guide but defers to Quint.
  • My Sister's Keeper
    My Sister's Keeper
    Episode 6
    Pete Sievers, a man who lost his wife four months ago, has become a drunkard. With Chester's help, he tries to stay sober and rebuild his life. Working for a spinster and her young sister, Pete falls in love and tragedy results.
  • Easy Come
    Easy Come
    Episode 5
    Tobin shoots a guy that owes him money from a poker game. Elmo Sippy comes by but doesn't help. Elmo gets in a poker game with Tobin. Elmo owes Tobin $25 on the last pot. Elmo steals exactly $25 from Wib's cash drawer. Wib tells Matt he thinks Elmo took $25. Elmo robs a nester of $20, and warns him not to say anything. Elmo buys Emmett Calhoun a drink at the Smoky Hill Saloon in Elkader. The hotel clerk wants $2 extra for Emmett staying in Elmo's room. Elmo says there was a rat in it. The clerk goes to look. Elmo steals $10 from the desk. Matt asks the nester if he's seen Elmo. He says he ain't seen nobody. Elmo offers $50 for a horse. He pays for it with the butt of his gun killing Joe Parks the livery owner. The clerk says two strangers stayed at the hotel last night. The barkeep heard Elmo say he was going to the Smoky Hill River. Elmo shoots Hank Barr and gets $3 and a watch. Calhoun says he quits. Hank's not dead yet and kills Calhoun. Matt stops at the Salt Lick relay station and asks Vern if he's seen Elmo. Matt leaves. Elmo shoots Vern and Jim, the stage driver, and takes the money from the tresasure box. A guy tells Matt what happened at Salt Lick. Elmo's playing poker in the Long Branch with Tobin. Elmo owes Tobin $60, he gives him one hour to get it. Elmo tries but says he'll get the money tommorrow. They shoot eah other. Matt asks Elmo about his crime wave. He dies. Matt tells Doc if Elmo would get up he couldn't hold him for anything.moreless
  • Tobe
    Episode 4
    In an Elkader hotel poker game, Mae young dopes the whiskey. The sheriff's son says Frank cheated and he's gonna tell his dad. Frank kills him. Frank tells Mae to get a buggy. She does, but leaves him. Mae turns up in Dodge as Hannah Clayton. Chester pays for the beer and tells Kitty keep the change. Matt's going to Abilene and asks Chester to serve an eviction notice on Tobe Hostetter. Chester tells Tobe, Wib needs help in his general store. Chester tells Skinner and his gang to behave. Chester introduces Tobe to Hannah. Skinner bothers Hannah. Tobe smashes his mug on Skinner's hand. Tobe and Hannah ride out to the lake. Frank arrives on the stage. Frank asks Sam about Mae Young. Tobe and Hannah are hitting it off. Frank says hello Mae. She asks him to leave her alone. Frank says do what I say or else. Hannah blows off Tobe. At Ma Smalley's Hannah tells Tobe we're through. Tobe leaves. Frank is in her room. Mae says don't ever touch me. He slaps her, she hits the stove and lands on a spike and dies. Ma tells Chester Hannah is dead. Ma says how could Tobe have done it. Chester tells Tobe Hannah is dead. Tobe says I didn't touch her. Chester tries to lock up Tobe. He runs out into the path of a wagon. Matt checks Hannah's things and finds her name is Mae Young. Sam tells Matt he heard Frank call Hannah, Mae. Skinner accuses Frank of cheating, and shoots him. Frank confesses he killed Mae. Chester tells Tobe Frank fessed up. Doc tells Chester he's done a fine job while Matt was gone.moreless
  • Legends Don't Sleep
    Britt roughs up Louie. Matt arrests him. In the morning he leaves Dodge. Britt meets Race on the trail. They ride to his home. Aunt Jen greets him for the first time in five years. Jen asks Britt if she met Race in prison. Race was caught robbing a stage. Britt says Race could use some help on the farm. Race says we'll try it for awhile. Two members of Race's old gang, Filler and Grosset, ride into Dodge. Matt invites them to leave. The farm and Aunt Jen need a lot of things from town. Britt knocks over a crate in the barn. Inside is money and guns. Britt goes into Olathe, Kansas for supplies. He tells a barkeep he rode with Race two days ago. Filler and Grosset are there and tell