Season 11 Episode 1

Seven Hours to Dawn

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1965 on CBS

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  • No, no, NO !!!

    First off ... this IS one of the "best" episodes of Gunsmoke ... EVER! Suspense, intensity, and impossible odds ... you got 'em! And it's great to see Matt get "taken out", then see how the town responds without their savior. Great acting turned in by Barrymore, Arness, Stone and Blake ... and a great script!

    Gang takes over entire town. Gang forces Marshall to help. Marshall tries to get heroic ... but fails ... TRAGICALLY! But, in a smart twist, Marshall actually survives and DOES become ONE of the heroes (tho Festus is probably the biggest hero of this episode).

    Don't miss this one!
  • Intense!

    I grew up watching Gunsmoke and felt happy when I found it on TVLand and EncoreWesterns. This episode of Gunsmoke was really intense. When the Marshall got shot, I was no good! But to find that he was still alive, brought me back! And finally, Matt and Kitty showed some sort of feelings for each other!! It's about time!!!! Great episode and good job keeping the secret, Doc!!
  • Mason Gore and his gang take over Dodge. Matt is forced to watch but when two of the gang attack a young girl Matt is forced to take action. After being beaten by 4 members of the gang Matt tries to take a horse to ride for help but is shot down.

    A very fine episode of Gunsmoke. Every moment is tension filled from the moment Mason Gore (John Barrymore, Jr.) steps into Dillon's office until the final scene when Kitty finds Matt alive. The acting in this episode is some of the best you'll find in any of Gunsmoke. Doc (Milburn Stone), Kitty (Amanda Blake), Festus (Ken Curtis), Mace Gore (John Barrymore, Jr.) and of course Matt (James Arness) all turn in excellent performances. When Matt is gunned down and Doc lies to Kitty that there's nothing he can do and later is so gentle in telling Festus that there's something Matt would like him to do, to telling the undertaker to make a coffin for Matt, it's a side of Doc rarely scene. Festus grief-stricken, then angry and simmering to shifty and sly, Ken Curtis's perfomance is superb. Kitty, fighting off an attack from Barrens, to shock at Matt's "death", to surprise, anger, and joy that Matt's alive, Amanda Blake takes us through all the emotions masterfully. Matt takes us from suspiciousness, shock, anger, revulsion and at the end tenderness and does this not so much with words as with his eyes and deeds.
    This ranks as one of my all time favorite episodes.