Britt he has a big mouth, they follow him to Race's. The sheriff tells Race he isn't welcome. Race says he's through with crime. Britt tells Matt Race wants to see him. Race says he's tired. Matt says you don't deserve a fair shake, all the killing you did. Race asks Matt to take Britt with him. Matt says that won't work unless he wants to go. Race tells Britt to ride out. The money's gone from the crate. Race demands the money from Filler and Grosset. Race says he has a plan. Race gives Jen the money, but says he's leaving. Britt says he just couldn't go. Race tells him you can go on this ride. They're going to hit the freight office. Grosset asks Britt if he's killed before, let me see your draw. Grosset shoots Britt in the leg. Race kills Filler and Grosset. Race takes Britt to Doc, and leaves some money for him. Race tells Matt I'm gonna kill you. Matt shoots him. Race tells Matt I had to die, it's the only way they'd let me sleep.moreless
  • Lover Boy
    Lover Boy
    Episode 2
    In Wichita, Kansas Kyle Kelly gives Terry Lee the brush off. She was expecting a proposal. Six months later in Dodge, Kyle meets Avis Fisher. She's in her early thirties her husband Ab near fifty. Ab stays in town. Kyle follows Avis home. They smooch. Ab finds Kyle's kerchief, Avis explains it away. Ab asks Matt how can he kill a man for free. Matt says you can't. Ab tells Quint and Kyle he won't be going home until night. Kyle calls on Avis. Terry's one of Kitty's girls now. Kyle's talking to Terry. Luke Ryan comes in and Terry wants to go with him. Kyle objects. Luke decks him. Ab's going into Dodge. Kyle rides up to Luke's place and plugs him. Ab hears the shots. Luke tells Ab Kyle shot him. Ab won't tell Quint or Matt who shot Luke. He says he doesn't carry tales or informs on anyone. When Avis finds out it's Kyle she doesn't want Eb to tell. Kyle tells Avis Luke cheated him at cards, instead of the truth of fighting over Terry. He's says he shot Luke in self defense. Kyle plans on Matt killing Ab. Avis tells Ab Matt's after him for Luke's death. She says Matt ought to be shot. Ab shoots at Matt and rides off. Matt and Quint goes to Ab's. Ab shoots at them. Matt approaches with a white flag. Ab shoots. Matt shoots. Ab won't say Kyle sikked Luke even as he dies. Matt tells Avis you really killed Ab. Avis and Kyle plan to go to Colorado. Avis goes to Dodge to meet Kyle. Kyle says he can't leave yet. He tells Avis to go home. Avis says you're leaving me. Avis says goodbye and asks for a goodbye kiss. As they smooch she takes his gun and shoots him.moreless
  • Kate Heller
    Kate Heller
    Episode 1
    Kate Heller owns a relay station. She sends her 17 year old grandson, Andy to Gus Riley to pay a $30 debt. Riley has three stacks of money on his desk. Andy shoots him and takes the money.Andy goes to the bar to propose to Tess. She says she wants a man. Bo comes to see Tess Andy gets in a fight with him. Quint throws Andy out. Matt brings Gus to Doc. Gus says a young boy shot him. Tess tells Matt Andy had money on him. Matt goes looking for Andy. Andy ambushes him, takes his badge and gun. A stage driver spots Matt. They load him up and take him to Kate. Andy's ready to hit Matt on the head with a pistol. He knocks a glass over and Kate comes. Kate tells Andy Matt said a few words. Matt tells Kate he's trailing a killer. Kate finds Matt's badge in the barn. Kate tells Andy Matt is a marshall. Kate gives Andy Matt's breakfast tray, to take to him and tells Andy don't let him stand. Andy tries very hard to get him to stand. Kate brings Matt's clothes and tells him you're too weak to stand. The stage returns to Kate's. Kate tells the driver Matt's after a killer. Andy says you didn't tell me that. Matt tells Kate a young fella killed Gus Riley. Kate asks do you think you're looking for my Andy. Kate asks Andy about Gus. Kate pulls a rifle on Andy. Andy says Gus had so much money and I wanted to marry Tess. Kate says you did it. Kate shoots Andy. She says she bury him next to her four husbands, Mr. Beasley, Mr. Carney Mr. Poe and Mr. Heller.moreless